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  1. now this is the danger of “being told” because a lot of people form their opinions on what they read on SNS or from previous reports or whatever they could find that BAA is all about spreading the love and awards equally among all nominees which is definitely not true! Now all of you have experienced how BAA can most definitely give multiple awards to a same TV drama or even movie and how in BAA you can win only 3/11 even if you get an Oscar. And how even Crash landing on you that steals the heart of everyone can win almost nothing. If anything, the judges will only see what they can see in their retrospective and they don’t watch it from the angle that fans do.
  2. that’s simply just cause blue is a Kim family color kind of thing. His mum especially. Even his dad and bro wore blue. The entire family was in blue when they went for his FM in Hongkong. I am sure you would have noticed how much or often he wears blue? It’s in the kims. I am glad you and others didn’t find the fit unflattering. I stand firm that the suit did not do this man any justice having him being able to rock any suit for the longest time.
  3. I agree that for what it’s worth, if Hyun Bin was not comfortable with the current status quo and is indifferent to Yejin like others said he was, why would he even need to mention Yejin in that SMART interview....and that TikTok BTS, why use “we”? BTS are so so previous that’s where they are relaxed and all, I listened to it at least 5 times intensely to make sure I was hearing right. And indeed, he used “we” as reference and this evidently shows he knows people voted them in for popularity awards as a couple. He didn’t have to indulge shippers but he somehow did.... I have no idea why they insist on putting him on a RL had it not for YJ just so they could be the Lauren couple, the fit is so bad that if not for the fact he looked this good, it would have gone south for anyone else. Everyone else rocked their diors and chanel and all....I am not pleased honestly with that suit. But I have to give it up to Yejin for slaying that RL dress, anyone of a lesser caliber would end up looking like being wrapped in a sequin rug. And why does it have to be something from 2019 when the others that are junior are already wearing Chanel, Vuitton and Dior Couture 2020..... Ralph Lauren is reserved for grocery shopping, definitely not for Baeksang awards ceremony and definitely not for these 2 A-listers who deserved something way better!! Possibly my only rant for BAA this year! When they present the same awards next year, I hope they get dressed the finest it can be. For JHI, I really respect this boy for his patience and sweetness. for the simple fact that if you go and talk to your previous co-star only with her looking at the mirror with a cotton bud clearing her makeup residue halfway through, others would probably have made a quick exit and never looked back. I would love to see what is KTP reaction if SYJ did the exact same to him! I reckon he would be that mirror instead and holding that cotton bud cleaning it up for her.
  4. @Loveumore don’t worry about it. My post was meant to be for that member I quoted. I am always level headed no matter what. I am sure everyone is here willingly too
  5. Honestly its ok that you are being objective and interpreting it the way you see it. But you shouldn’t have thrown yourself in a sea of sharks waiting to pounce on you because the people here have invested so much time and energy on them so much that they see you as negative energy and bursting their dreams. I am sure the shippers here are all well prepared to perish with them no matter what is it though I am sure there would be onslaught on both or either of them should things not work out. But everyone is taking their chances with them. Ultimately they will make their own choices who to end up with without having the need to answer to anyone.
  6. KTP, are you having any problems keeping up here or anywhere? Lol your breaks in between are never lonely anymore...I was just wondering what his expressions would be like knowing there is so much to read or see everywhere. our papers did a full front page coverage on them and had their faces cover the most part of the article. I believe all other media almost did the same. Even for the TV news, we had it on loop somehow lol Talk about pull factor, has to be RiRi really
  7. Just imagine and put yourself in his shoes, just for a second, if you are a humble actor who does not like the limelight on you ever and you attend a live award ceremony just trying to be yourself and all people want to see and care about is if you would act all intimate and skinship with another professional actress irregardless of the relationship status quo while all you could think of is the safety of everyone in this covid19 outbreak while paying full attention to what’s going on stage, respecting every single winner standing up there and enjoying your night whether ornot you bag home any trophy. and when all these don’t manifest and they don’t get the candies they want, they hurl abuses at you calling you names...... Does anyone know the real KTP here before they even think of him that way? Does anyone even realize that when he appears in public, he is Hyun Bin the actor and not as KTP? And that he does not want to showcase his personal life as Hyun Bin the actor? Well, I do so I just let him be himself truly. Please do not make him doubt himself with negative comments because obviously you don’t even know him. I can safely tell you this, even if one day he is married and even with kids and appear publicly, he still will not show you his most private side, because he knows clearly that once he steps out, people see him as Hyun Bin the actor and not KTP forever as long as he resides in South Korea. Peace and love to our one and only Hyun Bin/KTP PS: People wonder why he was teary eyed when he accepted the popular award, because he didn’t expect this much love from fans around the world amidst the covid19 outbreak. He is more worried for the safety of everyone and was more than touched that everyone made that effort for him. He was one of the first to donate for covid19 but hid it and wrote a letter in multiple languages to cheer everyone up and reminded everyone to stay safe because he cared about each and every one of you whether or not you like him. omg cannot type anymore, I am tearing up myself now. Geezzz
  8. KTP, way to go!! I am not sad you didn’t win, I know you wouldn’t win too like I told the others on DM. honestly like you always say to me and the others, don’t expect to win because then you would always strive harder in your career to come!! Kudos to you and I will always remember!! I adore you my dongseang!! PS: If only you all believe me when I say he does read soompi sometimes so be nice to him!
  9. Congratulations to Hyun Bin for taking home the 56th Baeksang TikTok Most Popular Male Award 2020 Thank you to Hyun Bin for knowing and appreciating what your fans do for you to get you the popularity awards. Thank you for staying true to yourself always no matter what!! I especially want to shoutout to his official fan club The Space for their massive combined efforts and all other international fans who voted for him religiously to send him the trophy!! When you have no expectations for an award no matter how badly you want it, you motivate yourself to strive harder for the rest of your acting career!! KTP, strive on!!
  10. Heartfelt Congratulations to 56th Baeksang Awards Best TV Actress winner:Kim Hee Ae Outstanding portrayal of your role in The World of Married!! Well deserved win and exceptional speech there!
  11. lol that also explains why that same person is not in our KKT group anymore! Because no one wants to jam with her no more lol
  12. I am racing against time now but I just want to make space for this one comment that I have been wanting to say but kept forgetting quickly. That female journalist(Don’t want to say name) on channel A whom when asked by SYJ on what she thought about interviewing HB said HB has no jam, well of course he is no jam with you, but he is all jam with his girl, I meant like what are you expecting him to do when you interviewed him? Serenade you or something? look at how his staff complained that he wouldn’t even use emojis with them but how freely he flood YJ with those cute emojis at KKT also why didn’t the same journalist thought of why among all of the men she worked with, why would SYJ specifically asked her about what she thought of HB??!! Obviously HB matters to her right! Talking about no EQ and being insensitive! This is one classic example! Even fans knows HB is like that because he is selective and choose who he wants to do these with. Jamming with the chosen one! Not everyone!! 玄彬沒有那麼隨便好嗎! Anyway what matters is they sure can jam with each other so well!!!
  13. I appreciate everything you shared to the BinJin universe, so don't hold back on that beauty as HB said to YJ :blush: (I too am a silent shopper :relaxed:) I love them both and individually.