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  1. Hi all, wishing everyone here, all baobaos on Soompi YuZhou family a 'Happy 4.17' day! ~ 2016 17th April was a VERY 'emotional' day for all YuZhou baobaos...! ...Now, I'm thankful we're still here for our boys in 2019. Old/new baobaos, continue to walk slowly with YuZhou and with all baobaomen. Keep your fire and passion burning for YuZhou because they are REAL and WORTH it! April 17th 2016 marked 'the ending' of YuZhou together in public but also 'the beginning' of their love (the recognition of) and their journey with each other (in private) for greater love, things and future together! And we have been their 'witnesses' from the beginning...all baobaomen! This journey with YuZhou is a lifetime commitment, for me, it is. I hope it's the same for you all too! ...Bless our boys...bless all good and faithful baobaos! Big hugs and love to you all! For our boys, we cheers and walk on! Take care, everyone! ;)...
  2. Soompi baobaos, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!...May all have a lovely, peaceful, healthy, prosperous, Chubby Pig new year! haha... YuZhou ALL THE WAYYYYYYY, always! Thank you all for your continued love, support and commitment to our dearest, awesome, beautiful, gorgeous, YuYu and ZZhou! Keep fighting and walking slowly, dear all! Big hugs to all. Love you all! ....(I'm totally 'stupid!' I've only learned of how to use 'emoji' faces on Soompi!...how many years now...??!!... 3!!!!! ...) Good night, everyone!
  3. Hey, Soompi YuZhou family baobaomen...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! Always believe in your 'instinct' and 'your heart' about our boys! Lurking fans, bz fans or hjt fans... as long as we all love our boys the same, we should love and respect each other :)... Whatever fans we are, BE A GOOD, LOVING, SUPPORTIVE FAN. If we love our boys, WE SHOULD LOVE EACH OTHER. WE SHOULD, the more, LOVE OUR BOYS, 'EQUALLY' because our boys have started their life 'together', whether fans believe they are cp/just good bros, WE SHOULD LOVE BOTH and NOT one/the other. THAT's 'RESPECT' to our boys. Wish all baobaomen a very happy and sweet new year! Bless and love my boys, always! Love you all, Soompi YuZhou family! xxx : )...
  4. Hey, @clon_105are you looking for ZZhou's albums? I bought ZZhou's two albums on Yesasia.com, try there if you haven't bought it yet ~ And just wanted to wish everyone here in Soompi YuZhou family a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Keep fighting for our dearest YuZhou, baobaomen! Love and appreciate you all...always! Big Christmas love and hugs to you all!:())....xoxoxo
  5. Guys... LOVE YOU ALL on Soompi! Thank you for keeping this thread going and strong! Welcome, all new baobaos who joined this family and 'hello' to all 'oldies' of Soompi lol.... Just wanted to say... STAY STRONG...STAY FIRM...STAND GUARD with our boys! The more those 'evil bullies' shoot poison arrows at JYu/ZZhou, THE MORE we MUST and NEED to stand our ground and TRUST and BELIEVE in our JYu and ZZhou because WE KNOW, those evildoers CAME with just ONE INTENTION, that is to 'destroy' our boys because over 'JEALOUSY!' for JYu and ZZhou's 'popularity'! From the start, our boys' been 'bullied!' (the ban and all sorts of 'mistreatments!' etc..!) The 'malicious' ''war'' is on! It's AT TIME LIKE THIS, WE MUST NOT 'abandon' our boys BUT LOVE and SUPPORT THEM ''MORE!'' It is really a 'testing' time for us all, those 'rumours' are 'fierce' but the TRUTH is TRUTH... JYu's GOOD CHARACTER and HARD WORK will PREVAIL and PROVE his INNOCENSE in the end! LOVE HIM, SUPPORT HIM and PRAY for him and ZZhou continually, that's all we need to do! ''FIGHTING'' all good, baobaomen! Thank you all! Best wishes to everyone! God bless and watch over our dearest love, YuZhou!
  6. LOL.... really cool, this. You should send it to JingYu, this letter haha.... very good! Aaahh.. girl, you should really 'write' YuZhou fanfics, you are so good! I'm your 'fan' already, lol.... Hm... all joke aside... I'm a bit worried about ZZhou! The 'pin' incident and his 'fans' reaction to it... hopefully, this won't cause ZZhou more trouble/problem with the 'haters!' (they sure want to create negative attention to ZZhou!) I'm TOTALLY FUMING about what happened, the 'pin' thing...some evil buggers out there against our boys, so sad! May God deal with them all! Sigh... Our poor Zhou... our boys! Please pray for them, everyone :((... Thank you @13thwish for your lovely sharing ;)...
  7. Very true ; ) You're so right about this. Both boys are not flowery boys so they attracted each other, it's the 'male masculine' that they loved about each other lol... and that happens/happened in real life too! So awesome!
  8. Yes...''sigh...!'' Me too! Same thought and feeling here about it... that they...or another country can produce/remake ShangYin... the complete story... and 'our boys'...ShangYin... their 'birthright'...their 'legacy'...I WANNA CRY!!!!!!!!!!! : (((()... I'm NOT a bit excited about this news, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Crying.........!!! It's like... our boys 'birthright's been 'snatched' 'stolen' from them! They put in the hard work, they 'started'... their 'identity' WEREN't ALLOWED to claim! and now other people can TAKE it FROM THEM and get the 'glory!' Aaarrrgghhhhhhh..., very annoying! You guys know what I mean??! Sorry for the rant, I'm hurting for my boys, because!... Sigh... guys... I know the Korean remake will be good because they are great actors etc... PLEASE, YUZHOU bros and sis... ALWAYS keep YuZhou... Huang JingYu and Xu WeiZhou as your FIRST in your heart! PLEASE don't allow the 'remake' to dim your love for our two precious boys! PLEASE DON'T let others TAKE the 'credit' FROM THEM! Our boys are the ORIGINAL and everyone else is 'FAKE' GuHai and BaiLuoYin! I'm just too sad for our boys... thinking their hard work with ShangYin was 'banned' and now a remake....I don't know if I want to watch it, the remake, it hurts too much thinking of my boys!
  9. Hey you, our 'official' BAOBAO!lol.... you are a 'sweet' talker and a very 'insightful' one too... you're great! Thank you so much for joining this family and sharing our burning passion for YuZhou! : ()))))).... YuZhou baobaos are 'geniuses' from all over the globe and you are a 'writer' for sure ~ some others are gifted in 'fan art', 'FBI' gift, video making, all sorts...SO talented...all baobaos, so proud of you all! ~ Yes, you are so right, our boys are each other's most loyal and loving fan! It's sad the hjt and bz don't see that/hold on... I believe they DO KNOW about this BUT JUST DON'T want to admit it! THEY KNOW of our boys love and support for each other but because of their 'anti' 'male-male' relationship attitude, they chose to 'avoid' and 'DENY' it...sad people! Anyhow... true love will STAND against all 'trials' and 'oppositions'... Our boys have STOOD their ground for the past three years. They have FOUGHT through 'together', against all odds with a RIGHT attitude - silence - against all those 'super annoying' 'troublemakers' and 'haters' for the last few years, for this... I'm 'truly' PROUD of them! God bless our boys, always! Our boys KNOW and APPRECIATE baobaomen's love and support, I have no doubt...We are more than just mere cpfs... we are their 'blessing' and 'strength' in YuZhou love... 'Jiayou' (fighting) baobaomen! : )...xxx
  10. SO awesome this news! OMG....... JYU! Please let ZZhou have the same opportunity! I want our boys to experience EVERYTHING TOGETHER! God bless our boys! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.... SO excited for our Whale! ~~...
  11. Hey... how're you, @sohocomo... missed you, dear lady! : )... Hope all is well with you! We are the OLD YuZhou fans (am so proud!) lol... been thinking of your 'steamy' fanfics... THANK YOU for this update!haha... Dear auntie, please try and write a LONG passionate YuZhou fanfic as you have the GIFT in writing. I'm your loyal fan, always!lol... Have a good day!xx
  12. Hey, new baobao (Chinese saying for cpfan ~ ) Welcome to YuZhou Love Universe lol... Thank you for your lovely sharing. I can feel your love and passion for our dearest YuZhou!haha... Very good! They are certainly so 'addictive', aren't they?! Hey, I think you are a lovely 'writer', you should consider writing YuZhou stories/fanfics or even just 'compiling' our boys 'events' and 'happenings' together and write a love journal about them (I LOVE YuZhou stories and long fanfics!) My prayer and wish is, one day... YuZhou could/would produce a 'biography' about their experience, love, and life together! It's so 'awesome' just thinking about it!... Our boys... their love story is 'out of this world!'... and we are so so privileged to be their witnesses... to have 'walked' with them from 'the beginning', since ShangYin is just 'incredible!' From March 2016 to now I've loved them... ''addicted'' following ShangYin... almost three years now and my PASSION hasn't 'dimmed' in any way...! That YuZhou 'fire' is 'burning' passionately STILL, even more! Aaaahhhh... it's unbelievable, for me... from a 'non' supporter of 'male-male love' to 'finding' YuZhou...! They're NOT from this earth, lol... everything is SO 'fated' with them so 'definitely' they're a pair sent from heaven to find someone like me, to enlighten me that 'true love' can also happen with two (beautiful) boys. YuZhou...a lifelong love and commitment for me! Hope for you all too! Love all NEW baobaos and appreciate all OLD baobaos! Keep walking slowly with our two dearest boys, they are SO worth it because for WHO they are and for THEIR beautiful LOVE STORY! Hugs to you all... Have a super weekend everyone! ~ xxx
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