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  1. They've made it clear about not wanting to mix the personal w the professional. And yet w this move they found a way around it. Gotta love "the healing, considerate couple" *forgive me for the part w knetz comments, but as you can see...they were proven WRONG! So...take that knetz! Anyways "indirectly" welcome Hyeri to the C-Jes fam through Creative Group ING! BTW, that last part should read... *with our passion and vision* If anyone is interested, here's a thread showing how Hyeri is associated w C-Jes through Creative Group ING
  2. So Junyeol was on Guerilla Date recently and it seems ep aired today. And there was this fan girl that most likely thought she was appealing to "his taste". Wow that girl has G-U-T-S! to sing n dance to that song. Poor Junyeol was between shock n laughter at the audacity, but clearly still very much enjoyed it. And that's what matters. You know... IMO I feel though it might be awkward...Junyeol must still feel happy when it comes to those type of occurrences. Because it reassures him, he still is supported and that his fans truly want his happiness. Oh...
  3. Smart man...it's best to prepare really well for it...in all aspects. That way when the moment comes...it is truly the right time for both. Though I love the..."yet" part of it. *prayer circle*...all the best always. Time will tell.
  4. Just because we can use more love in this world...Here's our cuties showering us w their love heart rain.
  5. *Phew that was long. But before I go...wanted to share a cute, interesting observation about our loving pair. So usually when you see public or even non public couples you either see their similarities n how they match or can't understand how they got together or just don't know how to feel about them. However, and yeah this just might be completely biased, so be it..with Yeolri whenever I see someone say they don't get it or they don't understand how one or the other could choose him or her...I have to laugh. Reason is because if you really follow them...you can clearly see the similarities n even influences they have on each other. I mean I see Junyeol promoting something n I'll be darned if I don't see Hyeri's influence in certain things he does. I mean he has become more open n daring...willing to go the extra mile...less reserved. And w her...she actually in some occasions has been shown to be quite composed n as you can see even in interviews she's answering differently...def Junyeol influence. Yeah they are def growing together. Which is beautiful to see. Alright until next time...hope I fed ya enough n that I caught you up to speed. Take care...enjoy!
  6. Ok so this post will be directed towards articles w witty responses ( due to wanting to be careful n also to throw off others) n confirmation that things are fine from THEM from 2017-now 2019. Now you may have already seen them, but I'm just going to put them all in one place. But ICYMI...here you go. Junyeol Dec 2017 * Funnily enough days after came the MBC Drama Awards which as I already posted they attended respectively n well I guess MBC didn't get the memo or they just didn't care because poor little tomato sunshine. LOL* Witty Junyeol May 2018 I preferred AKP's article because of how it's worded so... Witty Hyeri Sept 2018 *side note: something said in this interview went completely over my head when I first read it n I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out. She basically playfully said she has to check their old messages. Meaning girls...she kept them....awwwwww how melt worthy is that! So I feel like people are more receptive towards Junyeol's style of responses because when Hyeri tried...there was some backlash. Knetz speculating whether or not it meant they broke up, etc. Which resulted in Hyeri n even CJes (have to say it again CJES! Why I felt the need to emphasize that...is because this was Hyeri's interview not Junyeol's. Meaning they didn't have to...if anything should have been DreamT. So you better believe that if they felt the need to clarify anything, it was because Junyeol asked them to...a representation of him) to set some straight. CJes: Kind of glad it went down like this. Sure I felt bad for any discomfort it may have caused for Yeolri, but at least it lead to CJes making clear what we true shippers knew all along...That their main concern is only each other. And with that they went from the 'healing couple' to the 'considerate couple'. <3 *Before I get into the very recent update...have to note some discrepancies in ref to how long they've been dating. You'll see in the articles...either almost 2 years (based on calculation from the public announcement...Aug 2017) or 3 years( based on speculation that they were already dating during R88 filming). Here's what was said so what we do know. According to the articles in their public annoucement...it became official late 2016. Meaning completed already about 2 1/2years. If anything they are going on 3. Junyeol 2019 *AKP's article is basically an English trans of Dispatch's. But love how DP's doubles like a Yeolri fashion post. These 2 gorgeous human beings. BLESS! Still relevant, genuinely loved, n supported. There you have it...they are doing well. And here's hoping it continues, gets stronger n hopefully I'll be back here reporting or just joining in the celebration for their engagement news! *prayer circle*
  7. Ok continuing in a new post...that one was getting kind of long so here we go... Ok so this one happened before the aforementioned, but I started already introducing it so decided to start w that one first. Here's JY at his stage greeting for Heart Blackened...when Sunbaenim CMS decided to play a teasing joke on him. He starts by saying a friend of his came n proceeded to call Hyeri down...Junyeol was shocked n started to look desperately at the crowd...then CMS was like gotcha! Causing JY to break down in laughter. Cutely as he was exiting out...he couldn't even look at the audience. He waved by facing forward due to his shyness. Cute. *SIDE NOTE: Only a Sunbaenim agency mate can get away w that n bless him for it! That moment was epic. A tweet of mine w close ups of those moments. Now onto close others GsD members Yura (put in awkward position) n Sojin (messing around w friend who seems to really like Junyeol, but you know...she knows better. LOL) Yura: And of course Yura just remained silent n didn't make a choice. Sojin: So she was playing some celebrity couple tournament w her friend. Ultimately Junyeol won n Sojin made her believe she was going to call him n well...didn't happen. Called someone else. ~Kkkkkkkk oh Sojin. Then there's Key on Amazing Saturday (show which Hyeri is part of the cast) promoting upcoming movie Hit and Run Squad w Junyeol. Sadly no panned reaction from Hyeri when he mentions Junyeol as part of the cast, but still...good. Besides when Key mentions JY...you can see him move his head slightly towards Hyeri's direction. *Bonus* (Sure wish I can find the clip because it was pretty loud) So Junyeol attended n won AAA 2017 n MC asked him who he was thinking about...Audience: "Hyeri!" He of course ignored it and answered..."My fans". Ayiyiyi...
  8. WOOOOOW it sure has been a while, eh? Hope all are ok. As you can see our pair has kept it very quiet n given what's happened w other K-Ent public couples...I don't blame them. Def for the best. The important thing is that we have gotten updated till this day as far as they are "fine and still doing well". All you can ask for really...well of course we hope they take it to the next level in a not too distant future, but for now...as long as they're happy, united, n in love...Bless! However, ya know I can't leave you w/o some lovely content. Yeah they're quiet, but close others ehhh not so much or can't really hide it, if there's a mention. And of course, there's the media. Awkward PUBLIC Blushy moments: Him: Stage greeting for Black Heartened. Her: MBC Awards + an extra cute moment w him...yeah that was another public appearance after attending the same VIP Premiere...they respectively attended MBC Drama Awards soon after. Ok so she was presenting w JJS n was asked who'd she work w again? She giggly answered...JJS (They were main pair for drama Two Cops). But MC tried to pull a fast one n asked what about JY...cue Hyeri turning like a tomato, hiding behind her card...saying it was hot. JJS saved her...said I wouldn't mind working w him. Then we have JY. Presenting as well, but oops makes a mistake entering, but the silver lining was that thanks to his "mistake" it landed him right in front of his love. Cheesy thought: I like to think his heart led his feet.
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