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  1. oh gosh. the way they're playfull to each other really gives couple vibe. starting 0:44 - 0:60
  2. I cant with his shy smile. before watching this clip i watch ZYJ and his costar on OO during wedding scene where they're rehearsal of hugging scene. but he was toooo focus with the script instead while the girl trying some hug position. but watching this is soo cutely different. he's so shy when Wu QIan put her hand on his shoulder, smiling shyly. and then you pointed his hand, how he caress her back like to assure her for the action scene.
  3. the shy smile of Zhang Yujian...why he was so shy only because he must half hugging Wu Qian lol...
  4. iam melt everytime they appear on screen...and 0:23-0:25 is sooo cute and i doubt it was on the script pictures
  5. another cute moment BTS. from 0:22 - 0: 30 he always trying to get her attention when she was not looking at him. and look at how happy he was when he get her attention. there's alot of BTS showing how he try to get reaction from her. and 00:35 its so cute how he let her ponytail his hair. he was complain but he keep following her order lol
  6. ah yes...since i was really curious about this two, as much as against of comparing their relationship to other costar, i cant help to see the bts of them during An Oriental Oddisey. i can say there's a lot of difference though. Yujian was a bit too focus with the script during hug scene with her wive on screen bts of oriental Oddisey. he's too busy reading the script while his costar trying some hug style, and even only put his hands slightly on the hug scene. while he seems playfull and happy when its his bts with Wu Qian. Wu Qian is a very cheerfull and happy virus person. there's no boring moment when she was around, she was always smiling and happy. but she has more touchy with this Yujian guy, and she also let him to be touchy with her too. and look at that shy laugh of the bts hotel kiss scene where she hide her face behind his back...
  7. keep replaying bts of the hotel kiss scene. never in my life watching the made of kiss scene is sweeter than this one. even Yujian was the one trying to explain how to do the scene, and look at how she clung to him so comfortable.
  8. just finish this drama and when i check the bts i was like...whoooaaa...why they're so comfortable together. i know this is the 2nd drama they're working together , and i watch the bts of Oriental oddisey too (not watching the drama though since period drama is not my cup of tea) but oh my...yujian cant stop staring at her. and now they're presenting us with new cf..they're cute beyond words. cant wait for the full video or the making of this cf since someone said they'll upload the cf making https://twitter.com/eichoernc/status/1144434259349909504
  9. iam not fans of both song song couple but this is really shocking since we saw how much in love they were. I hope everyone stop speculating what happened between them because it hurt them even more. when 2 people decide to separate, let alone divorce, i believe that both has part of mistake that lead the separation. and both are mature enough to get married, so anything that lead them for separation must be hurt them even more. lets them solve this matter like an adult...and support them separately. this year i am facing divorce of my older sister of 20 years marriage, and i learn one thing that during marriage you never stop trying. trying to compromise, trying to understand and trying to be there for each other. once one stop trying, the other will either feel left out or do not need the other party, hence the divorce happened. personality difference can lead to divorce or separation, but who has exactly the same personality in this world ? everyone is different even if you're siblings. its just people stop trying to compromise their differences that lead the separation.
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