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  1. Does anyone know why the episode count was reduced and also the point during airing this happened?
  2. Hello! If it's not too much of a hassle, can you please link the BTS you're referring to? Thank you!
  3. Isn't 7% pretty high for a cable drama though (most average between 1% to 3%) or do you mean it's normal range for this show?
  4. But KMR did have a friend (in the drama anyways), her best friend that she still lives with even now. I think she and many others (minus the sunbae after Kyung Seok and Kyung Seok) can’t see SA for what she really is because they are blinded by her beautiful looks and her seemingly sweet and friendly personality that in their minds, complements and reinforces her beauty. They don’t even care to entertain the thought that she might be fake and manipulative. KMR of all people will be most susceptible because SA is the only person she has ever rated as 100 on the looks scale, it might not be shown here as clearly but she’s practically always in awe of Soo-Ah’s natural beauty. Also it seems like she basically feels really grateful to have such a pretty person like SA want to be her friend. It’s not surprising to see since she became so focused on others’ looks and idealistic beauty during she years she spent feeling ugly and rejected by society for her appearance. I can see her struggling with the idea that the best looking guy on campus likes her.
  5. Does anyone know what the top Naver comments about PSJ and PMY’s most interviews current are saying? Nate is generally full of salty, judgmental netizens and their comments are almost always much more negative than Naver’s more sensible comments. Also like someone said they represent korean public sentiment much more accurately. I don’t usually care that much about netizen reaction outside of pure curiousity but I’ve been a fan of both these actors for years and I’m starting to get worried about the public turning on them. If they are dating, I hope people are sensible enough to understand that they had their reasons. Personally I don’t think they are dating but IMO, it’s obvious PSJ is interested. Honestly though, I think almost any single human attracted to women would be trying to start something with PMY haha. Also, maybe they went on a few dates or hung out in the past (entertainment industry is a very small world) and things fizzled out but maybe some interest got rekindled after acting in this drama. Now that people have gone overboard, they are probably be keeping their distance and laying low no matter what type of relationship they have. This too shall pass.
  6. No, it’s ok! I was actually more confused than anything and looking for answers instead of trying to refute what that person posted. I can’t read hangul so I can’t understand any potential nuances or details of the situation right now anyway. It might be he’s a consulting PD without billing or is attached to the drama in a different way than what the person thought, I just want to be 100% sure. The rumor will probably gain traction as the show becomes more popular and hopefully the truth will come out. I imagine some korean netizens are trying to figure out what’s going on too. It would be incredibly shameful if it was just someone trying. to sabotage the drama though.
  7. Ok I checked 3 different info sites that are generally very accurate when it comes to kdramas (Asian wiki, koreandrama.org and the drama’s Wikipedia page where all the sources are from korean sites) and they all say the PD is Choi Sung-Bum not Song Byungjoon??
  8. and some netizens are turning on them because of it ugh...some are saying it's like he got to get paid while working with his girlfriend. Anyway I hope both of their careers only go up from here. I've been rooting for them for years and i'm very happy for them.
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