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  1. I'm a little late to the party but I agree with everyone about the hot kiss. I absolutely loved the fact that when MY was about to take a breath, you can see that she was also smiling. And to me, it looks like she was thinking that wow SJ is so passionate HAHAHA Their first kiss after MY's confession was shown differently this episode too! I think the angle they filmed it this week shows more of their kiss especially from MY's side.I actually liked it a lot better too. I wonder how many takes they had for it too... I demand longer BTS haha
  2. YES! I also saw pmy lowkey made a kissy face! her lips definitely puckered a little Thanks for the slow-mo!
  3. PSJ just had to make the comment " I ate it all" after their kiss scene hahaha and he was so smug about it. That look that PMY gave him too, I really love that moment.
  4. WOW you are really sharp! I think you are right that they were filming the failed kiss at LYJ's house when they watched the ep together in the BTS. Makes sense too since Kang Ki Young was watching it together with them and he appeared to interrupt their moment. Really good detective work!
  5. I can provide some translation for this interview, past their self-introduction which hasn't been subbed yet in the captions. Not translating the scenes in the drama 0:43 When asked about what was charismatic about her character, PMY said MIso's smile has some power/strength?(sorry, not sure what word to use), and that Miso is an independent and confident person, which she liked a lot. When asked if she is similar to the character, PMY said very similar and got shy, and PSJ teased that was why she kept talking about it. PSJ said with regards to YoungJoon there are more differences in personality than similarities, but over time he integrated YoungJoon's character into himself, and to get the best portrayal of YoungJoon, he will work hard on it. PMY adds on and says that he is already very similar now, and PSJ agrees but he said in the beginning it was really different. 1:28 Next question was whether they had any narcissistic moments in real life and PMY said during filming/poster shooting she will self-hypnotize herself to believe that she is the prettiest etc, which is quite common for them. PSJ gives her a look and says that it is not them but only PMY herself. PMY was shook and asked him that he didnt self-hypnotize himself while shooting for that poster? and PSJ calmly agrees. 2:13 Last question was whether there were any lines or scenes that were most memorable. PMY happily says the scene where they rode the rollercoaster was interesting because it was the first time she ever took one, so it wasn't acting on her part. PSJ says that it accurately portrays YoungJoon's and Miso's characters
  6. Thank you for the translations!! We are getting closer to revelations hoho Whoever wanted Young Joon protecting Miso from a spider, you got it today and I liked what they did with the scene. Nicely done to plant the seed of doubt :3 Wasn't really feeling Gwi Nam's character till today's episode, what a character he is in the drama. I'm happy he wasn't sent away to India like in the webtoon HAHAHA I can get behind the Gwi Nam x Ji ah ship too. Favourite has to be Secretary Yang and Se Ra though, just hilarious. I can't with Se Ra HAHAHA Did yall see the preview though! Seems like they keep attempting to kiss to overcome his trauma, I AM LIVING FOR THIS.
  7. HELP im actually loving all the office workers HAHAHAHA I totally dont mind if all the fillers were on the other employees
  8. Flashback to the first time they met each other 9 years ago from Young Joon's POV. Definitely not how narcissistic as what Miso thought HAHA The contrast between BFF and his secretary and Young Joon with Miso is amazing too
  9. Thanks for this shipper thread! Honestly I thought they would be such a perfect couple from the moment I heard they were casted for this drama, and I am really happy it turned out like that too! I think PSJ really adores PMY hahaha you can tell it from his face. The way he looks over at her when he laughs at something to see her reaction too, I love it! It is really obvious in the recent bts too. As for PMY, it is harder to tell since she is always so effortlessly easy-going and cool. However, I don't remember her being this comfortable with her co-stars as well. The way she huddled herself on the couch beside PSJ, I think it is really telling about how comfortable they are with each other. What I like most is that they seem really different from the usual noona-dongsaeng pairs I have seen in other dramas. Usually there will be interactions that remind u that oh they have this age gap between them and that the actress is a noona etc. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it well but Koreans value the age system seriously so sometimes you can feel the noona-dongsaeng vibe, which was what I felt even with the songsong couple. With PSJ and PMY though, you really don't feel it at all. It is something I really like about their interactions so far <3
  10. Ahhh I was unable to livestream it today, but based on the screencaps and live recaps(thanks so much for those!), Miso is finally getting into the mystery of her oppa yay! I hope the revelation of who it really is will not be that long, maybe 2,3.. 4 episodes max. I'm just really impatient for all the sexy scenes but also really anticipating how they play out the past. I hope it will be as heart-wrenching as possible since they are all superb actors haha The only thing I really really want the drama to do is not to make a love triangle. I'm a little afraid they may use it as fillers to drag the story a little but I am pretty certain they will not. Both SY and Miso are interesting characters in their own aspects and the 2 of them dating will go against their characterization, especially with Miso, since she's intelligent and also by YJ's side for far too long to not suspect things Still loving the drama <3
  11. Liked how they also revealed in this episode to Miso that Morpheus is Young Joon's hyung. I was worried for a moment that there was going to be some unnecessary angst THE ENDING OF THIS EPISODE THEY REALLY DID IT LIKE IN THE WEBTOON AHAHAHAHA I LAUGHED MORE THAN I SHOULD HAVE BOTH OF THEIR EXPRESSIONS WERE ON POINT
  12. HAHAHA I think Miso's noona and Young Joon's BFF are both talking about the meaning of ramen at night
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