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  1. So what are the impacts of the change of history? How come it still lead to an identical South Korea like in real life if the King is so successful? No stronger Korean economy even with the stronger head start? No United Korea? Still divided into South & North which mean the same tragedies (abolishment of monarchy, Japanese colonization, Korean War, division into South & North) happened anyway? How come these were not avoided by the King's success? If we assume everything still proceed the same way despite the King being a great reformer, the implication is that CJ's heir
  2. To be fair, regardless of countries, overwhelming amount (I would say maybe more than 90%) of the movies & tv shows dealing with magical gender swap would end up with the character(s) restored to their original body. So when watching this kind of movies and shows it's better to set the expectation from the beginning that the swap is only temporary. So yes, maybe Korea is really conservative and all that, but how many gender swap movies & shows in the supposedly more liberal countries that have the protagonist(s) permanently stay in their new body?
  3. Was the protagonist in the Chinese version a chef too? I thought that is only the Korean version only. The Chinese version is typical of the Chinese time travel dramas which must have the protagonist return to the present day no matter what. Maybe that is required by the censorship board or something. Like for the Chinese version of Scarlet Heart, in the novel the story just ends with the main character dies of old age in the past, but the TV version has that AND also has the main character back to present day after her death. Of the GPG novel yes they were born in the wrong
  4. The ending of Scarlet Heart Ryeo followed the ending of original Chinese version. If Mr. Queen follows its original Chinese version there would probably be riots haha... On the other hand if they follow the ending of the original Chinese novel (the two of them permanently swapped) it would probably be better, but so far no indication that the original SY would be inhibiting SB's original body. Though how the GPG novel handled it seems inconsistent with me. Why would the original princess who was straight woman becomes a gay man while the former playboy who was a strai
  5. I think she will go back to the present time since there is still the present day plot to resolve.
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