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  1. Love this movie! Good acting all round. Watch it if you haven’t already!
  2. don’t worry about me sharing a unsubstantiated claim. It’s from a tight upper class korean community in LA that have shared sightings of them and many other stars doing other stuff too and all turned out to be legit after verification. Like golf, shopping, eating etc all checked checked checked
  3. That man did not mention who he was. He didn’t talk so I don’t know if he talk that way IRL because he wrote it in words that said 아기처럼 which means like a baby.
  4. I am so happy and I need to celebrate by inviting you to flood my DM for more candies...
  5. Hahahahaha @CartPusherInLA Nono I did not disagree abt whatever golfing rendezvous. I only said it’s a different place. Hint: think outside the box was said to be very affectionate, how he came behind her to protect her away from the lens, how he lets her pick up whatever she wants and how he glares at the camera when he learned that they were exposed haha. I still remember one korean man who saw them outside a restaurant that said, he treats her like his baby.
  6. Regarding the LA grocery receipt I shared: there were many pictures taken and obviously not everything would be released to public. And of course they saw their lovely interaction and how he paid for their stuff in the end. LA has tons of Chinese and Koreans who saw them throughout the trip but choose not to expose. just like how everyday people in Korea can sight either of them without spilling it out on the Internet because that’s their personal time. Regarding BAA voting: there are also users who ask for people to vote for SYJ only, so does that make them anti HB? Read my po
  7. Ok this is very funny. I don’t have the answers to the questions about other possible pairings so please do not DM me about those. I respect each and every ship however I just don’t know about them to answer you. Thank you. and regarding the receipts/candies I shared here. I wouldn’t shared if I don’t have the legit juice on it and it’s ok if you don’t buy it. You don’t have to doubt/question/throw shade at me or tell me about it if you cannot even trust journalists because then you probably have no one else to trust. Because receipts/candies are meant for people who enjoyed and be
  8. I have an extremely ambitious wish for great things to happen in the Philippines 1) If HB really has a fan meet confirmed for Manila next year(I cannot confirm those now at press time), then I fervently wish for YJ to be the special guest. 2) I fervently wish for both HB and YJ to appear together in the Philippines for Smart promos. I will reciprocate such kindness with the first flight I can get on to catch both of them in one frame since I couldn’t in BAA! And no I am NOT delulu in wishing for these to happen. I am dead serious that it should happen this wa
  9. @Walk Kindly That’s some mean legwork there. And you hit **** *** @ElectricHearts why did you have to remind me that he didn’t take that offer to star with Neeson....it’s so painful to even recall. That’s silly of him. and I am thinking about you earlier post of that challenge with her tags and her cover up. Very interesting I must say. @cloyfan I never found anyone too delulu nor embarrassing here. I have never stopped or corrected anyone from these. I didn’t even know there was a discussion on the supermarket they shopped at. I only furnished it as part of the content I
  10. sorry indirect confirmation to? @ElectricHearts I didn’t know it’s you. But it’s not that golf course that they stayed in. Try again?
  11. @charray how brave of you to want to be the housekeeper. Lol if you stay in and you hear all the naughty noises made by them at night, I don’t ever know how you can sleep well. Such a sexciting thought!!
  12. wait mrs Kim is very good in counting money too so ya....maybe you can buy some manyo/jennyhouse/rebak in the meantime to find a similar HB in your country?
  13. That’s a tall order. You need to have eye smile, sexy body, that hair, those long legs, that face. If you possess all that and happen to also have the name Son Eon Jin on on your national ID, you can try applying with Vast
  14. lol I give you one more receipt, that day someone was asking who pays for the groceries in LA? Well he did, and he lets her decide what to put in that cart mostly awwwww..... And that supermarket is actually Pavilions and not Ralph’s I don’t even know what the other party was saying because I use the ignore button a lot really LOL
  15. I have been here long enough to know who is who and what’s happening and that’s why I don’t engage because fighting is not what a shipping thread is for. What’s there to explain? I don’t owe anyone any explanation because I don’t even deem myself as important at all and why would anyone need my explanation for? maybe my style of writing just doesn’t resonate with everyone and that’s why it’s being misinterpreted to death. But believe it or, I meant no malice and it was in absolute jest. The member earlier perhaps put it in better perspective for me, I meant to say that it’s just funny
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