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  1. Amazzingggg you! You actually remembered! The one in the video just released is just one of the few restaurants they ate together with the rest during CLOY filming. the one in that tweet you quoted Feb was eating together in incheon and the video that’s just released is in Seoul quite to TVN I remembered. So ya they have dined together multiple times! Actors have to eat anyways lol Since I am here now I just want to say Congratulations to all nominees of the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards though I have to admit some names caught me by surprise. Please remember not to bash anyone, they are all nominated for a good reason!
  2. you must have read me wrong! I ask for people to send me DM on their predictions. No talks of any compilation in the making lol and so far none of the ones who DM me have got the nominees exactly right for each category but it’s great to see you guys participating!! I am still hoping for that one lucky person with that divine intervention lol and I am sure that someone is out there! also please all take note that before the official nominees list is released, there might be fake list going around. Just wait for the official list to be released. And look out for official media and soompi is one to check out. I am sure all relevant media is gearing up for the release coming up in no time
  3. Honestly why the veterans here don’t post anymore? Because like one veteran member said before, it gets really toxic here sometimes and we noticed it usually comes from the same breed of people from the same continent and we wonder why? so if you can find some members that you can click with, form your own DM group to keep your own and others sanity. For the peace and love of all mankind
  4. Can we do something fun? The official Baeksang nominees list for the public would be out on 8th which is this Friday. We probably get the heads up slightly earlier. Can you guys PM me your predictions for the nominees and see how many of them you got right? Take note that would be no fan cam this year and you can only count on JTBC and the respective media that’s there to bring you closeups of our couple should they be there!
  5. Can I ask for people to delete the names of the non relevant actors relating to Hyun Bin in this shipping thread please? these actors have nothing to do with Binjin and the case have officially gone into legal proceedings. Added: thank you for editing! You know who you are! I stan responsible fans!!
  6. Oh wow, I believe there would be a dedicated YouTube channel from JTBC just for Baeksang if you can catch the timing it starts at 5pm KST. If there isn’t, then get a strong internet connection and tap on to any streaming website that allows you to watch JTBC channel. Hope this helps you well!!
  7. On the topic of Baeksang, I was backreading and I saw the English translation gone wrong badly! Its going to be held at Kintex in IIsan with NO audiences (not unattended) for the prevention of the virus. You can catch the event live on JTBC
  8. you posted out a legit error in my writing! This is what happens when one tries to backread a hundred pages! Have amended my post to be understood better. Its not my opinion, this is really just Dispatch in retrospect. In relation to this particular article, there is nothing more to it than what it is. That disclaimer at the end of that article pretty much says it all. There is possibility that it could be a prelude to something breaking in the future. I am talking in specifics to this recent article by Dispatch only.
  9. Ok honestly it’s going to take me another 2 weeks to finish reading 100 pages in full concentration and by then it would be another extra 100 pages or so to read and it’s going to be Baeksang awards by then which is June ya so lol I dunno how I can ever finish reading but I will want to share this very very seriously, only new content from Dispatch meaning something you have never seen on Binjin, should have your serious attention otherwise it’s probably just them reposting something from some other news outlet and testing the water level aka interest from the community and boy that was met with much fanfare and got everyone fired up over nothing really....they did put a disclaimer lol that this was from somewhere else but obviously no one saw that.... Please also only trust content from legit providers meaning media outlets that are credible. A lot of people assume a website with people that writes entertainment articles are media outlets and that’s totally untrue because they are just like blogs presented in a website format with no media affiliation whatsoever. If you do see new content that does not originate from Korea firsthand and its some random article you generated from a google source, don’t let this even bother you for the slightest bit because they usually hold no weight or truth. and also I cannot seem to quote so I want to answer this quickly to someone like 10 pages earlier or so that called Hyun Bin a guy that loves fancy stuff and is a player? Hmm it never occurred to me that him in stuff like Ralph Lauren can be deemed fancy? Make no mistake, those real fancy Dior outfits that he wears to events and stuff are sponsored, he is not known to buy fancy stuff like that. Probably SYJ is the fancier one between the 2 with her growing Hermès bag collection. The only fancy thing I could think of him is naming his building after his birthday. Next moving on to the “player” title you bestowed on him, well the only player in him that we know Hyun Bin as is a golf player really....
  10. I cannot believe I have more than 100 pages to backread!!! This is more scary than dispatch reposting something that’s from another news outlet! Their water testing has flooded the binjin community with imagination and all.
  11. Lol you be surprised that these fans who made such comments about SYJ are the exact fans who claimed to love her too much to have her married off. They want her to be always single. They feel they own her. Not necessarily when one talks bad about the other, it’s always the ones from the opposite camp. Fans would always be fans no matter how hard you try. 99.99% have never even met these 2 people in their real lives and they both would never have known you existed too so don’t hoard something that you don’t own in the first place.
  12. Hyun Bin actually meant that if he didn’t let go of her hand, they both would be hurt in that video. He did not say if I let go of your hand, we will both fall. That’s definitely translation or fans interpretation gone wrong somehow. Even in Netflix, they use the word “wounded” but listening to it in korean, I would use the word “hurt” He felt that by letting her hands go, it would prevent her from getting hurt but YJ didn’t think so.
  13. LOL this China idol ZTao is intoxicated with CLOY ever since he is hooked. It’s too funny how a handsome young boy can be this involved. He is even losing sleep over CLOY. 黃子韜來姐姐跟你秀秀哈哈 https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4492254325440552/4492255182059051 https://ent.sina.cn/star/tv/2020-04-10/detail-iirczymi5423795.d.html?wm=3049_0015 He cried along with the drama and say how can HB be so handsome and perfect and how SYJ is so pretty and wish for them to be happy together. this boy is influential in China and have a massive following, his video have trended many times and it would bring another wave of popularity to CLOY for those who have not watched.
  14. babe, food for thought. Has it ever occurred to you or anyone here that she is less alpha to HB simply because he is actually more alpha than she is? And that her actions of manhandling notwithstanding the course of actions is just her trying to “gangster” him because she has always being sassy and feisty herself? When we meet our match in life, natural reflexes almost always comes to play. And that to me promotes longevity in any relationship simply because that perfect match is unparalleled!
  15. I think there is a misconception of Hyun Bin. This man is fearless when it comes to the woman he wants as long as the right woman is presented irregardless of age, status, wealth. He shoulders up to a already then hallyu star SHK in his twenties and dated her despite him not being as well known or accomplished. What can he possibly be afraid of? There is nothing standing in his track of getting the woman he wants now that he is even more mature in his late 30s with so much success. He just happens to like to take it slow and easy. If there is anything lacking in Hyun Bin, it’s not balls for sure. Fret not, if Yejin is the woman he wants, he would pull out all stops for her as long as Yejin is willing. Honestly, he is even willing to take all the bane for the denials being done so far just so Yejin’s image remains untainted and protected is a constant reminder that he is someone any women can depend on.
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