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  1. Thank you for this. I thought I missed the scene lol. To everyone, I've enjoyed reading all your posts - views, translations, personal anecdotes etc. Appreciate the effort you put into composing your posts. I sure have learned so much from the drama and from so many of you. Overall, I enjoyed watching this drama. There are some parts and elements which I disliked, but the show also presented many themes and sub-stories which I loved and could relate to. So way more many likes than dislikes from me. Looking forward to LJS's new works in 2 year's time. I do hope he takes on projects from OCN or JTBC, or a drama with minimal focus on romance. Something like OCN's Save Me will be awesome I think. LJS will definitely continue to participate as the romantic lead in major broadcasting stations' dramas; afterall, that's what most people like to watch and sponsors love to dress him up. But it will be good for him to break away from the stereotype roles more often. See you guys around! The moon is indeed beautiful!
  2. Time really flies fast! I read about this drama late Oct last year, and we're now done with the finale.. I've quoted @stroppyse 's translation of Episode 13 preview here. Does anyone remember watching the highlighted? From the preview, it looked like EH had invited DY over to his room and shy DY was pacing in the hallway. Perhaps a deleted scene?
  3. Lol! Those lovey-dovey scenes made me cringe too. That was some major outpour of affection! I've been rooting for CEH and KDY's happily-ever-after from ep 1. But somehow I'm not feeling their chemistry as a couple now that they are together. How do I put this... a lack of a certain presence together? (I am so ready to dodge some bullets haha) Don't get me wrong, I love them. Perhaps my expectations were high to begin with. I am thinking that their relationship transition could've been written better; with a lesser push from CEH, make KDY a little less dense to allow her to realise her own feelings. Now, where can I find my own CEH, who will try to force his friend to hire me Have a great week ahead everyone!
  4. @Sianna Luke Thank you for sharing. I am also a jobseeker, with 11 years of working experience and a master's. My job search for the past 3 months has been tough, especially since I am trying to switch industries. I have also thought about not listing my post-grad qualification for entry-level roles. But decided against that and instead tried not to highlight it and downplayed my experience. Still experimenting with this strategy in my applications. I am also ready to start anew with a junior role, but hiring managers are usually skeptical, wondering why I would leave my previous industry and settle for a much lower pay elsewhere. There are efforts from governments and industries to encourage companies to hire mums and seniors returning to the workforce. Sounds good on paper, but in reality, not many companies have jumped onboard. @Fenxia Tan I agree with you about integrity being a recurring theme. Ms Go is the stick-to-the-rules, no exceptions type. I noticed a hint of guilt in her expression and some empathy. Although Ms Go understood KDY's struggle and reasons, she couldn't simply turn a blind eye and had to report or do something about it. I hope some of you are right, in that she intends to get KDY to re-apply for regular employment. I too wonder why OJY hadn't been fired over the misprint of thousands of books..
  5. Hi Chingus, I'd like to share my favourite moments/scenes in the drama. I thought of doing a Top 5 or 10, but scrapped the idea because...why put a number or limit on it. Here goes CEH and KDY's telephone conversation about subpar housekeeper and red bra. For me, this simple phone call really set the tone of their friendship. CEH and KDY's coffee talk, after Gyeoroo interview KDY pouring whiskey out the window. I love the impish, mischievous look on her face! CEH and KDY's lift ride at office building the following morning. When KDY realised that CEH had repurposed his gym room. JSJ talking to his green onion plant Drunk CEH into a cab and went to KDY's old home out of habit. The flashbacks of his similar trips KDY interrogating CEH about his whereabouts the previous night. I screamed in delight at his reply. KDY's voice-over about accepting her employment situation at Gyeoroo. KDY realised that she was not the only one who gave her all during her years as a housewife. It dawned on her that other people had been toiling and working hard as well. She then accepted that she had to work her way up the corporate ladder again. CEH and KDY's udon (if my memory serves me well) dinner. Not a major, pivotal scene. However, I like how it showed the little things that KDY missed while out of the workforce. Dinner after a full day of work and people addressing her by name. KDY feeling up CEH's pecs KDY asking if CEH likes her Love the slight quiver in KDY's voice. CEH's rejection letter to SHR A sad yet sweet scene. CEH is too nice. He really treasures SHR as a junior, friend, colleague. Love that he did not just leave SHR at JSJ's place when she got drunk. SHR's rant to parents about left-over dumplings This is the only scene so far which got me teary-eyed. SHR had likened her receiving of left-over dumplings to being left out for good things. Her parents went on to promise fresh ones for her from then on. CEH's counseling session with newbie OJY If only all bosses could articulate like CEH. The session proved effective as OJY decided to roll up her sleeves and be serious about her job. She went on to craft a sincere, albeit non-businesslike, apology letter to her colleagues and bosses; and even managed to get SHR to smile a little at her proclamation to work hard. Oops, crap I got carried away. This post is getting too long. My apologies! I'll just stop here.
  6. Thank you for pointing this out. Ms. Ko sure has a penchant for keeping up with appearances. This is also evident in a friends gathering, where she proudly (and coldly) offered to foot the bill and bragged about her accolades and achievements. I did not see a problem with this scene initially, as there is nothing wrong with her singlehood. A good glimpse into our society and consumption of social media. Most people would post only the pretty, glamorous sides of their lives, but we do not see what really goes on under the facade. Someone may be sipping fine wine in a posh, swanky high-rise apartment with floor-to ceiling windows; which sounds like the dream life but people do not see the lonely soul in an incredibly bare apartment.
  7. The insights into the working world - one of the reasons I continue to watch this drama. I'd like to think there is some good in Ms Go's character, besides commitment to her work. After all, she has been with Gyeoroo for 10 years and even helped her colleagues with removing leaflets from books on a weekend, while donning hair salon gear. CEO Kim mentioned something about wearing trenchcoats for decision-making like the earlier days. Maybe we will see again the close-knit team work which held the founding members together. Need some clarification about CEH's character description in the drama synopsis. It is stated that he is Gyeoroo's youngest-ever chief editor. I've been puzzled by that for quite a while. Isn't he the only chief editor the company has ever had? Scouted while still in college. I can feel my interest waning a little. So, hoping for better episodes in the coming weekend.
  8. I am not a huge fangirl, but I have watched many of LJS's works and a couple of them are in my all-time favourites list. I fully agree with your recommendation of Hymn of Death. Frankly, I hadn't heard of it until I stumbled across the thumbnail on Netflix. This short drama far-exceeded my expectations - in terms of cinematography (beautiful parks/garden), soundtrack, screenplay and of course acting delivery. It is a sad, tragic story, no doubt. However, I guess we can all appreciate the drama for what it is trying to convey. The 2 leads, LJS and Shin Hye Sun, did very well in their portrayal of their characters. Known for utilizing cute and/or suave looks, it was a very pleasant surprise for me then, to have found none of this in the sombre drama. May I suggest giving VIP a try as well? I think it is safe to say that it will not be a favourite movie, nor one which you will rewatch in its entirety (gruesome scenes again?! no!). But it does show LJS's versatility as an actor Since we mentioned Hymn of Death here, does anyone know if there are English-translated books of Kim U-jin's works? I did a Google search but found nothing much. Surely there is more interest in writings now?
  9. Hi everyone, I have not visited Soompi for quite some time. Nice to some familiar names here =) The first half of the series has hooked me and I hope I do not lose interest in the course of the latter half. I think what has drawn me so far is the 2 leading characters and how they are navigating the working world. Like EH, I was employed at my first company for 10 years. I also aspire to have a part-time lecturing job - which EH does have on the show. However, life happened and I decided not to be stuck in my dead-end job. I took a leap of faith and recently resigned without another job lined up (3 months notice btw). And suddenly, I found my situation to be similar to that of DY's - in terms of the struggles of job-seeking. I am still sending out CVs and telling myself 'fighting! you can do it!' I feel like EH will not be giving a straight 'I like you' answer to DY tonight. Most likely, he will skirt around the idea of fancying DY and see her reactions, test waters. Think this will be more aligned with his thoughts, considering his fear of losing a friend, should he confess before verifying that a serious relationship is possible. Looking forward to tonight's episode! Not that I know of. In Singapore, new episodes are available on Netflix at around midnight.
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