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  1. On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 8:41 PM, minkachoi said:

    Please do not share or repost, PLEASE!!! This is just to share to all the lovely people here who admires our couple a lot and for believing in them. I can assure you that we have not been delusional or "only seeing what we only want to see" and I'm very happy. :)

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    sorry, I deleted this entry. But very very happy for them since it's 100% real and want to protect them :)

    Didn't you just made things up? If they want to keep things secret, this 'major secret' should not be out of the bag. Plus this is a public website. Everyone can read here. Even without the 'do not share or repost', people can easily read or repost or shared it if they want. So i doubt the truth here. 

  2. And i also don't mind him coupling again with either moon chae won or park bo young. But it would be great if he can act with different actress each time. Each love pair has their own uniqueness and attraction. I can still remember shipping him with park bo yong first time because they look so cute virtually and then i move on to ship him with moon chae won. Although i am not so into dots (sorry sorry :), i still enjoy his interactions with shk. And yes, i am waiting for a new loveline from him. I can't wait to analyse it! Hehe

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  3. Sjk is very busy nowadays with his fanmeeting, events, endorsements and etc. Nonetheless, i am hoping to see him in another kdrama. I wanted to see him with another great art and different role. I wanted to indulge in him with a new loveline. He make a great onscreen pair with shk in dots but i would like to see him pair up with park shin hye or park min young or miss A suzy or any other girl group member too. Ahhhhh, i cant wait for a new drama from him

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  4. On 20 April 2016 at 11:40 PM, hrh77 said:

    Just welcome this kind of comments... It's a matter of "break-even", a neutralizer...... Failed expectations is kinda frustrating...

    This is what I am aiming. Why not accepting a neutralizer over here, a doubter, to keep those over-extreme, over-indulged shippers sane (referring to those who are weak-hearted and easily break once their ship sunken). You will hate me more after this comment, haha. I knew it from the start i am writing this comment. 

  5. Can please someone tell me why are you guys so confident that this two are a couple? I've watched many kdrama including healer (including the bts) and i think that it is only natural they behave that way. Their scenes require them to be very intimate with one another, it is expected for them to work on their chemistry.  

    Besides, now that they have moved to other projects, we no longer heard any news about them. I think that they just give a friendship vibes. I lurked over here many times before but decided to delurking to share my opinion. And i've read all the previous pages.

    I'm a fan of both individually. Maybe towards pmy more. So that is why i think she is much more suitable with non-celebrity people. Jcw is still young and he does not give the vibe of someone who is thinking of marrying in the long run. He is in the peak of his career. He will have more projects in the future that enables him to meet many actresses. (Trying to think objectively). Peace no war. :glasses:

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