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  1. 42 minutes ago, Soohee ssi said:

    oh @Tari Tari I misunderstood her post though, I thought she said, someone already claimed it as them (thanks not only my unprepared heart but also to God :P)

    GH and BLY fan art (This scene is my fave, really)

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    Can someone kind, please translate this though? I wanted to know what they wrote.





    I can't bear a child for you, neither can you bear a child for me.

    You are my child, it's enough that I love you and you alone for this lifetime.

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  2. 3 hours ago, jlt4ever said:

    Here comes Part Three of the Femina interview. Hope you will like it.

    After listening to their dialogues again and again, I have to say that ZZ you are so innocent! You never hesitate to answer those questions even knowing they are set-up ones...LOL...And JY you are so smart and protective of ZZ...You two are just perfect for each other!

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    Z: Once I got drunk and one of my bros…
    (J starts laughing and Z looks at J)
    Z: He carried me…
    M: What happened?
    Z: Just like Gu Hai to Bai Luo Yin, he... carried me home.
    J: And did he throw you on the bed to shoot some photos?
    (J&Z laughing)
    Z: He actually did that!
    M: How about the other actors?
    F: Let’s start with the big brother.
    J: I had some similar experiences. I got drunk and someone carried me home.
    (Z laughing)
    But what touches me is that when I carried someone else home and took the pictures, he didn’t get angry at me.
    (J&Z laughing)
    He didn't even get angry! (To F&C) Do you have anything to share?


    Wait... are they dropping hints that they were the ones carrying each other home??

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  3. 1 hour ago, addict18 said:

    Hi everyone i'm a new user, i've been stalking this thread around 4 days. I watching this web series a week ago and fall in love with the stories  :heart::heart: but suddenly when i search more about this story i find about all the sad news (originally this series have 18 eps, but only 15 eps been air and will have a season 2). It's really2 sucks about banned!! This banned make me more curious and make me more addicted to search about this. After a long search it's make me frutate because i cannot find a full translate about this novel, i already search everywhere ...somebody HELP ME ABOUT FULL TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH, please 



    Sorry for my bad english, and thx for everyone for this news in this thread

    You can find it on Page 1 of this thread.

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  4. 39 minutes ago, ryokise said:

    trans/parts of Johnny's xian dan jia livestream today, 160517


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    JY: It's the first time that I see a pigeon lying on the floor..it stood up *Jy films the pigeons and whistles at them*

    Staff: Aiyo why is it sleeping here
    JY: Film it. It's the pigeon that was lying on the floor.

    JY: I am eating alone,you guys are not eating?
    Staff: Yes
    JY: Haha this is what I want *laugh*

    JY: I am going to eat, everyone is staring at me, but I am not embarrassed *laugh*

    Staff: Which one is better? Seafood from Dandong or France?
    JY: Dandong. If I have the mindset of France's seafood being delicious, what should I do in the future? Buy airplane tickets and fly over here?

    Staff: France's Dandong city *laugh* (the staff livestreaming JY probably saw the fans commenting about "France's Dandong city", I think the staff does not know the origin of this joke, which came from ZZ in an interview, when JY joked that he grew up in France)
    JY: Haha, returned back to my hometown

    Staff: *Reading fans' comments* Are there any methods for curing gastric problems? Huh? (bless this naive staff lol) *films Jy's hand* We are going to film a closeup of his hand

    JY: Help me to watch out for Seagulls.Don't let them snatch my food.That day, the seagull snatched my chicken meat.
    Staff: Really? You didn't fight it?
    JY: Can't win in a fight with it.

    Staff: Can you speak Korean?
    JY: Annyeonghaseyo
    JY: In Korean, i know how to say handsome, meosjida!

    JY: You guys wanted me to have 2 bites and you guys can wrap up your work, right?
    Staff: Yes
    JY: but I can't control *laugh*
    Staff: It's alright, just eat

    JY: Today, even if I'm scolded by these staffs, I still want to have one more bite, it's so~~ worth it

    JY: can I have some wine/beer?
    Staff: You want wine/beer? Can't, what if your (livestream) account got suspended.

    Staff: For selfies, will you use apps to edit/filter it?
    JY: That is a must, if I don't use it, how to look at it
    Staff: What app?
    JY: I'm very ugly
    Staff: no no no
    JY: I will use instagram to filter it, do some editing with the hues

    Staff: They changed the icon,have you seen it.Really ugly.
    JY: I saw it, doesn't seems high class anymore

    JY: These few days I lost the ring that I've won for many years. I don't know where did I lost it.Very sad. (In the livestream later on at the hotel room, the staff asked about his ring again, and JY said he will show them how he feels now, then he pretended to jump down from the hotel room)

    Staff:(fans' comments) They say they will buy for you
    JY: You can't buy it. You won't be able to buy my years of experience (with the ring)


    "How to cure gastric....huh?" LOL! Anyway, do you think JY's heart skipped a beat when he heard that question? He pretended not to hear that and quickly talked about his hand instead.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, gayyoxx said:

    Someone has posted these comic fanart but it's animated now and combined that with the music and are these ZZ and JY's voice!? What are they saying!?, it's just... Begging for translation, please?

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    "Gu Hai, have you ever thought of me during these 8 years?"

    " Yes, I have."

    But if I'm not mistaken, in the novel, Gu Hai was the one asking BLY this question. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, tea4two said:


    Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.  

    There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I think his feelings are as strong as JY, he just display it differently.  My own analysis concludes that ZZ was the first one in trying to express his feelings to JY from late December until they parted ways in late February.  He affection grew from strong admirations (kind of like how Fengsong admire JY) and then changed due to the circumstances of them having to share a bed and having to enact intimate scenes together.  I based this on some of ZZ's earliest posts and events leading up to now.  


      Reveal hidden contents


    12/24/15 - After they finish filming Addicted/Shangyin, ZZ sing the following song on Changba.


    Below is the lyric translation of this song, I believe ZZ express himself best through songs, so understanding the lyrics of those songs will give us a glimpse into his mind, what he was thinking of at the time.  From this song, you can tell that Addicted and JY have a great impact on him.  


    Compare this to JY's direct way of expressing it, you will understand that they both communicate differently.  JY is direct, ZZ is implicitly/ambiguous, his emotional expressions are done behind the scene.  


    02/07/16 - At this point, I think JY already communicated to ZZ, his intention of leaving (and not signing with CJD).  This must be devastated for ZZ, for he decided to sing, 'What Kind of Man'.  See the lyric translation below:


    2/20/16 - During Shanghai fan meet, ZZ changed the lyric to, "I love you".  Watch from 01:40, JY kind of froze for a moment, eyes swaying left and right.  ZZ's a singer/songwriter, I don't believe for a minute that he forgot the lyrics, he changed it purposely.  I think from this point in time, both JY and ZZ are at an ambiguous point in their relationship, but ZZ has been trying to pursue or tell JY. 


    2/27/16 - Did you get the privilege to stream the anti domestic violence event like I did on 2/26?  At one point, there was almost 3 mil people online and the atmosphere during the text/image/video stream was extremely weird, I felt it.  At the beginning JY and ZZ would not look at each other, this was right after the CJD events so that's understandable, but it kind of have a finality feel to it.  So I believe that from this point on, the separation becomes real, they didn't meet again until the France cultural exchange event.  The next day, on 2/27, for ZZ's one million welfare, he sing, 10 years/decade by Eason Chan.


    I also believe that around this time, JY's feelings is wavering (he probably is thinking that his feelings were partly due to being entangled in the role of Gu Hai and that distance will make it go away).  He's aware of ZZ's feeling, but is afraid to respond to it.  When ZZ sing 10 years, I also believe that this is the time ZZ decided to start giving up on JY.  During the week of separation, I believe both of them were wanting to break way from each other, thinking that time will dissolves the emotions that were there during the last couple of months.  But the hearts started to grown fonder......

    03/04/16 - Bam!  They meet again for the France event!  Emotions got entangled, wanted to let go, but could not.  From 3/6-3/14, they started to a series of photoshoots together (Men's Uno, Ellemen, Esquire, and MadameFigaro).  During this time period, I can sense that ZZ gave a sense of distance toward JY, not as close as he was to JY during YY and Netease interviews.  JY, at this point, start to see that ZZ is pulling away, so he begin to panic.  During Esquire photoshop, he wanted to protect, but could not, thus later end up deleting his posts on weibo to protect ZZ even though he realize how the fans would take this.  During this time, many many fans took his actions as breaking away from Addicted/Shangyin, there were a number of fans that turn their back on him on this day.  He never openly admitted to why he did it, but Xiaolong posted that JY is an upright boy, time will tell.  

    3/13 - 3/14: I will gloss over this since we've analyzed it in depth.  This is a turning point in their relationship (JY: I want to go home   ZZ: I'm ready, take me home).  JY, from his headstrong determination to leave home at a young age, once he made his mind on something, he will pursue it fully.  He made a decision regarding his feeling toward ZZ, he will not back down, the wavering and indecisiveness disappear.  


    What I see is that when there are too many coincidences, it's no longer coincidence.  I don't believe ZZ just randomly pick songs to sing and randomly change lyrics.  You can call me a delulu fan, but when I watch these boys interact with each other, I know I'm not the only one who sees the sparks!  Don't you dare tell me that people typically stare at their platonic friend's eyes for 10+ seconds like these boys do.....



    Hi, I don't know if it's appropriate for me to ask, but may I know what happened during the Esquire photoshoot? I joined Soompi family relatively late and as much as I tried to backtrack on the thread,  I still haven't finish pages 400 and below.

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  7. Somewhat off topic:


    I'm watching the movie Yesterday Once More, where XWZ sang the promo song. Some coincidences I noticed:

    - The main actor is Bai Jing Ting 白敬亭, same surname as BLY 

    - BJT was born on 15 Oct 1993, XWZ on 20 Oct 1994, both Libra ( btw, my birthday is 15 Oct too)

    - During JY's gf skit on the awards night, the gf pretended that BJT was her rich cousin who bought a VR cam. She also threw her phone to him when she wanna hug JY. 



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  8. 1 hour ago, woodencoaster said:

    Wow thanks for this!! Love how he's trying to stick up for them. And zz is so adorkable

    Translation below (might not be 100% accurate cuz i'm a disgrace to my race hehe, please feel free to edit)

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     The first time I set eyes on these two, I was momentarily stunned. XWZ was perpetually bright-eyed (not sure about this) and red-tipped nose in the show, but he was refined and exquisite in person. 


    He meant in the series, BLY was often showed with lip ulser  (remember the hemorrhoid cream scene lol) and red-tipped nose (runny nose probably).

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  9. 36 minutes ago, fingersandpaws said:

    A new chapter YQ and YM's Lunch Date has been added to The Story of Meng Qi Qi. Read the full chapter translation here: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1098227/30/


    The aftermath of the movie premiere

      Reveal hidden contents

    YM sat inside a private room of a themed restaurant waiting for YQ. At five past twelve in the afternoon, the fully armed Mr. You Handsome stepped foot into the private room of the restaurant with brisk strides.

    YM lifted his eyelids and took a look at the person opposite, and said silently, “I’m sorry but there’s someone sitting here.”

    “I’m YQ.”

    YM lifted his head in shock; opposite him YQ was taking off his hat, wig, moustache, scarf……

    “Wouldn’t you develop heat rashes by wearing so much on a big summer’s day?”

    “Almost.” YQ used a wet cloth to wipe his face, “I don’t have a choice, that drama during the movie premiere a few days ago had forced me into the limelight. I don’t know which a**h*** had an extra mouth! I was on the headlines of the entertainment news the next day, I’m being followed every day recently……”

    YM lowered his head consciously.


      Reveal hidden contents

    “How much money earned is considered enough?” YQ pushed the food inside his bowl lightly, “I can only relax when I’m with you; my heart is always tensed when I’m with them, it’s so tiring.”

    YM was quite touched after hearing this, “I didn’t expect that I had so much charisma.”

    “You’ve only discovered it now? When I’m with others, I would always pretend while worrying! My expressions! Speak with tact…… I won’t need to do that with you. You have an invisible power, allowing people to find their self-esteem just by looking at you. I feel that no matter how “out of tune” one is, there is you to be at the bottom, the heart will feel at ease at once.” 

    “F*** you!”

    YM used his chopsticks to poke countless of small holes in the plate of desserts in front of YQ.

    YQ was more amused the more he looked at YM; since he had entered society, he had become more and more appreciative of such casual and nonchalant people.


    YQ offers YM a job

      Reveal hidden contents

    After laughing for a while, YQ lifted his eyelids and looked at YM, his expression was quite serious.

    “Why don’t you resign? Come and be my assistant, I’ll give you ten thousand a month as basic pay, the tip will be counted separately.”

    YM rejected, full of moral integrity, “Even if I were to starve to death being a Policeman, I still wouldn’t go and wait on you!”

    YQ only smiled but didn’t say anything; he had long predicted it would be like this.


    YM continued to eat his food and remembered something suddenly, “Right, your network of contacts is wider than me, can you help me find a part-time job, one that can make money but it not so tiring?”

    “Are you so in need of money?” YQ asked.

    YM nodded, “During this period either my classmates are having their wedding or my colleagues have just had a baby, I almost couldn’t give them any money.”

    YQ thought for a while, “Why don’t you be a stand-in, I have a new drama that’s going to start filming soon; I’ll talk to the director to consider you first for any scenes that need a stand-in.”

    “Wah!” YM was pleasantly surprised, “What kind of stand-in do they all do? Is there big celebrity ones?”

    “About this……” YQ thought for a while, “You can be a stunt-double for dangerous scenes, which is to undertake the dangerous actions for celebrities; you can also be a stand-in for intimate scenes, for example you can help the female lead in my drama to film a kiss scene or bed scene etc. with me.

    YM’s mouth twitched, “Then I would rather be a stunt-double for dangerous scenes.”

    YQ, “……”


    How YM discovered the video of BLY and GH's car accident:

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    In the afternoon, YM sashayed his way to start his patrol.

    While passing by the traffic police unit, he happened to see a familiar person. He was YM’s previous colleague; when YM had just entered the branch, he didn’t suffer any less bullying from him. Thereafter this person got transferred to the traffic police unit, the relationship between the two had actually became better; maybe every person who had left YM would find his goodness in the end.

    “Mengzi!” Ma Chi quickly greeted.

    YM stopped his car and wound down the windows, “What are you doing?”

    “There’s someone looking for me just now. It’s your turn to patrol today?”

    YM shook his head, “I’m helping my colleague with his shift, his brother was hospitalised.”

    “B***s***, he’s taking advantage of you!” Ma Chi rubbed YM’s small head.

    YM scoffed, “Didn’t you used to find all sorts of excuses to let me cover for you?”

    Ma Chi laughed, “Get down the car, I need your help for something.”

    “There’s nobody in your traffic police unit?”

    “There is but they’re not as capable as you.” Ma Chi pulled open the car door, “Come come come, get down the car, it won’t take much to finish it.”

    YM had really believed him; after he had went in, he didn’t come out for the entire afternoon.

    Ma Chi wanted YM to help sort out all the typical car accident cases of the recent ten years, gather them together into a folder and make them into a promotional video. Not only did YM needed to watch each and every horrifying car accident video, he also needed to pick out the type and every type still need to have a different cause.

    “Your leader is really evil-hearted.” YM couldn’t help lamenting.

    Ma Chi sighed, “He’s too idle with nothing to do!”

    Just as he was saying, he glanced at YM’s side and pointed at the screen, “Leave this behind, this is a typical case of brake failure.”

    YM had just wanted to close the window and copy the file, when he was shocked suddenly by the familiar face that was on the screen.


    My thoughts about this chapter:

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    It's like YM is always the person who spreads gossips about YQ and ends up paying for it, like in the case of "Meng Meng", lol.

    YQ has been eyeing YM's lips to be his assistant for quite a while as he's still trying in the epilogue/spin-off chapters. :P

    This sentence "maybe every person who had left YM would find his goodness in the end", definitely applies to YQ but more so than other people.



    Thanks for the translation! Can't wait for the next chapter on YM discovering the accident tape and GH finally gets to know what BLY did for him.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, addictedgirl said:

    I'm really really enjoying my time here read all posts and all.

    First I would like to say thanks to BLY's mom and GH's dad, because of you two GH got anger and finally walk out from his house and transfered himself to BLY's school.

    2nd, I would like to say thanks to Jin Lu Lu who forced Gu Hai to learn that signed name make BLY need to ask Gu Hai by himself,count it as the 1st time their eternal love blooming.

    3rd, thanks to Dan Xiau the girl who always flirt with Gu Hai,bcause of her telling Luo Yin secret,finally Gu Hai turn his unpleasant look to a symphaty and then fond of a sleeping boy named Luo Yin.

    Guess that's enough.LOL

    suddenly craving for some yuzhou angst fic.

    I don't know why

    Don't ask me why

    Gonna make one then!


    Here you have it, the forces of the universe at work to pull these two cosmic dusts together.


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  11. As we are in "cucumber time" as @scandani pointed out, I would like to hear which scene cracks you up the most. For me, it is definitely when GH was bargaining for the "15 bucks" winter jacket at the zoo (Previously, GH asked BLY where was the cheapest place to shop clothes and BLY answered "dong wu yuan", meaning the zoo). The lady should win an award for the best extra performance! Her expression and tone was priceless and spot on!

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  12. 42 minutes ago, Scandani said:I know, I know I am nitpick the series, again as I said, it is cucumber time now, so I am just going back and forth reading the novel's translation and watching the drama again.


    Lol, I love that coy smile on BLY's face when GH accused him of seducing him! However, from the translation of the novel I read, it seems that BLY was too engrossed in the Hep B scare that he wasn't paying attention when towelling himself  hence the "accidental" flashing of Xiao Yin Zi. Lucky GH though!

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  13. 3 hours ago, Ariodante said:

    Another JYZZ pic strips (cr. on pics) - fans have lotsa fun with them. Sorry, no English translation is available at the moment 


      Reveal hidden contents


    Strip #2 (lucky you who read Chinese!)

      Reveal hidden contents



      Reveal hidden contents


    *note te myself: this is REALLY the high time to learn Mandarin!*

    Time for me to repay my appreciation to all the seniors here who had provided me with endless joy, amusement and mixed feelings with your translations, fan-fics, videos, photos and manips. My knowledge of Chinese is very limited though, so please bear with me if I made any mistakes.

    Strip #1:

    JY: First trick!

    JY: jiu jiu (chirp, chirp), lol!

    ZZ: What? Which demon are you playing this time?

    JY: They are bullying baby (referring to himself), they said I'm terrifying. Quickly speak up on my behalf, otherwise I'll cry for you to see!

    ZZ: Ai, about this matter, this is a fact, so what's there to speak about?

    Strip #2:

    JY: I'm gonna cry, I'm really gonna cry, I'm really really gonna cry ~

    ZZ: Can you please hurry up? I've been holding up my phone for half a day (a long time). Are you gonna cry, make up your mind! I'm waiting to snap a photo still.

    JY: (First trick failed)

    Strip #3:

    JY: I'm warning you, don't go overboard! If you make me angry, I won't cook for you!

    ZZ: Hehe, JY, I'm hungry, meow~

    JY: Order received! Coming now!

    JY: Richard Simmons! What am I doing here??


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  14. New fan-made song released by the same fan who previously wrote "全世界都不如我" (Nothing In This World Can Compare With Me, this verse was also used by JY during the gf skit on the awards night).

    This new song is BLY 's version, it's called "我好想念" (I Really Miss). There's a decent translation of the lyrics in the comments section.

    Hats off to this fan for the touching song and lyrics! It brings out the heartache in me again that we won't be able to scene these scenes in S2 play out.


    (Sorry I still haven't figure out how to embed youtube video)


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  15. 1 hour ago, jdyz said:

    Thank you @htuvecila, it's way late but this is beautiful! OK so huge post to dissect this Xu Wei Zhou person ahead haha.

      Reveal hidden contents


    You don't catch a glimpse of bossy!ZZ on camera a lot, he's formally trained to act so he can act this cute persona very convincingly. I'm not saying he's fake (lol no) it's just he's more than the typical 'idol' image in that he's NOT a push-over. A man can both like and behave like cute kittens but also strong-willed and assertive, he can be genuinely nice and ruthless at the same time, it doesn't mean he's insincere. He has been taking leader roles since high school so I'm sure whatever traits as an effective leader exist in him. I don't think he's actively trying to disrespect people older than him (like JY who is 2 years his senior), it's more like when they mutually agree to be friends then OK, I have this cute nickname for you. He lets everybody call him Zhou Zhou so perhaps he just doesn't care much about proper addressing lol, how much older should he get when he has to stop people from calling him ZZ? He may be bashful and naive in front of the camera, but actually is very shrewd irl. He has a million faces and one of those can scare the hell out of me. Look at this at 0:34 to see his gesture and facial expression before the camera rolls. What was that attitude for huh~ lol

    Like water which can corrodes the strongest mountain, gentleness does not mean weakness. His friends and classmates respect him in lots of way, one of which is that they never gossip about him (unlike someone else who made a small scandal around JY), never upload images with his face even when hanging out (I think ZZ is also a private person in his own way, selfies, work-related photos and public appearance aside he doesn't let other people close to him publish his images. He doesn't talk much about his personal life, family and yes, even his friends). It is a two way street, no one needs to reciprocate someone who's a fake jerk. When you drop your idol persona to quietly watch your friends perform at the back of the auditorium, your friends will absolutely appreciate it and treat you back well.

    ZZ is nice to those who are nice to him. JY is really gentle toward him (when there is no need) and they both tolerate, even adore each other's antics. He's nice to fans and friends because that's how he's brought up (by grandma Xu :wub:). But the way he treats scandals and paparazzi shows that he wouldn't back down or keep silent, but he wouldn't get angry and throw tantrum either. He's mature with a hint of mischief. Well a lot of mischief actually and I'm sure we'll see a lot of that side of him, naughty!ZZ, not just this cutesy image, he's just too damn adorable it'd be a waste if he didn't play it up but I hope he knows how rare he is in this idol world mostly devoid of interesting personalities.

    He never calls JY "ge" either. Actually he doesn't call JY anything other than "HJY" or at most "JY". This is what I often think about, what if JY is just another good friend, albeit close, to ZZ? I have a friendly friend just like ZZ, equally nice and kind, attentive to everyone, there's no special treatment at all but it's very easy for one to misread that with something uniquely for him when there's no near comparison. With JY and his personality, when he lets someone into his smallest circle, to the point of declaring "I wouldn't do this and that with anyone else" that person would already be special, but ZZ is nice with almost everyone! and he has many close and good friends. It doesn't really matter much because I'm not a romantic shipper but I'd love a mutual special bond between only them. This is why I'm still bitter about all the bans, say, had they spent another month filming The Amazing Race, had a few more fashion shoots, taken a few more interviews and fanmeetings together, it would have helped their friendship (and US) tremendously. The whole thing moves so fast with so many events it's sometimes hard to think they've only known each other for 6 months by tomorrow.

    This little snippet reinforces what CJD said about him, he gets very flustered and defensive when people poke him with something sensitive, he scolds people and rambles nonsense to bury it. Here he doesn't want people to know about his short sleep time and back then it's a way for him to cope with acting intimate scenes. ZZ, whatever, sleep more ah~ (JY has a defense mechanism too, it's his weird, direct, narcissistic sense of humor, he jokes a lot between swaths of his poker face, unlike ZZ who is cheery most of the time but doesn't make that many jokes - but it's another topic for another time.)



    I watched the whole video live streaming video on the bilibili link, but I didn't see the being defensive about his sleep hours part. Is the a snippet in just that part of the video?

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  16. 2 hours ago, hikaru1412 said:


    I absolutely cannot get weibo to play 向着光亮那方 and 慢慢走 for some reason. At least the other songs work. Are they blocking those songs?? -le sigh- At least I have youtube for these two songs. And thank you! You helped a lot. :D


    Also, I love how to top album is a guy named Cay-Z. Makes me think of someone else over in the states. Just made me giggle.

    The link is working fine for me... I have been listening to it on weibo since morning.


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  17. 4 hours ago, htuvecila said:


    Ehh I actually have different view to this matter

      Hide contents

    Liu Tong is vice president of Enlight, so he more or less knows ZZ and of coz he would want to give him a chance to boost his image as long as it's not BL related. Even Wang Zhang Tian the CEO of Enlight shared this song, it's not that coincident imo. I see it as they wanted to promote the movies and test the water if ZZ can have some value to invest in showbiz.

    Same goes for JY, they invited him coz he's one of the hottest boys online, having him can create buzz which brings attention to the company's event. They sure paid a lot to invite all the guests there and they saw them as good investment. 

    Of coz JY and ZZ are suitable candidates for the jobs, ZZ is "light" that fits the song theme and JY is "super model" that fits the event. They are also good boys and they deserve the love but there is no way they get the jobs thanks to the sympathy of the ban. It's more of business kind of thing to me.

    Similarly, all the posts from verified bloggers, be it negative or positive, are to get views and followers. These bloggers may not even know who JY and ZZ are and I don't think they actually spend time to watch Addicted.

    What JY and ZZ can do right now is to increase their market value by getting serious projects, otherwise they can't survive in this showbiz industry. 

    ZZ wrote in his weibo when sharing this song "I at the present, maybe a bit lost, but still follow the direction of that light". It's exactly the song theme btw, we can take it as his promotion for the song, or ZZ's current condition indeed.




    Someone posted above ZZ visited his uni today. The girl who posted didn't watch Addicted so she wonder maybe she should. Top comments are "don't watch that series, don't go to his weibo and see his selfies" (XWZ is most welknown for being suck at taking selfie, fans call him selfail) lol. Its pretty funny to see them trolling him all the time. Oh btw almost all FAs say do not ever meet XWZ in real life, coz it makes you want to burn all his selfies away. He looks 10 times better in person and he's the best at flirting and trolling fans among "si mei" HJY, XWZ, LFS and CW. Let's me dig out FA about the four and get it translated during the weekend. Its quite cute and interesting to read.

    Cr weibo


    Now I really want to see some self-fail of  XWZ,  haha! 

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  18. 54 minutes ago, IMOmusings said:

    Is ZZ....holding a grenade? O_O" Does this mean there was more to the series than we ever could imagine? WAIT WAIT WAIT!??!? Why does that say Volume 2??????

    I actually think this version of the poster is more befitting. After all,  GH is the one who is totally addicted to BLY to the point of no return, so in a way BLY is holding charge in this relationship (hence the grenade).

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  19. 7 hours ago, shuwei said:

    no joke someone needs to do research on this. the thing about bly-zz is, when i first saw him he's pretty ordinary, sometimes even a little unfortunate looking. but the more i look at him the more i want to keep looking, the cuter he gets. by ep 4 i felt like i was suffering the same "sickness" as gh lol

    the symptoms are even more severe when i'm looking at real life-zz. his million different looks, different hobbies, different sides to his personality etc. its like an endless spiral

    ZZ is so beautiful that it hurts. I admire him alot but as a male, I am envious as well, how can someone be so perfect. Alas, youth won't last forever, so savour his beauty while it lasts (don't kill me).

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