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  1. Spoiler
    21 hours ago, bearology said:

    JY - today. He was looking at this fan camera. And the fan phone case is..

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    Cr on pic





    just curious here bcos of the picture..


    it seems that those two people, i guess JY BJJ buddies look at the same way as JY.....hehe the question is, does JY BJJ buddies ever watch Addicted and know who ZZ is..the delulu me says of course they know!! duhhh~~ or even better JY has officially introduced ZZ to his buddies :wub:..hahahah delulu me on crazy mode~~ quick catch me back!!! :crazy:

    ok reeled back to earth, maybe those 2 just curious, thus looking at the same way as JY :sweatingbullets:

    pssttt btw i prefer the 1st option ;)

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  2. 31 minutes ago, prima13facie said:


    You and me as happy as we were traveling together in somewhere unknown.
    Romantic till together we got hell into an incurable disease
    Do not want to explain.
    Only want to respond.



    really 5ML??!! REALLY?? 

    When people were speculating a certain kitty ninja-ing to korea and safely back from Korea you post this?? REALLY? haaaaaaaaa fanning myself right now :crazy: 

    but yeah as u said u dont have to explain..u just respond with this post...riighttt~~ who are we to judge ;) ooppss sorry I'm talking to 5ML..not to a certain kitty :phew:

    As for me at first i was a li~ttle bit skeptical if ZZ really went to Korea but hey nothing was impossible for love birds na~~ and i do think that ZZ make it as a surprise visit, maybe one of the gifts for JY birthday maybe? bcos seriously JY looks so radiant..haaa~~ words cant do justice..he looks so different when compared to Nanjing FM..yeah he looked happy when he was in Nanjing FM but in  Korea he's just :wub:

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  3. 4 hours ago, JAN said:

    Anyone notice that  Ok Taecyeon look like Huang Jingyu?

    yup..noticed it..and they have similar height..just that taec is more muscular and tanner compared to JY...and as taecyeon is a member of korean idol group (2pm), I sometimes imagine by looking at taec dancing, JY will be looking like that dancing..hahahha..far fetched dream looking at how stiff JY is..kekkeke :D

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  4. Hi all~~ :)

    handsome ZZ as always~~ hehehe i just wanna say rather than 1 thousand rabbits gazing at the moon we should rename it to 1 thousand and 1 (1001) rabbits including the most handsome and stylish rabbit....hahaha..:D as for me i could accept and frankly, loving ZZ's look yesterday..it give us different side of ZZ that exist..and i must say this look might attract new fan that more familiar with this kind of look...ZZ is really new in this industry and i think by experimenting different look on him do him good..ZZ and his team could get the feedback from his fan and from ZZ himself of which look he most comfortable with ^_^

    and from the dark side of YZ land..our poor JY :( those people that cant bear to see other people achievement and popularity *sigh* its ok JY, we know you are strong!!! and by looking his past few days of photos and vids he seems ok..I completely agree and support 100% if JY and his team take legal action towards those cheap blogger and tabloids..show them that even though JY is a rookie in ent world, people cant simply step on him..HAIL, OUR BOSS HUANG!!!! 

    and i wanna thanks @bearology and @aeislaeigh for all of the updates and fanarts~~

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  5. 1 hour ago, Kim Kruisbessie said:

    @dazzlin92 If got realy no idea what type blood the have uhm i think its red same as every one, i don't even know my own blood type hahaha sorry this is something totaly new for me to hear, but i'm never to old to learn new things. ;)

     @Kim Kruisbessiehahahaha..glad to know that this blood type is something new for you...i've searched it  (JY, ZZ, FS,CW blood type) but to no vail..huhuhu..not to say that it was really true but as for me (O blood type) is said to be a leader and an introvert but can switch to extrovert whenever they want and it quite true for me hehehe :rolleyes:...so i'm actually really excited to know them more 

    1 hour ago, Kyleaddicted said:


    Is it Christmas already?!?! ZZ OVERLOAD IS THE BEST!!! 


    You sure you're not a vampire? Lol.:P

    @Kyleaddicted I might be~~ muehehehe ;)

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  6. Hai all!!  :D   just dropping by~~ 

    This is a random question, but does anyone knows the blood types of JY, ZZ, Fensong and Wenwen?

    hahaha random question bcos I would like to know them more...it may sound a little bit weird but here in Asia esp in Japan and Korea blood type is somewhat important as it "describe" the person....if in korea or japan the blood type question will be one of the first question asked when you are just getting get to know each other to see the personality compability...hahaha just for fun *in hoping discovering more delulu heaven* ;)

    p/s: me giving virtual hugs and kisses to all of you here!! and all of you are welcome here no matter from wherever you are~~~ :wub:


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  7. Is it weird for me to say that I also dreamt of Yuzhou 2 day before? creepyyy~~~ nothing much exactly..here it goes..i was in a car (or van) with JY was the one driving and we're conversing in english hahaha..at first we're just chatting normally (but still i think with a fan to artist rship) and my mouth was aching to ask JY about ZZ..in my head i've got so many question you name it but there i was considering about the bans and all i dont wanna make JY uncomfortable...I felt that the car or van was going to stop and i must use this opportunity.... lastly the question that i asked was so open ended:


    the car just stop and JY just stared out of the car lovingly and he just smiled with full of adoration and love...then i followed his gaze and guess what???? there was ZZ standing outside and i was like aaarrgghhhhhhh my kokoro~~~~ ma feelllllsssss!!!!!!!! then change of dream hahahaha.. i dunno whats the sign with many of us dreaming of them..maybe we're just missing them so much with them laying low these days....but who knows what auntie said was right naa?? wiggle wiggle B)


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  8. 3 hours ago, ryokise said:

    [Eng CC subs] 160825 Huang Jingyu quick Q&A (红秀GRAZIA TV)  


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    @ryokise thank you for the translation..

    this interview really amused me..some answers where contradicting with each other..for example his ideal type..since when he like the loli type? as far as i remember he like the oneesan (mature) bcos his 2 previous girlfriend were older than him right? but i dunno maybe his 2 gfriend were older but cute? hahaha

    and 2nd *delulu alert*, isn't loli type was usually connected with skirt and blouse and heels and ruffles here and there stereotypically? is it possible loli type wearing sandals, pants and t-shirt? hurmmm?? :huh: maybe he was talking exclusively only on behaviour? :phew: i'm confused myself hahaha *P/s:i'm not saying that inorder to be cute, girls MUST wear skirt and yadayadayada..girls should have freedom on what they want to wear, be it skirt or pants..same with boys wink wink ;)B)

    and few other answers making my heart skipping..the grilled skewer (shangyin reference), the chocolate (ZZ fav food), the flying ability(same with ZZ, what? wanna fly together? hahah), using weibo over gaming( haaa~~ the smile he gave), dog @ cat question got me screaming yeah literally screaming..hahhaa..the smile he gave really ah~ and the kabedon part heuw heuw heuw~~he said he was a heartwarming guy not that i denied it..he IS a heartwarming guy but choosing to do kabedon instead of patting the head is quite domineering to me actually (remembering ep 11 the confession scene..kyaaa the gaze of GH to BLY)  Thanks Grazia for these wonderfull questions~~ :wub:

    i've listen to the Curious- Kilo Kish (Anton Borin Edition) and i'm proud to say that i have similar taste in music with JY..the meaning tho huhuhu...feeling miserable JY? poor you.. :(


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  9. 11 hours ago, bearology said:

    Cr [Cantabile_a]



    11 hours ago, bearology said:

    [5MilesLove_瑜洲双人图博] - 9 photos today. 5ML is celebrating our 1300th page too?? :lol: JY's photo - I die
    #wegetit #youloveeachother #yuzhouisreal




    is it just me or the feeling of this similar pose giving of different feelings?? :huh: 

    those eyes in 2nd photo..its just haaaa i dunno~~~ lost for words *not like i'm good with words to begin with*

    if our theory about who is behind 5mileslove is true, then agagagaga...the feelss man~~ :wub: our huang who is deeply romantically in love~~ i dunno?? the pic just gave that aura..for me it is..i dunno for anyone else?? kekeke

    And yeah another confession song..a very suitable one actually 

    FOR HIM by Troye Sivan

    and yes our whale knows him..bcos i saw Youth by Troye Sivan in his playlist earlier this year..i dont remember which interview..sorry~~ taolu much ;) :phew:


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  10. Hi all!!! Long time not posting here~~

    thank you @xix19xix for translating all those sweet sweet weibo post and comments...as for me i believe in them more when they are not doing those overly sugary fanservice thingy...i dunno its just so real seeing them together...and yup its true eyes dont lie and boy how much love can we see between them... we as outsider can really feel the love that they have for each other...and for sure they themselves can feel it too...call me delulu or so..wat ever...its my opinion XD...;):phew:

    i only had 2 OTP in my life...my first OTP (*eunhae if any of you know) has been friends like halves of their life and i can truly see the love between them..as for Yuzhou that barely known each other for less than a year, but has got sooo much ups and downs together..... i'd say f**k it to non-believers...hahahaha..

    i'd also like to thank @bearology for the wonderful Simple love Yuzhou version..haaa so sweet of them..my hope one for one day they'll able to sing it together...:wub:

    and this for all of you that have been giving me all updates and sugars on YUZHOU land

     :heart::cookie: :heart::cookie::heart::cookie:

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  11. About this Xulu-Jingyu cp, i just have one word-- meh B) hahaha am i too cruel??

    i'm juz not feeling it..about the exact intention of Xulu cutting her hair till her ig post,  i dont wanna speculate things...bcos to me, knowing Jingyu personality (the one that he showed us fans) i juz again feeling meh about this cp thingy...i'm gonna trust JY for this..

    and i'm feeling thankful that finally Fengmang taking some safety measure for zhouzhou... and i think the purpose of that weibo post about Geng ge was to warn the crazy fans and at the same time reassuring the worried fans on zhouzhou safety *and a certain worried whale* hahaha..and its so cute that Geng ge kind of cropping of any thoughts of fan of thinking to ship him of with zhouzhou kekeke *and at the same time making some whale calmed down* :P

    commenting on Jingyu ideal type, glamorous body type, we does know someone that has quite a round and perky but no? due to 10+ years of latin dancing experience?  :phew::phew::phew: 


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  12. 7 hours ago, jlt4ever said:


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    Z: Once I got drunk and one of my bros…(J starts laughing and Z looks at J)

    Z: He carried me…
    M: What happened?
    Z: Just like Gu Hai to Bai Luo Yin, he... carried me home.
    J: And did he throw you on the bed to shoot some photos?
    (J&Z laughing)
    Z: He actually did that!
    M: How about the other actors?
    F: Let’s start with the big brother.
    J: I had some similar experiences. I got drunk and someone carried me home.
    (Z laughing)
    But what touches me is that when I carried someone else home and took the pictures, he didn’t get angry at me.
    (J&Z laughing)
    He didn't even get angry! (To F&C) Do you have anything to share?


    delulu rant again~~ 


    my first thought : why did JY start laughing? ok maybe ZZ has told him about the story *carry on reading

    my second thought: why both of them laughing?? hurmm~~ some ideas rollin in my mind..its ok..keep reading

    my 3rd thought: ZZ laughing~~suspicous much??!!

    my 4th thought: ok lemme get this straight..ZZ WAS TAKEN HOME BY ONE OF HIS BRO AND GOT PICT TAKEN AND THEN JY BROUHT SOMEONE ELSE HOME AND TOOK PICT OF THAT SOMEONE AND HE DIDNT GET ANGRY...rewinding and remembering the BTS of JY got drunk and piggy backed by ZZ..HUH *EXPLODE!!



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  13. On 5/19/2016 at 1:10 PM, bearology said:

    eye drop is not something you normally give to your bestfriend right? :sweatingbullets: More like a wifey taking care of his beloved hubby :wub: And god knows how many other things we havent spotted or they havent used in public  :blink:

    delulu rant~~


    making me giggled because in johnny's interview in Cannes he said that he cant withstand the sunlight and camera flashes and as we can see he always wearing his shades in airport whether day or night...looks like the wifey knows his hubby sooo much and thinking about his welfare even from miles away...my delulu heart cant take it~~~


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  14. Haiii~~ first time posting here eventhough has been lurking for quite some time..

    And yeah for Thai fm I'm so pumped up..waiting for sugaarrsss~~ and what I can say, thai fans are really well known for respecting and welcoming their idols like that at airport...that's why I've been talking with my friend about this and how they will be shocked...kekkee 

    And thank for all of u here sharing infos and spazzing bout them..thank u thank u thank u *important thing need to be said three times..


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