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  1. I just return back after two weeks and after the whole storm that probably kolapsing KJH's life right now. I hope the people who had done this to him will paid multiple times,including the so called fans who thinks they're God and asked him to retired from the industry as if he commited a criminal record. He's a person with mental health and they put him in the bad light and people treat him like God as if he commit a serious crime. I agree with you. I can't give up on them yet..And as much as people labelled KJH in bad light, i saw his personality from the handwriting of
  2. me 2nd. I was surprise not because with whom he's dating rumor with, but, why he acted like that when he's dating someone else. Its not as simple as trying to create chemistry during the filming, but the live IG was AFTER the drama ended which they dont need to act anymore. Anyhow, that's what it was, we need to move on, and this thread is created also for their MR.QUEEN interaction.
  3. I read the topic this morning that Kim Junghyun is (rumored) to be dating with actress Seo Jihye. Eventhough i feel like i was being misslead, but i only can say that this is their private life and we must respect that. Shin Hyesun is busy as well, so she probably wouldnt affected by this rumour. Whatever the real happening between KJH and SJH, would not affected that they're a good couple at MR.QUEEN.
  4. Yes, finally good news. Another good news that Hyesun choosen as the spoke person Cell Fusion C https://www.instagram.com/p/CNRiw-RpS-y/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  5. Hellow @Clang 003 welcome to the thread. I love reading your view too regarding our couple. You're right, they're definetely very close off camera as close as on camera.
  6. Cant wait for her next project, though i think she deserve some rest after back to back of movie and drama. regarding the controversy, let it flow. We cant please everybody, and Haesun didnt do anything wrong. She just follow the concept and that's it.
  7. this is beyond cute full IG LIVE look at the different of his tone before Hyesun's ID appear and after her ID appear. Not to mention that he suddenly said "oh, she's here. good. BUT I AM NOT SHAVED YET " Why do you care too much that a certain someone saw you not shaved yet, when 30 thousands people saw you un-shaved yet?? lol..boy, you're so obvious Back then, during live IG, a fans asked him why he didnt shaved yet, and his answer was " i will do if i want to " lol...what a snap guy. And the funniest thing was, Shin Hyesun
  8. I really hoping that WQ didnt consider to retired too early. She's a good actress, and her drama mostly is recognized by viewers. I hope C-netz is rational enough to separate their private lives and profesional lives, though i feel like i can see ZYJ in the same view as before.
  9. https://twitter.com/kdrama_news/status/1371297603107704834?s=20 His next movie is going to be this one with Choi Minshik. He will act as avisual impaired person who's earn a living as an accupunturer. Cant wait
  10. I know most of RJY follower had moved out from this site to different platform lol. I just trying to update some of his news while i have the time. yes, they're still together. they're just being lowkey but never avoided mentioning each other when its necessary. https://theactorispresent.kr/ryu-junyeol/ RJY included in 100 Chungmoro actors I like the description. it really described him perfectly. Anyhow, his next movie, ALIEN (with Kim Woobin, So Jisub and Kim Taeri ) is done filming
  11. It would be a great drama not to mention that the PD and Scriptwriter is also Chungmoro's. Can't wait
  12. yes, indeed they are oh well...i came to weibo this morning, and with my very limited chinese dictionary trying to read it, it was a huge chaos. back then ZYJ accused for not admitted in words that he's married and had a child, and now he's accused not mentioning WQ's name (only call her as "her mother" ) Damn if you do and damned if you don't. But he's a stubborn person that he doesnt care being scolded. He just very upset that his daughter's name and pictures was spread. But i kind of feel that he's also upset to WQ that WQ didnt consider that people is going to t
  13. Honestly, i read too many of rumour about them. Since both never responded to any rumor of dating, marriage nor pregnancy and chilbirth, ZYJ was accused to be abandoned, irresponsible, etc etc to WQ. I can't even bear to read the news because how hurtfull their comment was. They call WQ forced him to marry because she's pregnant and he actually didnt want to blah blah blah. And he wanted to hide this marriage and baby for the sake of pupularity since he was getting popular only last year when his last drama with Yu Shuxin. Anyhow, we never know the truth since WQ also keep quiet an
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