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  1. 13 minutes ago, marj23_GYlovesGE said:

    @ludadeer can you translate some comments for us please want to know what they're saying to our lovely GE?  :heart:

    Title: "Kim Go Eun, Bright Smile that looks like the Spring SunShine"

    Top comments:

    [+2686, -343] It's a really refreshing/clean face. 

    [+2077, -162] Yes .. this is right, do not cut short anymore

    [+1648,-212] The 1st pic is really pretty whenever i saw on advertising banners.. The smile is really pretty.

    [+1392,-245] Really Charming!!

    [+625, -110] KGE's smile is really refreshing!!!!

    [+666,-141] Must admit KGE's face is 100 times nicer than all the PS girls.

    [+473,-91] it's a very pretty face already, pls do not do any plastic surgery.

    and many more.. hahaah

    sorry i can only read very slowly, therefore can only translate a few. Mianhae~~~





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  2. Hi all~~~  How's everyone? It's been a while since my last post~~~

    After 2 hectic days with work & family (kids went sick!!!!) i FINALLY got time to drop by and say hi to everyone.

    YES!!! mission 1 accomplished ... lets silently pray and wait for mission 2 to be accomplished as well :tongue:

    Thanks for sharing the stylist's message. She said GOEUN is looking pretty.

    Again.. i dun think we need to worry too much about oori GE .. i'm sure she's well prep with the outcome when decided to break the news.

    just some random thought, i wonder if the dinner after the commentary meet is of any help for her to makeup her mind in finally breaking out the news of the breakup that happened LONG ago.  (why am i so wordly.. it reminds me of 'first time try to act as really the first time of eating sweet potato for the first time") obviously i sounded like a bit drunk ... lol!


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  3. Various updates of GE that i saw from weibo.

    1. Longer audio version of “slowly falling”


    2. Longer audio version of “when we were young”


    3.  GE just filmed a promotion video for Korean Legal Aid Corporation as their ambassador yesterday. 

    Rough translation is “dispite the hectic schedule of KGE, she helped to film a promotion video for the Korea Legal Aids consultancy services in Central Seoul yesterday (Feb 22nd).  Her presence had attracted lots of attentions during the filming which shows her popularity.”

    There's a photo in the original article.


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  4. 1 hour ago, maryofbethany said:

    see, 4 movies already, that totally need NO skinship or kissing scenes. A Man and A Woman, is in itself talking about forbidden love that found itself in adultary, and seeking oneself actually in loving a fatal love.... sex and lust and love itself is the theme, what to do? but i really hope, he just move on to other genre. Let A Man and A Woman be the exceptional case in his filmography-history. so is GE's A Muse, which become teh case why haters used to throw mud at her. haters will always play "holy-holy' and use the Muse -stuffs to think that she is not worthy for him.

    Interesting enough, most of the celebrities who admired KGE praised her greatly through A-Muse. Remember in Happy Together, they were so proud of KGE being a rookie actress but could pull off such a role greatly. They highly appreciating her work and the movie itself. Even the grandma of Canola recommended her to do the granddaughter role after seeing A-Muse. 

    And also the lady co-host there mentioning many of her new actresses friends went audition for that role, it was a 'hot' role that 300 people went auditioned for that. 

    So haters can say whatever they want, but professionals and art lovers (including all the amazing actors/actresses) are loving her talent dearly, not to mention oori GY-nim! Therefore, i dont think we need to care about that haters says anyways, cos their intelligence level is just barely comparable!

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Donut Baekie said:


    omg i remember giving some advice to this Samantha girl saying how she should stop insult KGE boy fren or maybe already become her ex(who's know).. i said if she want to ship GongGo.. do it more maturely..not insulting other people but she tagging & then forcing KGE to do what she want(forcing KGE to date GY instead & said that old man not deserve KGE).. she even delete my comment who gave some advice to her.. i'm more curious why those kind of acc can get a lot of followers.. wow.. 



    It seems most of the followers of these IGers are from the same country. And it seems that people from this country has a very very high IG user base and many times they are speaking in their own language.

    They tend to be very hardcore shippers not just on gonggo but other OTPS as well. I'd realised this since sscp. They would get really over the top and starting some sort of “circling” games like photohunt, or excessively crazily tagging / stalking the OTP's friends on IG. I remembered back in ss days those crazy shippers kept “interrogating” the otp's friends on IG whenever they uploaded a pic (which most of the time the pics had nothing to do with the OTP at all). 

    What amazed me was that i  even saw edited “family” photos of MLFTS otp from these kind of hardcore shippers even tho the leading lady is already married n with kid.

    And these people had lots of fun themselves, they are not real shippers but just bunch of mentals who enjoys their own imagination and being so fulfilling thinking they had found traces n pieces of “imaginary evidence”.

    My apology on generalizing.. Just saying what i'd seen that's all. Im just very very mad!!!




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  6. I think this is my last response to this, I know i should just ignore, but I just felt it's better for me to spill out my words the last time. Since this is Happy Friday, i will just put this on spoiler, not to upset anyone here :) and yes i promised this is the last one :tongue: 

    8 hours ago, kuraharu said:

    First of all i dont want to make all of you feel offensive or anything. I just shared the information about GY. Yes sure i am a GY fan. I lurked this thread because somebody told me about KGE attended birthday party.

    A member "quoted" a tweet that she saw on twitter about that 'incident' and wanted to know if it's true or not. Just like your friend 'saw something' and told you about it. Members here then discussed and concluded that should be a piece of false rumour and that the topic shouldn't worth to be discussed anymore. It's done and dusted. And most importantly the rumour did not start HERE, I think you should get this straight. We worried about the rumous as much as you do, and that we wanted to clarify and did not want to spread any false rumours. However, if any other individual continued to talk about it elsewhere then there's nothing we can do.

    And i want to clarify everything and ended up like this thank you very much.

    We already clarified before you come to tell us to, and we are WELL AWARE of the situation. you are very welcome!

    I didnt read this thread from first-end second i just all of you know about that situation

    If your friend told you somebody saying this and that at wherever place, the 1st thing you should do is that you go and check how that has been dealt with, instead of coming like a police and shout at people and thinking people here are the richard simmons stirrer to create rumours!! As said above we are WELL AWARE of the situation and had been trying our best to get the facts straight and to protect BOTH of them

    Third i have already sent the dm too those who tagged Kge&soop management Ig with Kfans also did, not only GY kfans but kge kfans also.

    That's good, please continue. thank you

    Third i didnt meant to blame all of you in here, i know whis thread was making for fun. I know. I respect that

    No we don't make fun on it, we are hoping this could come true one day, and it's a thread to share our blessing instead of 'making fun'.

    And i'm sorry if i sound like i am blaming this thread but i didnt. I just want to share about the situation of GY himself. I am not KGE fans but i respect her. I'm not a shipper but i respect shipper. 

    I hope you really mean it. And if you are who you are, as in you are very close with Kfans of GY and you know a lot, then you should know GE was the one who has been hiding away to avoid rumours, she definitely deserves your respect and our protection! 

    And what i said is to remind it again to remind it not to blame. Its sound offensive and blame due my bad english. I have already said i am sorry about my bad english. 

    It's nothing to do with your English, your English was as loud and clear as it sounded. It is the fact  that you had accused and assuming we were the one creating the rumours and doing all the tagging and asking us NOT to do all these anymore were so getting onto our nerves. And that's how we got offended.

    And again, i know you are really concerned about situation, but next time please read carefully and make sure you are speaking to the right group of people.

    Have a great weekend.


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  7. 25 minutes ago, reyna123 said:

    Hi, this is my first post!

    I have never watched any K - drama before and this is my first one haha. I definitely fell in love with Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. I actually live in Dubai and was wondering if anyone knows what he is doing (PM will be better I think). I do also wonder why do they film so far away? At the end of the day, the coffee commercial was so simple it didn't feel like it was in Sydney at all lol. 


    Thank you for being such an amazing and respectful forum! 

    One of my guess about why flying to syd for a CF should because of the weather. Korea is still very cold but they want a feel of summer with greenary n stuffs. And Australia being in the southern hemisphere is currently having their hot summer noe..that's my guess :tongue: 

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  8. 38 minutes ago, yonjo said:

    While their kisses are a story on its own, as it perfectly describes who they are as pair; earnest,vulnerable, and full of longing; I find myself more drawn by the subtle gestures between the two. 

    That slight shift in his eyes, a split second blink, and you know he's seeing someone, her,  in a new light for the first time.  


    Blame this man for showing us how a simple look can convey the deepest of emotions. Take responsibility Gong Ji Chul!

    And perhaps it's because of the drama's impeccable cinematography or maybe it's because of Kim Go Eun's innate ability to glow , that whenever Eun Tak smiles, you understand even a little how Kim Shin sees her. I'm reminded of a particular  quote whenever I watch this scene "


    Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss...."But every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare."


    Forgive this birthday girl's sappy post. I'm a frustrated wanna be writer and Goblin has inspired me to write XD



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  9. 1 hour ago, janeeta said:


    It's defo her. If KGE knows the song really well, she wouldn't need the lyrics, she'd have it memorized. I have that song memorized too! KGE can sing, act, and play, what makes you think she can't film a video at the same time? :lol: I don't know if it's her filming but for sure it's her in the room! :) 

    Of course its her in the room n the one who is singing hahaha. Im just saying not sure if she's the one holding her fd's phone to film :)

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  10. 2 hours ago, aytnihc19 said:
      Reveal hidden contents


    At the end of the video when she finally waved to the camera. Did you guys see that she's wearing a gold ring on her ring finger. Is it her own jewelry since she loves ring or someone's gave it to her. I can't help but hoping that it's a gift from GY. I'll just pretend that it is. :wub:

    I wonder if its even her hand. Cos its her friend's phone n acct. The friend might possibly the one holding the phone while she's sittting beside her. And her friend is married. GE should be reading lyrics on her phone like the other singer did. N how to concentrate on lyrics n singing if u r busy holding the phone?


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  11. 2 minutes ago, Donut Baekie said:

    i seriously don't want KGE delete her insta picture again or deactive because of this stupid knezt... 

    Im not surprised if she close it again. Maybe GY would advise her to do so. Cos he himself doesn't  by the SNS idea either.

    If ... Deleting her acct can give her peace, then I'll support her even it hurts. Afterall it's her life n her happiness, its not us to control her life.

    As fans ..we could just wish for her happiness and support her with all our hearts.

    *pray for GE's happiness*



    4 minutes ago, Donut Baekie said:

    It always female actress who get bash or hate for everything while male actor get praise like a GOD... 

    Yeah.. kor is a very sexist country... Sorry to say that....

    U hardly see similar things in Hollywood!!

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  12. 21 minutes ago, Donut Baekie said:


    although if its true that KGE and GY date each other but after reading the comment.. i feel so down.. what's wrong if GY really date KGE? she one of a kind.. she pretty..talented.. so kind.. etc.. also not just knezt.. reading I-Fans at netizenbuzz who ship GY with GYJ.. she said GY only suit GYJ and KGE is bad.. i'm like WTF??? :wacko:

    i hope this kind of news will not make anything bad happen towards GY & KGE relationship.. seriously it makes me feeling so sad reading the comment..

    i need my KGE smile vitamin



    Don't be sad. They are just a bunch of jealousy morons!!!


    I remembered how hard knetz were bashing shk when she confirmed to act alongside sjk in dots. Comments were 90% the same . The bashing continues even after the drama. It was nasty. But I'm sure they r staying strong.

    Those netz didn't have a life but only able to be keyboard warriors. They are all losers.

    Fm what i heard fm the real GY fans (as in real GY korean fan cafe fans), they enjoyed the OTP and they like kge lots too cos she's adorable in real life. They def do not hate her.

    The haters r not GY fans but general pathetic sour grapes.

    Don't get too upset!!!


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  13. 28 minutes ago, ghosthunt said:

    I am so happy that day after day KGE instagram followers keeps increasing! And the gifs with LMJ made me sure even more than before that he is totally different with KGE ^^ 

    He was always playful but with GE he wants her all attention and admiration. When they are together with other people he stay focused only on he forgetting anyone else. His eyes never leave her and seeks her everytime.



    Lastly although I would prefer quick break up, but KGE whole career is at stake. One wrong move and she would receive even more hate than ever before. Women in entertainment have to be ultra careful, when knetz start to hate it's very hard to get their love back. And she have risen once, I don't need to see her fall again.

      Hide contents

    Take YEH for example with her fashion scandal, knetz still did not forgive and they loved her greatly before. 

    It's better when the buzz and commotion die down, like the last thing we and GY would want is to destroy her great career (lol he is also her long time fan). 

    I want see KGE act, to sour high in industry, to receive her well deserved love from people and especially her citizens.

    I will wait for these, even if it will take them years! All hail to happy ending.




    i love your post.. and i wanna cry after reading it. Every word of what you said is so true. I just want to give them all my blessing, we cannot urge for anything, they have to take each step very carefully!!! I just wish them happy! that's all i want~

    Meanwhile we should give GE some fresh air, let her sink in, digest and rise again !! 

    and i hope GY, being someone who fully appreciates her talent and personality, would give her his support! I hope they can go through this. *pray*

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