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  1. oooooooOOOOOO thats a bmw i8 I like the style KRW B) idk whether to look at the car or sexy hong :sweatingbullets: he does have a sports car so this is probably it haha
    Congrats on the great thread guys! Sorry I couldn't be around for the final few episodes I've barely had enough time to watch them, but ah I've loved this drama so much!
    I loved the ending, the cast, the overall story... What am I going to watch now :bawling:

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  2. ACK I love waking up to new HD stills and another preview... it must be Monday right? aahhhh :wub: (there was zero tact on that table lmao fighting JH haha)
    I'm a huge Namgoong Min fan too so I'm literally on the moon right now :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t: I won't be able to live recap today however, sorry guys :( I have an exam when the episode is airing :tears: I'll be back recapping tomorrow! Thanks to the translators/recappers/screencappers in advance! Ya'll save my life daily :heart:

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  3. JH runs back to the hospital 

    JH dad seems to be dying and JH is really upset

    HJ and YD are there, JH is trying to do CPR but its not working

    awwwww omg my heart is breaking 

    They try to restart his heart again, but he won’t come back

    He’s died :(

    But JH keeps trying oh god this is so so sad 

    JH is now narrating

    Episode ends



    SW and YD scene, JH and HJ scenes, HJ goes to JH house awww cute scene. KISS SCENE MAYBE?? dear god we need one after that 

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  4. Cut to SW grandfather up to no good

    He’s looking through some files and then goes to see JH dad (asks the nurse to leave)

    SW grandfather is getting mad at JH father

    Oh no JH dad is having troubles after trying to run after SW grandfather


    Someone help him!

    JH and co. are still at Sooni Hawaii

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  5. Cut to SW and YG talking, she sees YD and calls out to him

    Funny scene with the nurses

    SW goes outside and YG follows

    Cut to Hawaii with SH and JH, JH friend and IJ come in

    SH and JH talk they mention HJ

    HJ meanwhile is watching over the domestic abuse patient (arrrh is she going to get caught with that guy?)

    I think HJ has figured it out and she’s talking to the girl

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  6. JH is thinking back to the meeting with HJ, he’s drinking

    YD is also drinking lmao

    HJ is cuddling the plush

    A series of angsty scenes lol

    Morning in the hospital and JH meets HJ 

    Tells HJ to follow him

    They meet YD and HJ talks to him (JH seems annoyed?)

    JH and HJ go to see the domestic abuse patient, her eyes are open 

    She’s not responding to everything, JH is trying to figure it out

    JH, HJ and YG go back to look at the xrays

    They mention she has locked in syndrome?

    Cut to JH pushing his dad around the hospital

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  7. A few scenes of a stressed YD

    Cuts to HJ in her room and YD rings her

    They talk about love and JH? 

    Argh I really want to know what he says 

    YD puts the phone down

    HJ is looking at her plushies that JH won for her

    She picks up the cute white one that’s on her bed

    Cuts to JH putting music on in his room

    (ost “no way” is playing)

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  8. There’s a conversation between Tae Ho and HJ and it seems good but my stream is cutting out again :(

    JH and HJ now meeting in JH office and they are talking (scene from preview)

    HJ confession!

    This is a really long scene of dialogue from HJ 

    JH really is speechless lol

    HJ gets up and leaves, JH looks bothered by it

    cut to YD doing a work out, he’s also stressed by what HJ told him in the cafeteria 

    awww nooo he’s upset someone cuddle him! D:

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  9. HJ and SW argue and HJ seems to bother SW when she says something

    SW walks out and goes to meet her father

    SW dad rips up some papers and SW looks shocked

    Back to that evil guy but JH and HJ come to see the girl 

    IJ then comes in (scene from preview)

    IJ talks to the strange guy and then to JH, JH and IJ seem close and it’s still annoying HJ lol

    IJ talks to JH as HJ walks away, she seems to be telling him something about love (helping I think)

    I think IJ then tells JH what she said to HJ years ago

    Tae Ho then rings HJ who is in an elevator 

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  10. — stream lags again — 

    I get it back in JH office and he’s looking at some documents (the same as Tae Ho was looking at?)

    JH rings Tae Ho and they talk about HJ

    Cut to SW dad and grandfather going to see JH dad ( grrrrrr )

    JH walks in on them and the four of them talk before SW dad and grandfather leave (they talk alone outside)

    JH is still with is dad and is pouring him tea (it looks like tea haha)

    They seem to be figuring something out? Cuts back to the scene where the directors were meeting or something a few episodes ago

    JH looks bothered by it 

    SW dad rings SW and afterwards HJ walks in

    SW and HJ talk

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  11. IJ says something to make JH laugh over the speaker and HJ still looks bothered

    Cut to SW dad and grandfather talking 

    Cuts back to JH and IJ happily talking to each other outside

    HJ comes out and looks pissed again that IJ is there

    argh JH you’re so dense sometimes lol

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  12. JH friend and IJ watch the surgery

    There’s some dialogue during the surgery I’m not sure on

    Something is going wrong with the surgery

    Cut to Kang Soo and the nurse going to Tae Ho’s office

    They seem to be explaining the incident about the car to Tae ho

    They leave but Tae Ho seems troubled by something

    Cuts back to the surgery room with JH and HJ

    They’ve resolved the problem I think (sorry I hate actual surgery scenes, they make me feel sick)

    Everything is fine! :)

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  13. JH seems to be preparing for a surgery

    Scene with that distraught guy from earlier (he doesn’t seem like a nice guy) we get some creepy music but Kang Soo walks in (good job puppy!)

    HJ is preparing for surgery with JH

    JH still looking awkward GOD, they talk

    HJ looks pissed lol

    They go into surgery

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  14. My stream reconnects when JH is coming to see HJ about a patient (lol JH looks uncomfortable)

    They talk about the surgery

    JH still looks really unsettled

    IJ then walks in and gives JH a high five (HJ doesn’t look impressed)

    IJ and JH talk with YG hovering in the background

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  15. JH flirty friend is talking to IJ now

    cut to HJ doing some checks on JH dad

    IJ comes in then to also see JH dad and both IJ / HJ recognise each other

    they greet each other and HJ gets a call and she leaves

    Kang soo meets HJ and they look at some xrays

    HJ meets the distraught guy outside

    — stream lags here sorry — 

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  16. IJ appears at the hospital (scene from preview)

    She is seeing to an emergency patient

    JD comes in with another emergency patient (the cameo from preview)

    JD is trying to control the guy outside (also from preview)

    cut to JH going to visit his dad

    his dad notices him and they talk, JH brought him some food, his dad is apologising 

    awww his dad starts to cry and JH is being his usual charming self

    JH places his head on his dad’s chest <3 this scene is so nice

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