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  1. The thread isn't always active, but when a BTS is posted, it's gonna be active for some time and then die down again. I think MoonMoon shippers are just relatively tame. Seo Yeji doesn't have an instagram, and Kim Soohyun uploads drama-related photos only. Aside from the BTS and that ONE TvN interview, we literally have nothing. No Swoon content, etc., so it's easier to separate the shipping of the two leads in real life, to their characters in the drama. Besides, most of the people who tune in the drama are invested in the healing of the characters, not necessarily because they ship the two. It just so happened that every time they are together, they could literally set our screens on fire because their chemistry is sizzling. And I think most of us have accepted that if ever KSH would upload a selca, he'll probably just use the one seen in episode 10. No drama, no problem It's also thoughtful of him to keep that distance. Even if Seo Yeji is doing really well in this drama, people who ship him with other actresses might end up bashing her for being close to the other half of their ship hehe
  2. I think she did method acting as well for Save Me. Her acting really did shine through there.
  3. I'm so glad they're finally acknowledging her. After watching Save Me, I've always wondered why she wasn't even nominated for Baeksang. What she did there was something else. It's nice to see her experiment with thriller and other genres. I'll keep Another Way while waiting for episode 11! I saw a pretty good review praising her acting https://www.screendaily.com/reviews/another-way-review/5095146.article I really hope It's Okay to Not Be Okay gives her the boost she deserves!
  4. It’s nice to see it from another perspective because I appreciated the rush. It was uncomfortable because it felt like it was building up tension, but I enjoyed the thrill of the sequence of events. It kind of felt like I was filled with adrenaline—like Kang-tae riding on the high, doing all these things he wouldn’t do, doing everything he felt like doing without worrying about the consequences, which includes finally losing control—before everything crashes down. It did. Hard.
  5. This is slightly off-topic, but I've been really frustrated at how social media writers keep on putting the spotlight on Seo Yeji's visuals and waist, completely disregarding the level of acting she is delivering. In an effort to push for a more progressive manner of evaluating a drama, I submitted this article to the Soompi community. You can check it out here. I would really appreciate it if you give it love, not because I want the attention (I'm not even a professional writer FSDJFDSF) but because I want to open the discussion of including an actress' skills, not just how she looks I hope an official article would be published about her because the way the media is portraying it, they are overshadowing the essence of the story by using her outfits, etc. Seo Ye-ji: A pretty face with a tiny waist, and yes, her acting slays https://www.soompi.com/community/article/2172cp/seo-yeji-a-pretty-face-with-a-tiny-waist-and-yes-her-acting-slays The video links are removed in the spoiler below, but you can see it in the actual post. Can't wait for later! <3
  6. I was really interested in the story of Gido and the mom: KGD is said to have manic episodes. Given the portrayal, it is possible that his is so severe that he is experiencing psychosis. Usually episodes of mania are associated with Bipolar I disorder. That wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the show though. Meanwhile, mom was said to have depression with psychotic features. Anyway, these two are somehow related because they’re mood disorders. (I’m not saying Gido has bipolar type i disorder. I apologize if it may appear like that.) I just thought about sharing this because when I remembered this while I was watching the show, I developed a deeper appreciation for it. Usually, shows and movies just portray the major depressive disorder. It was nice to see both represented on screen. And clearly, the different reactions of fans towards the two patients show the lack of knowledge regarding manic episodes. I agree with you when you said that they weren’t completely healed. Even the director mentioned it in episode 4. I might have misunderstood it but I think these things reiterated the point “the first step is always the hardest”. The director mentioned that to Sang-tae. For Gido, the first step came in the form of releasing his anger towards his dad. His reaction to his mom is, sadly, an effect of being neglected for so long. The succeeding dialogue which points to the dad locking Gido in the hospital and the director berating him implied that Gido is not yet well but he is slowly going to get better. For the mom, her first step is letting go of that one thing that ties her to her daughter (aka what is her burden). In episode 6, when explaining the mom’s condition to KT, the head nurse said something along the lines of “for the time being”, and I found it relevant because it emphasized the importance of time when someone tries to heal or get better. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, but once you take those little steps, it will start to get better. The director again reiterates this when he took a walk with the mom. The first step is always the hardest, and her road to recovery will take a lot of time too. I’m sorry if it seems that my thoughts are a bit all over the place
  7. idk if it’s just me, but sometimes i have to pause and think which one you guys are referring to: 1) seo ye ji and kim soo hyun, or 2) ko moon-young and moon kang-tae :(((( insert tears here
  8. Said it before but I’ll say it again. After the latest scene, I can honestly say that Kim Soo-hyun is a lot flirtier (?) in the latest BTS than the earlier ones. ahhhhhh the separation anxiety after this drama finishes airing is gonna be bad
  9. I really hope the writer continues the route she took in the first part! We see MY and KT getting used to each other but everyone else saying otherwise. Why? Because only those not part of the relationship (whatever it may be) can view it objectively. That’s why I am impressed with it because she built Jae-su, the CEO, and all the others well enough. And these are the same characters who keep on reminding them that they aren’t good for each other. putting them in the story reminds both MY and KT and the viewers that what they have might not be what is truly best for them.
  10. ROAD TO A HUNDRED PAGWS AND TVN GIVES US THIS! somebody give them swoon’s paycheck!
  11. Seriously, someone should compile all the BTS from episode 1 to 16. That is how your parents fell in love. (I’m really not kidding. You can see the progression. If at first, it was Yeji who was constantly reaching out to Soohyun, notice how in episodes 7-8, he was the one moving closer?) DEADT
  12. Seriously. If they’re not acting like this behind the scenes, it would have been SO EASY not to ship them. it might just be me and my delulu self but if you compare that bts to this, you’d see there was no need for KSH to pull her in like that. JUST LEAVING THAT THERE I SAID WHAT I SAID NOW SUFFER WITH ME BYE
  13. Who knows? He might just be a really good actor HAHAHHAHA Your posts are not helping my journey to NOT become a delulu fan :'(
  14. At this point, I personally don't think it matters much if they're dating or not. Casting directors should start finding ways to get them together because the fanbase is instant, intense, but still tame and manageable. I can imagine the headlines in around 2-3 years from now, talking about a reunion project. The team-up is pretty professional, considering the GREAT DROUGHT of non-drama/unofficial related pictures between the two of them. Like, whatever happens behind the scenes just remains behind the scenes, so it is very easy to separate the actors from the characters that they play. It's not their fault that they look visually appealing and their chemistry is that intense. :DD
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