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  1. Haha, here's my post @angieknows, will make another post on the thread later on.  I'm still shaking over this happy news.  It's been a long journey for us SS shippers, but it's so worth it.  These two amazing people are finally going to tie the knot!!!  I'm not good with sappy words, but I'm just so happy and excited right now!!!! 

    I roughly translated a BI staff revelation about JK and Kyo's marriage.  I combined the contents of a few different articles together since they basically talked about the same thing.


    This staff said JK truthfully told the director about his marriage with Kyo and worried if the film will be effected and whether to revealed the news before the film releases.  The director said the marriage news will not hurt the film and supports JK's decision to announce his marriage.  After their Bali trip news spread, he worried that Kyo would be talked about badly so he considered announcing their marriage.   Compared to himself, he would think of Kyo first.  The staff also revealed that JK really dotes on Kyo and because of his active pursue and sincerity, he won her over.


    What an amazing and protective man :wub:  They are so lucky to have found each other and may they be blessed with beautiful little Songs in the near future :)


    1. denira2104


      Thank you dear. Today was easily one of the best days of my life.:wub:

  2. Hehe, can't wait to see little Songs :tongue:



    Kyo with her friend's baby (the pregnant friend at her FM) and JK with his little nephew :wub:



    @angieknows, woman, you need to post on your wall so I can rant.  My poor eyes are still bleeding because of you :bawling:  Luckily, I shared the love with @utkimand @khxyso I didn't suffer alone.  Sharing is caring, lol


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