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  1. Hi Addicted fans! I was a very active member of this forum... And I was (and still am) a CPF. It has been two long years since I last posted anything on this forum and I am glad there are still fans who are consistently updating the thread. I am currently working in Malaysia and while I was walking around Pavilion (a famous shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur) I saw ZZ's picture for Coach. Naturally, I fangirled (that young fangirl self popped out haha and my ultra conservative fiance was asking me what movie/tv series he was in that I was so ecstatic about seeing ZZ's face - I mentioned Addicted/ShangYin but didn't elaborate further...). When I went home that day I straight away logged into my Weibo (haven't done so for so long) to keep up with the latest updates & obviously checked up on JY's latest updates. Of course, he still looked handsome as ever and I am so proud of them T^T I got teary-eyed to see how far they have come since then. I love them so much and I wish them well. I miss those days where I still have time to keep up with all the updates from them. Missing all of you old friends I have made here in this forum too. Love you all, each and every one of you YuZhou fans. (ZhouYu too... But ya know I have always preferred YZ over ZY :P)
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