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  1. Oh wowwww, I’m so envious of you. Your picture of her is very good also, she looks beautiful in every single angle. Her long hair makes her look so classy, and beautiful.
  2. Drop by to say hi, I really like this drama too. Gosh, How nerdy I am as love dramas that related to boooks, and poetry. I love the story going, the bonding between the colleagues. the CEO and staff, and OTP. I love the drinking scenes between the three women and three men, showing a potential three pairing. I would love Hae rin will be with JSJ as they are so adorable together.
  3. Oh , so you are the culprit behind that ??? Hahaha good job mate, I was yesterday trying to post comments to encourage her and to ask her if she could ignore stupid anti crazy fans and be more beautiful for them to be jealous and even go crazier but I can’t do that since the comment was blocked. But this is even better. Thank you chingu
  4. Lolz, you guys wouldn’t believe this, but due to recent deletion by SHK posts of picture of SJK and her( thanks to those crazy shippers) , there is a rumor saying she and SJK got divorced.
  5. Hello friends, I appreciate SHK and PBG for their braveness and determination to accept this project, and hence I have another drama that will be forever staying in my heart attesting time.
  6. Those are crazy, pathetic people and they seriously need help with mental issue.
  7. I’m wondering when Kyo is getting to 40-50, what roles will she be playing. i would really miss her if she is not appearing on Kent anymore. unlike Hollywood, older actresses still receive many interesting roles, Asian entertainment seems to limit the roles to females.
  8. Here you go as someone suggested, I think you should combine all your analyses and post onto your personal blog.
  9. What I did like most of you know in this thread: reading the thread and posts by all Chigus here. rewatching moments of our Couples minus the sad one ( I’m looking at you, episode 14 and 15).... One thing different is I made the ringtone with the song “The day we met”. So now whoever calls me, I can hear the rhythm: “it’s beautiful time...” which give me all the flashbacks happy moment of CSH and KJH when they were in Cuba. Thanks for some of you still go back to the thread which really helps my withdrawal symptoms bearable.
  10. I was reading back the thread and tried to copy all the poems/quote that you posted including this one. I think the title of the poem is “In the night” and the author is Kim Kwang Sup. Kim Hwan Ki is the artist of the art “ where, in what form, Shall we meet again”. It is named after the last line of the poem. And the original poem was : Among a multitude of stars,one stares down at me.Among a multitude of people,I stare up at that one star.As the night grows deeper,it fades into brightnessand I disappear into darkness.Where, when,as what will the two of us…you, one so warm, and me, one so tender,meet again? From : https://www.instagram.com/p/BtEfNy2Bkho/ Thank you.
  11. Thanks for taking your time sharing your thoughts and analysis even you are very busy, 90 mins for each post is considered quite amount of time taking away from your personal life. All your posts with detailed observations of art and body language bring Encounter to another level : it is a fine art itself.
  12. Hi, sorry to cut your post, I agree with you everything about Soo Ah and the part that she gave the painting to CSH is to wish her happy; however I don’t think CSH is afraid of marriage that she was hesitated when KJH asking her. CSH hesitates because she is not confident in herself; she thinks she doesn’t deserve JH. When JH taking wedding pictures for the ads; CSH was looking at the bride and remembering the time JH and she laying on the bed: she wants to be with JH for the rest of her life ( sleeping next to each other everyday sounds nice to her!!) but it also reminded her that she was once married and the marriage/ divorce has become the unerasable scars for her. When JH asked her why did she keep ignoring his request; she then told him about her concern, her insecurities and her lack of confidence, ( she thought maybe she is dreaming too much) and once JH assured her that: CSH is now still the same as CSH he first met in Cuba, the one he is interested at the first moment ( wondering if she has boyfriend, ) then we can the couples promise to make it work till the end. I think CSH is not a perfect character; she has flaws and her major flaws is lacking of confidence; caring too much about other than herself; worries too much about how other think and her dad have to ask her : “can you live with that thought for the rest of your life” i think it was her dad that gives her some courage and the shoes was final trigger for her to run back to JH.
  13. Won Bin and Gong Yoo, my wish that she will Co Star with those two actors and im praying drama god that my wish will come true, if my wish is granted, I will eat vegetarian for 6 months.
  14. I’m getting withdrawal syndrome. @dukesa1122, If I’m not mistaken, there was time Kyo took her break and studying abroad in New York to improve her English skills. I maybe bias but her English skills is still much better than some I know Hahaha
  15. @jl08 @NongpeeP sorry for not clarifying it clearly. I was too excited. so JH leaned toward CSH and answered Neo(you) when CSH asks what beautiful, there is no English sub As JH does not speak into the mic, JH means CSH is beautiful; however Neo(you) in Korean only used when you want to address someone who is younger or in very close relationship. The same with CSH, she said “dad said “Jagi is boring hahaha so Jagi in English sub as You; however it should be translated as “Honey” Jagi in Korean has the same meaning as babe, honey in English. you see how adorable CSH is? Call JH honey!! It is lovely isn’t it ???
  16. I’ve been hiding and avoid visiting this thread after episode 13. As after watching CSH meeting with JH’s mom, I’m not sure if I can endure watching episode 14 and then have to wait for another week to see what happened next, as it will be brutal to my heart and my health.. I read one comment somewhere saying CSH doesn’t deserve JH and that JH has done all the work. I respectfully disagree with that. Both have showed and demonstrated their loves to each other equally and in reciprocal way. 1.If JH because of CSH, step up to rescue her from being cornered by director Choi, CSH doesnt hesitate admitting in front of the public that they are in “some” relationship to protect JH being called a stalker. 2. JH came to Seoul to see CSH, she for the moment letting her love overcome her fears of hurting JH driving to Sokcho to meet him. 3. If JH directly refuse CSH’s mom request to not seeing CSH, CSH indirectly proven to JH’s dad that she treasures JH more than anything in the world by showing up at JH house instead of going to the funeral. more than anyone else, JH knows CSH love him as the same as he loves her, and that’s why he understands her completely when she said she wants to break up with him, everything is because of love. How beautiful is that? I love how the writer put the foreshadowing of JH character in the beginning. Through HI we know that JH is persevered and if he is into something, he will definitely put all the efforts. And here throughout the episodes and strongly in the end, his perservance is proven to us. CSH character is prescribed as an ice cold princess but soft and insercure, always live for others and concerned for others instead of herself. And here toward the end because of that weakness of CSH, we see how she is struggling between love va fear, pain, guilt which lead to her decision of breaking up with JH. The story is well written, and no single moment is dull or extra. To me, the best part is the moment CSH and JH walking in the neighborhoods, and I have to say my effort of learning korean to enjoy korean drama fully has not come to waste. When CSH asking “what is beautiful” , “this neighborhood”, the camera focuses on JH’s movement , he whispered into her ears: “Neo”( 너) (you), there is no Soo Huyn Sii, but just Neo. And then when SH asked if JH if he visits her dad, she addresses him as jagi, (자기) instead of JH sii. Yes no English translation for this moment but it’s so beautiful,so intimate and it makes my heart flutter, Hahaha,chingus, even no bed scenes, but through the way they address each other, definitely their relationship has developed into a very intimate level. . Thank you so much everyone in this thread for your time, comments, insightful thought and analysis that makes my Encounter’s journey so memorable and enjoyable.
  17. Hahaha, okay I finished all episodes 14,15,16 in one night , bawling my eyes out and I have to say my decision to postpone until all the episodes coming out is the best decision ever , otherwise I would wake up every night dosing like zombies dreaming, spectaculating what’s gonna happen !!! Im so proud of SHK, and with SHK, when it comes to project, if she likes the script, she will choose to do it regardless of social norms, people’s biases, judgement. I miss her already , don’t know what to do and how would I move on ???
  18. @caileysmileyhahaha, I’m still here, I haven’t watched episode 14 and waiting all the episodes are aired so I can watch all together cause my weak heart cannot endure the sadness, i don’t even go to Encounter thread to read Lolzzz I’m scared to read the spoiler hahahaha but yep yep, still lurking here guys
  19. I already visited your blog and really love the content, will follow thankssss
  20. After watching this episode, I definitely believe that we will have a happy ending and possibly a wedding . Normally I always come to read the thread before watching the episode, but today I did the opposite, I watched first and unlike some of chingus here, I don’t see it as sad as it seems. I don’t get angry at JH’s mom but I feel disappointed. So far her character is portrayed as nice, and humble and in my mind I’m ready prepared that she will not approve JH and CSH relationship easily; however, I am expecting that she would have a discussion with him face to face, not going behind his back and tell CSH to end the relationship with JH knowing how much JH loves CSH( eavesdropping the conversation between JH and dad.) JH’s mom is insecure and jealous. She is not ready to accept that there is a woman JH loves so much beside her; she is not ready to share that love. About CSH, I’m balling my eyes when I see her tears and her loneliness. She spent her childhood without mother love; got married off to a family who suffocated her and she slowly let herself decline, became numb and cold and a subject of mental decay. when she finally find hope and love, and ready to call someone else’s as “mom”, yearning to live in a house with full of laugh and Joyce, she again got turned down. how much can she endure and how much life expect her to suffer ??? seriously, I just want to hug CSH so bad and tell her: it’s okay Soo Huyn , cry it out , tears can bear the courage for u to fight. and if I was as rich as CSH, as beautiful as CSH and can cook many ethnic food like CSH , I would just “F” the world for real.
  21. I wonder if If Kim Taeri confirms yet? I read Kim Taeri got offered but haven’t heard if she indeed confirmed; @dukesa1122: Eventhough I like the idea of LMH and SHK together but I think it’s unlikely to happen soon as knowing SHK is very picky and she might go into hiatus again after Encounter.
  22. I think it’s because Samuel knows that JH is a merely employee but what makes him come all the way to Cuba just to persuade Samuel. The only explanation and conclusion Samuel had in mind is JH must be in love with the CEO in order to go to that extend. I think this was also explained by some users in this thread. If you have time to go back to those pages, you can find the answer.
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