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  1. I feel sad for Sulli and I really like sulli too, and this also reminded of SHK that has been constantly receiving so much hatre, and bashing from k-net. I know SHK is strong but we need to stand together, protect and send love to SHK. I will never ever want anything happen but happiness to SHK.
  2. Kyo just delete her recent pic of her. Sighhh, she barely posted anything on ig. I just want to see more of her, I know I’m greedy.
  3. I’m so proud of SHK, always handle the chaotic situation in the upmost classy and gracious manner. I wish SHK will be always happy, and healthy and I will be waiting for your next project. Please rest well and know that there are always fans who continue supporting you.
  4. Eddie Peng is a very famous Chinese actor, I would love to see a project of him and SHK together. Louis Koo, HOng Kong star movie actor also wants to work with SHK after watching AIMH. SHK, from now on, please let your grace, your charm, your beauty empower your inner strength. Whatever people said, you cannot control them, but what you respond is your freedom to choose.
  5. SHK, please be happy, and be more beautiful and successful. At this age, you don’t need a man to be happy, you can find peace and happiness on your own.
  6. She is just absolutely gorgeous, thank you everyone for keeping updates and all the info, thank you Chinese fans for supporting her. SHK, please smile often.
  7. SJK’s brother also added a vague post on his Instagram in Chinese trying to slander SHK’s reputations. why they always gugugaga about doing things quietly but what they did was the opposite. all of them always try to do everything to tear up a woman.
  8. I’m I fan, I’m buying Sulwasoo because of SHK, if they remove her from their endorsements, I will stop using their products.. stupid superstitial company, it’s her private personal matter.
  9. I’m With SHK, I feel her pain and I lost respect to SJK. Believe me, she will come back and be strong than ever. she went through lot of s*** and she will overcome this one also. Once she back to her feet, she will shine like a shining star. SHK, every rain cloud has a silver lining, and remember this : what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. you have us, as loyal fans and you still have love and support from your most beloved friends and family. at least, you know that marriage is not for you, it’s better to leave than stay in unhealthy relationship.
  10. Oh wowwww, I’m so envious of you. Your picture of her is very good also, she looks beautiful in every single angle. Her long hair makes her look so classy, and beautiful.
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