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  1. On 6/7/2019 at 1:10 PM, yuzu16 said:


    I think his contract with Paradise City is over since it was for 3 years (2016-2019). Fans said the big billboards in Myeongdong and airport are no longer there and all the Paradise City taxis do not have Soo Hyun's image on them anymore.


    I think so too. I couldn’t find any Paradise City commercials with his face anymore during my recent Seoul trip, all replaced by another guy whom I do not recognise. Looks like a Japanese guy. :(

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  2. On 6/4/2019 at 10:05 AM, yuzu16 said:


    I think the HK media misunderstood. I read several translations of the Korean article and they said Soo Hyun's CF contracts often have high renewal rates citing examples of his multi year contracts with Beanpole and ZioZia. 


    Actually these two brands are not the same as when Soo Hyun was their model.  Many stores have closed down and Beanpole Outdoors is now replaced with Beanpole Sports.


    Ziozia stores are closing down??? I really like this brand a lot when Soo Hyun was their model.   Come to think of it, don’t think I came across any Ziozia store anymore when I was in Myeongdong two weeks ago... :anguished:

  3. 3 hours ago, yuzu16 said:


    His humble character and down to earth personality off screen have been vouched many times by people who've worked with him or just met him briefly.  From fan cams, you always see him bowing to the driver after he gets out of the car or him thanking the staff who holds the door for him.  And then there's that awkward crab walk at the Baeksang awards when he tried to walk to the edge of the stage.  It's small instinctive gestures like these that show his real character.



    @khlgpc, haha... would it be quicker for you to catch on if I had added 203 to the string of #?  :lol:


    :D @yuzu16, you’ve just given me an idea, my number won’t be as sophisticated as yours, I’ll start with 203 + 195 days Soohyun in Army. It’s going to increase everyday with @hwonhwon_stv‘s daily counter! :wub:

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  4. 10 hours ago, yuzu16 said:


    Me too, the 1988216th reason to love him more.  Even when he wins daesangs, he shifts away from the front and staff or seniors have to pluck him out from the back and move him to the front for pictures.  Even as the big winner, he is often still younger than many people on stage so he never wants to take the spotlight from them.


    Thanks, @hwonhwon_stv, for brightening up my weekend! It’s such a heart warming news :rolleyes:


    @yuzu16, I’m impressed with your creativity in your # of reasons to love him, took me a good 5 seconds to digest it! :lol:


    Totally agree with your take too, @klky007, he is the unique, one and only KSH!

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  5. 40 minutes ago, kopikosong said:


    The deities up there are fair. They gave me a face that appeals to a few, but a humour that appeals to many. 


    I'm probably the samjang of this thread if demons keep coming back for more of me. But nah, I'm here to bring world peace.


    You forced me out of my ‘cave’, I’m officially a fan of yours now!! :lol:

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  6. 6 hours ago, yuzu16 said:

    One of Soo Hyun's Division 1 teammate wrote a bit about him in a letter.  


    .... ah, also there is Kim Soo Hyun,  Division 1 actor Kim Soo Hyun.  Today I saw Kim Soo Hyun, his face, his left and right side view, back of his head, I looked at him closely in detail, he is really handsome.  His voice is like how it sounds in his movies, Do Min Joon's voice.  Also, he eats food like it's very delicious.  Anyways, the conclusion is [he is] especially mild mannered.




    Can’t thank you enough for sharing all these lovely posts, as well as doing that translation earlier! My poor heart flutters every time I read these earnest comments made by people he met during his training. Most are probably not his fans to start off with, this, I feel, has rendered their comments even more endearing...

    Finally I’m done with 10 pages of backreading, been too busy to follow-up with posts here lately . What a pleasant surprise to see his new photo being shared by @klky007 . I just couldn’t take my eyes off it when I first saw it, I believe I must have stared at it for a good 5 minutes before reluctantly moving on! It was that mesmerizing. Not sure if anyone of you shared the same feeling? :wub:

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