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  1. Adam Couple ♡ Adam Success !! Jo Kwon and Ga In are a virtual couple on MBC's reality show, We Got Married. The program follows the participating celebrities who are coupled as husband and wife as they portray the lives of newly weds. Although they were initially only supposed to feature for the Chuseok Special that aired on October 3rd, 2009 their appearance brought in the highest ratings yet for Season II, and they were announced a permanent couple. Jo Kwon and Ga In were originally dubbed the "Adam-Eve Couple" due to both of their inexperience in love and relationships. Yet nowadays they are more commonly known as the "Adam Couple" or Adams because of their small stature and their young age. ("Adam" is pronounced the same as the Korean term for "little/small"). Variations of their couple name are the Petite Couple, Small Couple, The Kid Couple, the Jo In Couple or the GaKwon couple. The latter two being both combination of their names. Son Ga In and Jo Kwon have a two year separation in age, with Ga In being the eldest of the two. Long-time viewers were reminiscent of the Lettuce Couple (HwangBo and HyunJoong of SS501) who also had a Nuna-Dongsaeng relationship. Nuna is a term used by males to address older females. Dongsaeng is a term used by both male and female to address a person younger than them. The couple released a duet titled "우리 사랑하게 됐어요" ("We Fell in Love") on December 16, 2009 which topped variety online music charts, winning 2 awards on Music Bank's K-Charts, "Most Popular Background Phone Music" on the Gaon Charts and Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Collaboration. The song was composed by Jea (Brown Eyed Girls) and Lee MinSu and written by Kim Ina, Ga In and Jo Kwon. 50 million won from the profits of the song were donated to help out for Haiti's earthquake. For these efforts, Jo Kwon was given "대한민국나눔" award at the 3rd Korea Sharing Awards ceremony. On February 2010, the couple was announced to be one of the Korean representatives of Chinese New Year Festival parade in Hongkong. This is one of the accomplishment that hasn't been achieved by any We Got Married couples before. Jo Kwon also created a song for Ga In with the title "고백하던 날" ("The Day I Confessed") which became popular and the song is included in 2AM's first full album. The song that he partially composed during the We Got Married broadcast for Ga-in. The song reached #1 on Cyworld real time charts the day after its release. They won their first Rookie Variety Awards at MBC Entertainment Awards for their participation in We Got Married. The couple also won the "Best Couple Award" and beat many other popular couples. Unfortunately, due to their busy schedules, the Adam Couple must end their virtual marriage.The longest running couple announced their separation on January 6, 2011 through Shim Shim Tapa radio program, and the last episode was aired 2 weeks after the announcement. However, the end of their virtual marriage marked the start of their relationship as twins in the new MBC sitcom "All My Love". This only proves that Adam Couple is indeed forever, as Gain said, 'Even though We Got Married ended, Adam Couple will always remain'. ♠ Rules do apply to this thread, so please follow accordingly. Please read the rules before posting and adhere to the thread's rules as well as Soompi's rules. This thread is not for personal conversations. Questions and discussions regarding the couple are allowed but do please refrain from making unnecessary comments, if people continue to spam, this thread will be closed. And if you do want to talk to fellow Jo-In fans, visit the chatroom! Also do refrain from discussing the activities of the individuals, rather focus on the couple's own schedule. Do Not Quote Images. Instead remove the tag around the link. If you are taking any pictures/graphics do make sure to credit accordingly. File sharing is not allowed. While you're here, please do contribute if you can! No one liner! No bashing of any sort! RESPECT OTHERS! (see a troll? then report them) Spread the Adam Couple Love! Also, we highly recommend all readers to make themselves aware of the rules so the mods don't get angry. And if the rules are broken do expect the thread to be closed. A full list of rules applying to this thread can be found here. ♠ MBC Official Website of WGM Season II Adam Couple's Official Me2day: managed by Jo Kwon and Ga In themselves and is usually updated with pictures. Jo Kwon's Me2day Jo Kwon's Twitter: @2AMkwon For more information and discussion on the show We Got Married, do visit the WGM Official Soompi Thread. We Got Married Fanclub on Soompi Click on the links for more information and discussion on Ga In and B.E.G. Brown Eyed Girl's Soompi Forum Click on the links for more information and discussion on Jo Kwon and 2AM. Jo Kwon's Official Soompi Forum Click on the links for more information and discussion on Gain. Son Ga In's Official Soompi Forum Korean Daum fancafe of Kwon and Ga-in, ADANES's Twitter: @Adanes_JG JOIN IS LOVE - TUMBLR. WGM ADAM COUPLE@wordpress: For your Adam Couple Fanfic WE JUST MARRIED: a community at lj with updates and info of the WGM program. Visit our chatroom: Adam Fans Chatroom English subbed episodes by the TIME2SUB, SNJEUNG and Kkapline sub team can be found at : iTheTime Blog [*]SNJEUNG Wordpress ♠ Jan 25, 2013 - Jo Kwon, “I filmed ‘We Got Married’ as if I were really dating Ga In” Spoiler: Nov 05, 2011 - Jo Kwon talks about Ga-In’s picky personality on ‘Secret’ Oct 29, 2011 - Ga In's Numerous NGs with BEAST's Yoon Doo Joon Oct 16, 2011 - Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls Pose to Commemorate First Place Oct 14, 2011 - Ga-In shares a photo taken together with 2AM’s Jo Kwon Oct 02, 2011 - Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea: “I wish Ga-In and Jo Kwon would just get married” Sept 25, 2011 - Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In is aggressive only around Jo Kwon? Sept 23, 2011 - Jo Kwon and Ga-In met up..hugged and called “yeobo” post #26513 Sept 23, 2011 - Ga-In admits she misses Jo Kwon Sept 22, 2011 - Kwon’s interview from Haru Hana Japanese Magazine (talk about GAIN) Apr 01, 2011 - Jo Kwon, crowned the best husband in WGM, “Adam Couple’s popularity is still going strong” March 09, 2011 - ‘Adam Couple’ to reunite in Thailand for a special performance March 03, 2011 - We Got Married, bring 2AM back, please post #24720 Feb 27, 2011 - Jo Kwon - Ga In a real married couple? Goo Ji Sung’s mother’s comment “brought down the studio” Feb 22, 2011 - Jo Kwon & Ga In, now more suitable as ‘siblings’ than ‘a couple’ Feb 01, 2011 - B2ST’s Doojoon kissed Ga-In 15 times for “All My Love” Jan 17, 2011 - Jung Yoon Jung PD, "The reason to thank Adam Couple" Jan 16, 2011 - Adieu! Adam Couple, their heart-fluttering moments "Best 5" Jan 16, 2011 - Views on WGM, Adam Couple’s Best Scenes! Jan 16, 2011 - Adieu! Adam Couple, Reasons why they are more special Jan 16, 2011 - “WGM” Jo Kwon and Ga In’s tears had no effect? Viewers’ rating dropped Jan 15, 2011 - Adam Couple's best scenes, all those romantic moments Jan 15, 2011 - Ga In - Jo Kwon, from husband and wife to siblings... damage for "WGM"? Jan 15, 2011 - Ga In to Jo Kwon, “I’ll kill you if you cheat on me”, push and pull till the end Jan 15, 2011 - Adam Couple’s WGM ending announcement, cried… “I don’t want this marriage to end” Jan 15, 2011 - Jo Kwon and Ga-In say their goodbyes on “We Got Married” Jan 15, 2011 - "WGM" Park Mi Sun - JeA shed tears during Adam Couple's final episode Jan 15, 2011 - ‘Adam Couple’ reveals couple portraits before their last episode of “We Got Married” Jan 14, 2011 - What is Jo Kwon’s last marriage present to Ga in ? Jan 14, 2011 - ‘Adam Couple’ prepares their final gifts for one another Jan 13, 2011 - Jo Kwon & Ga-In to hold first ever joint black room interview on “We Got Married” Jan 11, 2011 - Jo Kwon - Ga In raised the limit of realness in “WGM” Jan 11, 2011 - “We Got Married” PD clears up casting rumors Jan 11, 2011 - The ‘Adam Couple’ lives on? - Jo Kwon confesses he’s dating Ga-In Jan 08, 2011 - Who will fill in the seats left by the Adam Couple? Jan 08, 2011 - “WGM” Jo Kwon - Ga In, preview of a teary final episode “Still looks like Adam even on the last episode” Jan 07, 2011 - Jo Kwon - Ga In's agencies, "The reason for leaving 'WGM'? Just because it is the best time" Jan 07, 2011 - WGM’s PD, “Adam Couple left because of tight schedule” Jan 07, 2011 - “We Got Married” announces final broadcast date for ‘Adam Couple’ Jan 06, 2011 - Jo Kwon, a day before the separation he said, “Ga In exactly feels like my wife” Jan 06, 2011 - What were the reasons behind Ga-In’s withdrawal from “We Got Married”? Jan 06, 2011 - The ‘Adam Couple’ posts a goodbye message on me2DAY Jan 05, 2011 - The ‘Adam Couple’ comes to an end Jan 03, 2011 - What is the reason behind Ga In’s first cry ever? Jan 02, 2011 - Jo Kwon’s kiss is “real”… His intense “surprise” skinship with Ga In Jan 01, 2011 - “WGM” Jo Kwon - Ga In looked like a real married couple, natural skinship made people “grinned” Dec 29, 2010 - Ga-in: “Please Become My Strength”, Kisses Life-size Jo Kwon Standee Dec 29, 2010 - Jo Kwon expresses his thanks for receiving three awards Dec 28, 2010 - Ga-In talks about her most satisfying year in 2010 and her real ideal type Dec 04 - B2ST’s Doojoon thinks 2AM’s Jo Kwon is stingy Nov 27, 2010 - Ga-In writes a letter to Jo Kwon for their one year anniversary Nov 05, 2010 - Ga-In jealous over husband Jo Kwon’s kiss scene in “All My Love” Nov 05, 2010 - Which designer bag did Jo Kwon buy Ga-In? Nov 01, 2010 - Ga-In, Jo Kwon, and Yoon Doojoon guest on “Knee-Drop Guru” to discuss new sitcom Oct 25, 2010 - Ga-In escapes Jo Kwon’s clutches through their new sitcom? Oct 10, 2010 - Jo Kwon gives Ga-In a 380 carat diamond ring Oct 07, 2010 - Jo Kwon shows his support for Ga-In’s solo debut Sept 25, 2010 - The story behind Jo Kwon’s & Ga-in’s casting Sept 22, 2010 - Jokwon likes Jiyeon better than Ga-In? Sept 13, 2010 - Jo Kwon and Ga-In to become siblings in new MBC sitcom Sept 06, 2010 - Which couple is a match made in heaven? Aug 29, 2010 - What will Ga-in think about Jokwon’s attempted kiss with Narsha? Aug 27, 2010 - The truth behind ‘We Got Married’ casting decisions Aug 21, 2010 - Jo Kwon and Ga-in kiss on We Got Married Aug 14, 2010 - Ga-In finally reveals her raw face to Jo Kwon Aug 13, 2010 - Ga-In to show Jo Kwon her bare face Aug 07, 2010 - Jo Kwon fails to see Ga-In without her eyeliner Aug 07, 2010 - Jo Kwon thinks he’s actually dating Ga-In? Aug 06, 2010 - What is Ga-In to Jo Kwon? July 31, 2010 - Adam Couple arrives in Bali July 27, 2010 - Jo Kwon and Ga-In’s wedding pictorial in Bali July 25, 2010 - Kwon “All I want is Ga In nuna” July 24, 2010 - Ga-In tries on 3 different dresses and stuns Jo Kwon July 24, 2010 - Jo Kwon performs The Day of Confessing My Love on Music Core! July 23, 2010 - Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In to go solo? July 23, 2010 - The Adam Couple goes to a wedding shop for the first time July 23, 2010 - Kwon’s first ‘TDIC’ performance, will Ga In perform as a special guest? July 22, 2010 - No less than 3000 messages congratulating Adam Couple on their 300th day were posted July 18, 2010 - Another sneak of Jo Kwon and Ga-In’s wedding photoshoot July 17, 2010 - Jo Kwon working out like crazy for wedding photoshoot with Ga-In Post #12582 July 17, 2010 - Jo Kwon and Gain's Wedding photoshoot stopped by stormy weather in Bali July 17, 2010 - Jo Kwon to the rescue as Gain fails to lift weights while working out! July 16, 2010 - Sneak of Jo Kwon and Ga-In’s wedding pictorial July 15, 2010 - Ga-In shows off her sexy back July 15, 2010 - Jo Kwon and GaIn duet ‘We Fell In Love’ the #1 duet for the first half of 2010 July 13, 2010 - Ga In calls Kwon and Seulong when she's drunk Post #12143 July 11, 2010 - 2AM wraps up a successful showcase in Singapore July 10, 2010 - Jo Kwon holds a 200 days of marriage event for Ga-In on We Got Married July 09, 2010 - Jokwon lectures GaIn on how to react? July 08, 2010 - Jo Kwon takes revenge on Gain? Jo Kwon enjoying Las Vegas! July 07, 2010 - 2AM Jo Kwon's 'The Day I Confessed' all kills music charts! July 04, 2010 - DCInside spends $8122.16USD on Adam Couple’s pictorial purchase July 03, 2010 - Kwon made a surprise event for the Adam couple's 200th day anniversary Post #11535 July 03, 2010 - Jo Kwon really REALLY likes Ga-in Post #11542 June 30, 2010 - Jo Kwon’s The Day of Confessing My Love digital single released June 28, 2010 - Jo Kwon and Ga-in resume filming at their new home June 27, 2010 - Kwon's 'Moving Song' will be released as a digital single June 26, 2010 - Jo Kwon holds a special event for Ga-In on We Got Married June 22, 2010 - 'WGM' Adam Couple, what will be featured in their Bali wedding photoshoot? June 20, 2010 - Jo Kwon-Gain keep their cool faces on even when freeloading at 2AM's dorm June 20, 2010 - Gain plans to reveal her bare face when Jo Kwon can't 'run away' June 20, 2010 - Jo Kwon has a different life because he met Gain Post #10518 June 19, 2010 - WGM dismisses rumours of Adam Couple leaving the show through subtitles on latest episode June 17, 2010 - 2AM Jo Kwon, challenge to make a 'wedding dress' for 'wife' Ga In Post #10322 June 17, 2010 - Jo Kwon and Ga-In are not leaving We Got Married June 17, 2010 - 3rd week with no filming for WGM Jo Kwon-GaIn couple, slowly making an exit on the show? June 16, 2010 - WGM producers speak out about their feelings on Kwonin couple & FO2 controversy Post #10196 June 13, 2010 - Jo Kwon Invited Nicole Then Left Her Just For Ga In? June 12, 2010 - Will the Jo Kwon & GaIn couple be okay? Post #9948 June 12, 2010 - Adam couple accomplishes their couple bungee-jump June 11, 2010 - 'WGM' Jo Kwon-Ga In go bungee jumping to celebrate their couple rings and 'feel dizzy' Post #9562 June 11, 2010 - Kwon & GaIn leaving We Got Married? Post #9637 June 08, 2010 - Jo Kwon-GaIn, "If after We Got Married, and one of us confesses, we will date" June 08, 2010 - Jo Kwon and Ga-In to become a real couple after We Got Married ends? June 07, 2010 - Jo Kwon-Ga In shoot 'Come to Play' on their 200th day (+ show summary) Post #9303 June 07, 2010 - Mysterious Oh Bang Shil friend-requests Jo Kwon June 07, 2010 - Ga-In catches Jo Kwon sleeping June 06, 2010 - Jo Kwon, "My married life with Ga In, I confuse whether it's fake or real" June 06, 2010 - Jokwon's feelings for Ga In Post #9111 June 06, 2010 - GaIn does event for Jo Kwon with surprise back hug June 05, 2010 - Ga-In teases Jo Kwon about Oh Bang Shil's identity June 04, 2010 - Jo Kwon-Ga In 'You're my destiny?' Marriage horoscopes revealed June 04, 2010 - 'Adam couple' Jo Kwon and Ga-In got a prediction on their maritial harmony for the first time Post #8891 June 03, 2010 - Gain Bare Face in Family Outing 2 Post #8851 June 03, 2010 - Jo Kwon didn't know Ga In was appearing on 'Family Outing 2' Post #8841 June 03, 2010 - Viewers to get a triple dose of Jo Kwon and Ga-in Netizens enraged about Family Outing revealing We Got Married spoiler - May 31, 2010 GaIn to make guest appearance on Family Outing 2 not as "Adam Couple' but as close friend to Jo Kwon - May 31, 2010 Ga-In to appear on Family Outing 2 - May 31, 2010 Ga-In is jealous of the YongSeo couple - May 30, 2010 Adam Couple to work together again with duet "We Fell In Love 2"² to be revealed in early June - May 26, 2010 Jokwon and Gain's sweet lies, why don't we feel bad? - May 24, 2010 Post #8219 Jo Kwon-GaIn finally had their first "chocolate kiss' - May 22, 2010 Jokwon, his feelings for Gain confession "Because of you, I cry when I am happy and sad" - May 17, 2010 Post #7649 "WGM' Jo Kwon-Ga In, the reason they were able to go to Bali during the MBC labor strike? - May 11, 2010 Post #7415 Jo Kwon and Ga-In are in Indonesia for a wedding photoshoot! - May 11, 2010 Jokwon-Gain left to Bali for Couple Photo Shoot - May 11, 2010 Post #7258 Kwon 'dressed like a woman' vs Gain 'dressed like a man, "I'm worried that it will fit me better" - May 09, 2010 Post #7120 Jo Kwon and Ga-In get romantic online - May 06, 2010 Is Ga-In dating Jo Kwon or not? - May 02, 2010 Jo Kwon is Ga-In's pet - May 01, 2010 Jo Kwon and Ga In, shocked at WGM behind-the-scenes - April 30, 2010 Post #6446 Jea visits "We Got Married" as MC for 1 day, but why did she shed tears in front of Jokwon-Gain? - April 30, 2010 Post #6396 We Got Married will air a special episode of Jo Kwon and Ga-In - April 30, 2010 Jo Kwon to Gain, "Please clean my ears" 22-year-old husband's provocative skinship obessession - April 26, 2010 Post #6448 Adam couple JoKwon-Gain spent a quarrelling Valentine's Day together - April 25, 2010 Post #6223 Adam Couple' JoKwon slyly approached Gain - April 25, 2010 Post #6223 JoKwon showed his black insides (?) towards Gain - April 25, 2010 Post #6223 Jo Kwon releases another selca with Ga-In in Hong Kong - April 23, 2010 GaIn Enjoys JoKwon's Nagging? - April 23, 2010 Post #6032 GaIn Poses for W Korea - April 22, 2010 Jo Kwon is not fond of Ga-In's sexy outfits - April 22, 2010 Gain's everyday life? "She bought a surprise gift for husband Jokwon" - April 17, 2010 Post #5718 2AM's Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In display affection online - April 16, 2010 Big Bang Seungri wants Ga-In to choose between him and Jo Kwon - April 12, 2010 Jo Kwon makes a surprise appearance on Park Myung Soo's radio show - April 08, 2010 After School's Raina plays dumb about being Oh Bang Shil - April 07, 2010 ♥ Jo Kwon and Ga-In celebrate their 200th day anniversary - April 07, 2010 ♥ Jo Kwon's ideal girl Choi Kang Hee responds - April 03, 2010 Jokwon, Gain, Kim Yongjun and Hwang Jungeum will be guests on MBC's Come To Play - April 01, 2010 Post #4677 Kwon's clothes fit Gain like her own. "You guys can share clothes!" - March 31, 2010 Post #4637 Jo Kwon "Nichkhun I'll get divorced so live with Ga In" Jealousy Attack - March 28, 2010 Post #4375 JoKwon and Nickhun presented different feels with the same piano - March 27, 2010 Post #4359 Ga-In teases Jo Kwon on We Got Married with Nichkhun's visit - March 27, 2010 Nichkhun confirmed to appear on We Got Married! - March 26, 2010 Jokwon confesses: "Make-believe marriage with Gain? We're really falling for each other" - March 25, 2010 Post #4190 Jo Kwon and 2AM pull a prank on a reporter about Ga-In - March 21, 2010 Jo Kwon and Ga-In unveil Hong Kong selca - March 21, 2010 Ga-In shows off her injured arm on We Got Married - March 21, 2010 JoKwon-Gain's Secret Password: 'Eye Line' - March 21, 2010 Post #3919 Jo Kwon, "My ideal type is Choi Kang Hee, I wish to meet her soon!" - March 21, 2010 Jo Kwon, "I Want To Take A Wedding Photo With Gain" - March 18, 2010 Post #3740 Jo Kwon, When Asked If He's Actually Dating Ga-in..- March 18, 2010 Post #3737 We Got Married BEG Ga-in vs. SNSD Seohyun - March 17, 2010 Post #3747 Jo Kwon finally surrenders to Ga-In - March 16, 2010 Ga-In is jealous of Oh Bang Shil - March 13, 2010 2AM and Brown Eyed Girls go bowling - March 13, 2010 JoKwon-Gain win 1st place in the "Virtual Couple' Department - March 12, 2010 Post #3594 Brown Eyed Girls GaIn is feeling 'shy~' in a lingerie shop in Singapore - March 12, 2010 Ga-In's response to Jokwon's revenge - March 12, 2010 Jo Kwon gets his revenge on Ga-In - March 11, 2010 Jo Kwon speaks up about Ga-In's bikini pictures! - March 09, 2010 Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In in a bikini - March 08, 2010 "Jo Kwon's girl" Gain, turns into dark Cinderella - March 08, 2010 Post #3202 Jo Kwon & Gain, from make believe to real life?- March 08, 2010 Post #3285 Hyomin T-ara was rejected by Jo Kwon? - March 07, 2010 Jo Kwon to meet Oh Bang Shil, his first love? - March 05, 2010 2AM vs. BEG, who will have to take a humiliating picture, WGM's cooking competition - February 28, 2010 Post #2278 Kwon, "I don't want to show Ga-In to other guys" - February 27, 2010 Post #2806 2AM meets up with the Brown Eyed Girls on We Got Married - February 27, 2010 Ga-In humiliates Jo Kwon - February 25, 2010 Gain's husband Jo Kwon, "I'm in love already" - February 24, 2010 'WGM' Jo Kwon Gain, following their lovely couple looks - February 23, 2010 Post #2579 Jo Kwon's Gain love, "I don't think it'll ever get old, other girls group doesn't interest me." - February 22, 2010 Post #2544 Jo Kwon's first love revealed? - February 20, 2010 'WGM' Adam Couple enjoy a leisure date at Kang Nam - February 20, 2010 Post #2444 Jo Kwon ? Gain, Brightens stage with their love - February 20, 2010 Map of Jo Kwon and Ga-In's brain - February 20, 2010 GaIn & JoKwon's Hong Kong trip, "It's not a break-up vacation - February 18, 2010 WGM Jo Kwon Gain Breakup? "Hong Kong Farewell Trip? No Way!" - February 18, 2010 WGM Jo Kwon Gain Couple, "The netizens have approved, Please just date already!" - February 17, 2010 JoKwon-Gain attract attention by being featured on Hong Kong's live TV - February 17, 2010 Jo Kwon & Ga-In caught shopping in Hong Kong - February 15, 2010 2AM's Jo Kwon clears up gay rumors & confirms faith to Ga-In - February 14, 2010 Jo Kwon & Ga-In celebrate Lunar New Year's in Hong Kong"¦ with a kiss? - February 14, 2010 2AM Jo Kwon's New Year's wish? - February 14, 2010 Ga In is actually perverted? "When I saw JoKwon's muscles, I got really nervous" - February 13, 2010 JoKwon's cute aegyo "Your husband has arrived via delivery" - February 13, 2010 Watch the Adam Couple overcome the English language barrier to make a new friend! - February 13, 2010 Ga-in's English Fail on We Got Married - February 13, 2010 Jokwon-Gain Couple Vacation! To Hong Kong for 'WGM' Recording - February 12, 2010 Ga-In overcomes her fear of English with Afghan guest - February 12, 2010 Jokwon and Ga-In donate to Haiti relief - February 11, 2010 2AM Jo Kwon says that he'll keep it a secret if he were to date Ga-In News 1 - February 09, 2010 Will GaIn give the backhug to Jo Kwon as promised? - February 8, 2010 Jo Kwon-GaIn's first kiss scene misfired! Jo Kwon took off halfway with "It was a joke" - February 6, 2010 Jo Kwon and GaIn filmed their first kiss scene! - February 6, 2010 Gain "My Heart Flutters When I See Kwon" Confession! - February 04, 2010 Jokwon to exact revenge on Ga-In? - February 04, 2010 2AM's 10Asia Interview Talk About WGM Part 1 Part 2 - February 03, 2010 GaIn's Appearance in 2AM's MV? - January 31, 2010 Jokwon serenades Ga-in at JYP's concert - January 30, 2010 Park Jin Young, "It will be good even if Jo Kwon dates GaIn" - January 30, 2010 Jo Kwon and Gain Kissed?? News 1 News 2 - January 27, 2010 Ga-In asks for JYP's permission to marry Jo Kwon! - January 23, 2010 Jo Kwon and Ga-In #1 on Music Bank - January 22, 2010 Park Jin Young is a father-in-law? - January 22, 2010 2AM Jo Kwon's first love "Oh Bang Shil" Jo Kwon, Ga In. Are they real or fake? - January 21, 2010 What's the Truth behind JoKwon-Gain's Sticker Photos? - January 20, 2010 Ga-In bribes Jokwon with affection - January 20, 2010 JoKwon-Gain Couple to have a proper wedding? - January 18, 2010 Jo Kwon and GaIn "We Fell In Love' is up #1 on Dosirak weekly chart - January 18, 2010 "We Got Married" Kwon-Gain Couple? Real or Fake? - January 17, 2010 JoKwon is a master of the skinship? He says to Gain, "You perverted lady!" - January 16, 2010 Ga-In's jealousy on We Got Married - January 16, 2010 Jo Kwon, "Winning #1 on MuBank, Park JinYoung liked it a lot" - January 16, 2010 Jokwon delivers his acceptance speech - January 16, 2010 Jo Kwon's love serenade to GaIn? "The only thing I can give is a kiss" - January 15, 2010 This week's Music Bank K-Chart win goes to"¦ - January 15, 2010 Jo Kwon-GaIn couple hanbok photo revealed! - January 14, 2010 MBC We Got Married, "Jo Kwon and GaIn are not leaving the show!" - January 13, 2010 Jo Kwon and Ga-In update their me2day - January 13, 2010 Jo Kwon and Ga-In, more than friends? - January 12, 2010 We Got Married" Jo Kwon, Burped During Broadcasting? "Embarrassing - January 10, 2010 "GaIn & Jo Kwon' is also popular in Singapore! - January 9, 2010 MBC Music Core 09.01.2010 "“ Jo Kwon and GaIn perform "We Fell In Love' live! - January 9, 2010 Ahead of comeback, Jo Kwon to have duet stage with GaIn with "We Fell In Love' - January 8, 2010 Gain - Friends tease her about Jo Kwon - January 6, 2010 "Adam Couple' Jo Kwon and GaIn for some Titanic love - January 5, 2010 JoKwon's shocking statement, "I've thought about.." - January 2, 2010 Jo Kwon speaking to Ga In's mum and Ga In speaking to Jo Kwon's mum - January 1, 2010 Dec 28, 2009 - Jo Kwon and GaIn's duet "We Fell In Love' taking music chart by storm Dec 27, 2009 - Gain's mom wants her to lead Jo Kwon in terms of skinship Dec 26, 2009 - 2AM Jo Kwon confessed, "Skinship? I'm a "beast' too." Jo Kwon in MBC "We got married' revealed he has actually exploded (with anger) in real life. (to Gain) Dec 17, 2009 - Jo Kwon and Ga In are really dating? Dec 16, 2009 - "We Got Married' Jo Kwon and GaIn for duet collaboration Dec 04, 2009 - WGM couple Jo Kwon and GaIn strikes a lovey pose Nov 28, 2009 - Jo Kwon and Gain go on their honeymoon Nov 28, 2009 - Jo Kwon was really in pain Nov 05, 2009 - 2AM Jo Kwon is a ghost Oct 31, 2009 - Brown Eyed Girls GaIn visits "husband' Jo Kwon's dorm for the first time Oct 29, 2009 - Jo Kwon leaves Ga-in Oct 28, 2009 - Jo Kwon Diagnosed With Swine Flu Oct 22, 2009 - JoKwon "Gain noona is my first woman" Oct 16, 2009 - Ga-In and Jo Kwon become regulars for We Got Married Sept 28, 2009 - GaIn and JoKwon to join "We Got Married' for ChuSeok special Sept 27, 2009 - Ga-In's "Husband" Revealed Sept 26, 2009 - Brown Eyed Girl's Ga-In Getting "Married" Credit to allkpop,kbites,2Oneday,newsen,nate ♠ Special thanks to july31st for awesome headers! Also shout out to kaisen, xeth, BEG_is_LOVE, semi-fly, chewite, snejung and d00lie.
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