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  1. It hard to say goodbye to a masterpiece drama.This drama will remind in my heart. 1.Why Do Hyun Su get amnesia.I think the writer want DHS start his life from new born person.He can feel love, emphatic, sorry, etc.Now CJW his turning point his life.His new life start from CJW love and acceptance.totally their relationship is true love.Whatever happen in DHS life is clearly restart .Now he live as freely person (as CJW wish),has a good reputation and has a lovely family who love and accept just the way he is. I so in love with this family.Many many saranghae. 2.CJW is strong woman.Sh
  2. Kudos to the writer .She create a masterpiece.All the plot, all the story is amazing.Episode 15 such a heart breaking. 1.One more DHS sacrifice his life for CJW , from the beginning DHS suffer so much and till the end episode 15 he still suffer. How long he will wake up from comma? I see preview episode 16, CJW call 4 month still comma?Poor DHS.He deserve to be happy with his family. The Court must decide him not guilty of the village foreman murder.The result of trial should clear his reputation.HE is good man , good husband, good father , good brother also good friend.He deserve happy l
  3. @Jillia I guess BHS provoke DHS and tell him that he killed Cha Ji won like he think.in that sceneDHS really angry to BHS like the scene he almost kill Yom Sang Cheul. I believe the writer keep big secret about DHS past because he can't remember all his memories below 10 years old. The scene he seemed to be lost on a the jungle was still a mystery. And maybe we will get the answer in episode 15. I can't believe Doo Hae Su get hurt.I wish she survive.I wanna see they together like CJW said that she will invite Do Hae Su and I guess she will introduce her to Eunha as her aunt,She
  4. Bhs really kill Do Min Soek and JMs saw it when it happen.
  5. 10 June 2002 is Do Min Soek Funeral. And this day BHs give fish chain to Doo Hae Su. And tell her that DHS will suffer for future. So he has been planning to slander Do Hyun Su as accomplice. He gave the fish key chain to Do Hae Su and saying that DHs will have bad luck and he know exactly that Do Hae Su love her brother and will give him Jung Min Soek fish key chain and DHs would be accused of being an accomplice to the murderer. After DmS died, the serial murder case was known. What date Village foreman died?
  6. 1. I guess YSC hide Jung Mi Sook in Do Min Soek House. In episode 4 CJW know all the address of Do Min Soek.House in Paju, Holiday House in Taean.All I hate about VJW and DHS relationship is they never trust each other.If DHS honest with Cha Ji Won that he got threat call from the murderer, the problem will not be more complicated. CJW is smart police. in Baek Man Wo house she know there is strange thing but she can identified it. I hate writer who make their relationship suspicious of each other. Also DHS isn't honest to CJW why he is out early in the morning in the day that cleaning volunt
  7. The cleaning volunteers found the bodies 13 days after the maid's death. Did the police not investigate the hour of the death of the victim and only match the fingerprints of the tape? Why did the police not perform an autopsy on the cause of death of the maid? So strange for me. Like other case police always perform autopsy on the victim. Why in the maid case they didn't do it? Maybe there is plot twist the writer will give us next.
  8. 1.One big question for me if Baek Man Wo know his son is a serial murder why is he still looking for the hospital volunteer photo as requested by Do Hae So? to blame all mistake to DHS? If DHS honest to CJW about green silicon band who used by BHS like Do Hae Su remember the accomplice wear in Do Min Soek funeral, This problem will solve because in episode 13 CJW see a photo of hospital volunteer wearing a green silicon band in BHS treatment room. But we know this is drama. 2. if DHS run off to lure BHS out , what plans Do Hyun su has prepared? Does he want to meet Yeom Sam Cheol?
  9. 1.Iam curious who spying Do Hae So? He left fingerprint . This is second time she has been spied on. 2.every scene has meaning. I also believe Gong Mija was touched when Do Hyun Su said he considered Gong Mi Ja as his family. In episode 12 Gong Ming Ja saved DHS life. Will she saved him/his family once again in emergency? 3.I confuse why Jung Min Soek was put in mental hospital? Who put her in mental hospital? Head human trafficking or ? 4. I don't think The psycho knows that Jung Min Soek was alive. Could she be the key to opening BHS murder case? 5.DHs ran away becau
  10. From now I call BHS as Bas****.He use her mother to act like their maid who gonna home like Gong Mi Ja tell Detective Choi.And most disgusting thing he use her mother who had dropped the basket filled with duct tape and using the duck tape for tie the maid copse.So DHS fingerprint are on the duct tape.CJW matched DHS fingerprint in duct tape with the fingerprint in DHS perfume bottle.What a evil are you BHS.Always play victim and use your parent to covered up his crimes.
  11. episode 13 make me tremble.otooke.I feel so afraid of Baek Hee Sung.i agree with sleepy owl.Gong Mija maybe can ended his psycho son like time she save DHS life from BHS
  12. Do Hyun Su found some writing.I can see you but you can't see me.BHS blackmail DHS by call Cha JiWon And Eun Ha name.that why DHS tell Eunha to be careful to a stranger and not allowed to pickup up or talk with stranger. Ahjuma maid body was found by a group of young people.The police go to there.and found ahjuma corpse.Baek Hee Sung must set a trap for DHS and blame DHs for murder
  13. Baek Hee Seong call DHS .DHS track the phone number and DHS go to ?
  14. there are corrupt police who bring woman prisoners together with the head of human trafficking
  15. Do Hyun Su tell Eun Ha not to follow stranger.He tell her if they will not allow her to talk and pick up by stranger.So Do Hyun Su will prepare for bad thing maybe happen because he know Baek Man Wo try to kill him and maybe also his family.But Baek Hee Sung more scary.He can do psycho behaviour and act like innocence from his teen.
  16. Baek Hee Sung trap Do Hyun su by put Maid hair in DHS car?Really really evil.
  17. From episode 12 I can learn 1.Cha Ji Won and detective Choi consider DHs is kind person.HE is innocent.And Cha Ji Won will support him no matter what happen. 2.Every person can be judged bad by other people, but if we don't care about people said is doesn't matter.But in DHS case he is being exorcism by village people, jugged him as son of murderer,Because he often considered to be possessed by evil spirit by community, DHs assumed he was indeed possessed.from this we know how much more evil the impact of wrong judgement.Poor DHS he lived in very bitter past. 3. I think BHS par
  18. I think BHs coma is plan by his father. Because his father don't want his son get in jail. Remember when his mother take out the ventilator BHS is alive. If he is in coma he must died. Now I understand the reason why Gong MiJa sometime be lost control. She can't accept have a psycopath son who kill so many people. If you are a mother you will be crazy if your son like that.
  19. I Want thank to Gong Mi Ja.At least because of her.Do Hyun Su still alive.If didn't stabbed Baek Hee Sung , Do Hyun su he will died because being buried by BHS.BHS is really psychopath
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