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  1. lol I was like screammmmmmmming when knowing that they did another photoshoot for magazine cover hahahaha. I watched the video of the making of the previous magazine, and I can stop myself from the delusion that they are dating for real
  2. haha me too. It's hard to not say they have something with each other. I know that I'm terrible at shipping since every "ship" I sailed, they all sank lol (except the couple Lou Jin and Tiffany Tang), but I cannot help myself from shipping them. I also know that they are actors, and Wu Qian has the most natural chemistry with her costar in her dramas compared to a lot of nowadays actresses, but when I watch the BTS, I feel Wu Qian is more proactive towards Yu Jian, and that makes me hope that they are seeing each other in real life
  3. Yes I am. I'm living in the U.S. now but I still read VIetnamese news and also C and K biz I read the rumor from this page: I just came across this one day and read the news number 6. It's about them, Yujian and Wu Qian. It says they are in love.
  4. It might be on weibo but I cannot access it since I don't know Chinese. I tried to search for news about them but it's very little. I just read a rumor yesterday on a C-biz news page that they are in love. I know that it's just rumor but I feel butterflies in my stomach right now
  5. awwww that's so adorable. The smile is definitely because he feels shy? What does he need to be shy about? haha, because his muse is right next to him and he cannot hide his happiness? maybe, I don't know but I just keep telling myself that lol. also I found some sparks in this one too since they are so comfortable to each other. at the very beginning, she is so comfortable putting his arm around her, and it's not even in the film. I wonder if he was sleeping at that time or he noticed that she did it. And also, arghhhh I cannot believe this is BTS. It's even sweeter than the actual episode, and I just smile like a fool seeing them giggling with each other. Please please date and be together for the world peaceeeeeeeeee
  6. Oh my god is this real? I couldn't find any thread talking about them, and I came across this one. Oh no that's so sweet. I hope it's true. I don't know where I can find information about them. I ship them really hard T__T
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