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  1. oh my...I miss Jin Soo so much...so re watched the drama again and sighed, it just make me become more greedy and want more of them...haishhh...we can say that Season 2 is almost impossible, right? not many kdramas impress me these days...if there is any, I found myself getting boring and gave up after few episodes... my dream is shk and pbg to meet again in a movie...make it a rom com that is as sweet as ever..
  2. I had a fever yesterday and got myself medical leave until today, planning to fill my time by watching new dramas..and here I am...I got boring as soon as I did that and came back to Encounter...rerun all my favorite episodes all again..aigooooo...I gave up trying to move on, now back to rewatch my favorite scenes from Encounter again and again...wanna guess which scenes are in my list???
  3. I read that the scene KJH kissed his brother was an adlib from PBG? I am so curious if he made any adlib with SHK too...
  4. @redbeanbuns Usually I'll click the name of person I want to pm and it'll go to the person profile page. You'll see message box there.
  5. Kyo at Encounter wrap up party.. Look lovely, her natural beauty shines.. credit to ig acc owner
  6. This is me when the thought that I'll not get to see kyo in Encounter new episode again next week.. It took long for her to take another drama/film in the past but hopefully she do not plan to slow down this time around..but I hope she get a good rest after Encounter though. Really gonna miss her....
  7. I'm late, just came back from work and still catching up with wonderful updates here....Thank you so much my dear friends...no words can describe my feeling...we got happy ending...but I am sad that the drama ended and I am gonna miss this thread...the time when we are so head over heel with this drama... Thanks again chingus
  8. Thanks in advance for all friend who will update live on final episode of Encounter..I have a department meeting tonight..hope to peek an updates here...LOL!
  9. Hi @dukesa1122 Me too, using Laneige skincare and just sometimes bought Laneige BB cushion and lipstick ( love them, but a bit pricey for me..LOL). It's really nice to see all postings here, although I can;t contribute much...I am so happy reading all of posts about kyo's activities and news,just a single new photo of her could make me smile the whole day... Now that Encounter reaching it's end, I started to worry whether we get to see kyo this much again...she might be back to her silence mode again like she did after DOTS where all her co star enjoying the fame they got after the drama. I just hope she continue to appear in public for CF, photoshoot for magazines,etc and updating her ig more....while supporting her her husband drama after this. For future , would love to see her act along PBG again, their chemistry is really the best for me, I am a fan of Encounter of course....but just like DOTS...I feel there are hole here and there in the drama, they( the storyline )should bring Jin Soo couple chemistry more..they have a lot lot more potential....haishh...maybe it's just me being greedy. Let's watch our kyo in Final Encounter tonight..I wish all the best for her..
  10. Ep 15 was a really really sad...heartbreaking episode but I can;t help but feeling amazed by their acting ability....SHK ( she is my all time favorite ) and Park Bo Gum ( I like him in Moonlight Drawn By Cloud and Monster, but this drama makes me fall even more to his charm, nobody can replace him as Jin Hyuk.). This is the among the episode that left the deepest impact for me...I just can't forget their breaking up scene....my tears just flowed as I managed to watch it this morning...the emotion is so real...tbh, this drama is close to my heart because someone in my life resembles the character of Jin Hyuk so much...his determination and stubbornness , his selfless love and sensitivity and his unique character that differs him from others, although he is not as handsome as our Jin Hyuk... Thank you for all the updates...really appreciate all the efforts made by all of you here... Let's Wish For Happy Ending For Our Jin Soo!
  11. @caileysmiley I am always here dear friend...just get to reply something here...I was stuck in meeting when ep 15 Encounter was on air...hwaaa.... I managed to peek updates here and saw the word break up and almost faint...lol... trying to catch up with updates in Encounter thread...see you chingu yah....thank you very much.
  12. Ommo... what with the preview...omg jin hyuk ahhh...I am torn in between bo gum super great acting and heartbreaking Jin Hyuk.... But, I got the feeling about this drama gonna has happy ending (or at least positive ending) since the start...that way all the struggles do not become meaningless and give courage for people to fall in love again..(just like what shk said in interview,if I am not mistaken). for sure episode 15 might be made for us to cry out loud with the leads and it might be super duper sweet in final episode... Stay calm dear chingus.. someone please teach me how to move on after this drama ended..cause I don;t think I can bear the empty week without jin soo in my screen...oh my...I wish they (PBG and SHK) will work together again...in movie perhaps? their chemistry should not be waste...
  13. What can I say about this episode??? I am so sad that I can't even get angry with the writer.... A friend of mine who is a novelist said that this drama writer's mind seems unpredictable...let's just hope she don't have the kind of thinking that sad ending is beautiful...oh no....my friend said that she predicted a break up and something will happen to soo hyun (considering that she is taking so much pressure on herself alone)...oh....a BIG NO... haishhh...a lot of expectation....a lot of anticipation...I still think that happy ending is the most beautiful ending... Thanks for all the updates my dear friends...you all are amazing...
  14. Here I am again...will be relying on updates here...thank you so much...
  15. I don't know if I am mistaken (someone please correct me if I am wrong) but slide 2 said that SHK as Cha Soo Hyn is going to wear the tiara on ep 13 of Encounter...or they make it ep 14? For what occassion?Wedding maybe? Oh my....can I dream about that.... credit to ig owner @sandra_alam
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