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  1. This was a sugar sweet ending, they really do love each other - my heart was all swelled up! I love the people around them too and how Soo Ah had to open her eyes and see that there is actually some goodness in the world. I wished we had one special episode but I am happy overall. Message I got from this drama: Love yourself first, you are your own person and dont let anyone ever put you down and change you. Live for now and not from the past. There is only one you and dont you ever forget that
  2. I thought the sister was cringing because of the hearts on his ID - maybe by Mirae lol Edit: The restuarant scene with his sis: Kyung-seok works at a restaurant, his sister brought her friends to it. They think that he is so handsome, is he real? KS tells them that he will buy everything. His sister asks what his ID says ID: I have a girlfriend CR: dramamilk
  3. Hi lovely people, Could someone please message me a live stream link, my other link doesnt work anymore Thank you
  4. I knew he would leave, so cliché.. so obvious! I missed the live stream and I don't think I'll watch this episode until tomorrows ep is aired. Gave such a fluffy sweet episode last week and now the noble idiocy. WJ you broke your promise. This is like giving somebody a bunch of flowers then later cutting the flowers off and leaving them with stalks. Rude!
  5. It's his first too, believe he is a virgin. It's cute because they are and will be each others firsts.
  6. This episode was sooo good! I have skimmed through the webtoon and I am very impressed with how well the drama syncs with origainal webtoon - alterations and all. Cant wait for the tonights episode, the preview looked promising. Although seeing Mirae cry like that really hurt my heart, that is the ultimate my heart is breaking cry. Mirae, its okay honey! Kyung Seok is such a wonderful and honest person, I adore his mom and his sister too.. so special. Soo Ah, well she can fall off a cliff for all I care! She is so nasty and shameless, to think that their are rotting people like this roaming the earth. I forgot, I actually work with someone like this...I know Soo Ah's past but its your actions in the present and future that shapes you more. Mirae has a past but she isnt evil. Soo Ah is so salty its unbelievable - Soo Ah did you swallow the ocean?
  7. TV Schedule Changes Due To 3rd Week Of Coverage For 2018 Asian Games https://www.soompi.com/article/1220877wpp/tv-schedule-changes-due-3rd-week-coverage-2018-asian-games via @soompi Not a happy bunny, just air the four split episodes tomorrow then! In the future I'm going to have to stop watching dramas whilst their air, my patience is running low.
  8. Unfortnately Tae Young is swayed by Soo Ah because the prettiest girl (god knows why lol) on campus was being directly sweet to him. This is a compiliment that has triggered his interest. I am dissapointed with him with keeping his relationship a secret and the Soo Ah interest, do better TAE YOUNG!
  9. Really enjoyed episode 9 and that preview omo! .....SooAh, I could happily punch you in the neck - no hesitation! She is such a vapid cow, its nauesating. Anyway, this drama is just getting better by each episode. I like the messages it portrays and how it really reflects society. Kyung Seok and Mi rae *silent sob* why are you two doing this to me? I love them and can't wait for them to establish their relationship.
  10. I felt sad when WJ told SR that he will never leave. When he finds out the truth about her identity he will leave her due to guilt. SR will feel hurt that he blames himself and even more hurt that he left her especially as he will break his promise. Not ready!
  11. Can somebody please spoil me about the webtoon, I have no patience lol Like any great surprises, reveals, facts, romantic parts.
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