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  1. Just finish ep15 with subs. Cry me a river ocean and lake. SHK and PBG acting is really on point. I can feel their deep pain. There are still a lot of flaws in the development of the story and their characters but I blamed it to the scriptwriter. Please don't disappoint me in final ep. Chaebal... My prediction in ep16 is we are going to get happy ending for sure. 1) Start at where it last in ep15, KJH will kiss CSH and tell her that he will not stop loving her. 2) He will continues with his resignation and start fresh and stronger. This action probably will make JH's mother regret with her action. Yes you destroying your son and his lover life. I want her to repent and apologies to both 3) Congress Cha going to do well in his case and SH mother will step up the game and help her husband. 4) JH will talk to his parent about how he can't live without SH and he will continue to pursue his love. 5) I don't think SH and Sec Jang will end up in Cuba. JH and SH will reconciled here and probably only at the very last minutes we will have special scene at the Cuba opening hotel, with them kissing happily at the garden maybe 6) I want them to get married so badly even it will be impossible knowing how kdrama works. But people can dream right.
  2. This page is moving too fast. I can barely catch up. Well done everyone. Keep the spirit. And now I read it backwards . Enjoy watching PBGxSHK bts. They looks so comfortable and carefree with each other. PBG sooo cute. I just can't . At 0.51 when SHK is waving at him. Love to see the selfies. Remember there a pic of PBG taking selfie during shooting ep1 with SHK in red dress. PBG surely better than KJH in collection of selfies.
  3. @mellinadear thanks for dropping by. I think everyone kind a immune with this but still those words hurt. SHK is apparently CSH in real life minus Kyo mother and in law family is lovely. All rumours and scandal that media try to create in every her new drama always left us as SHK fans dumbfounded. Thank God now Kyo is married or else we will have another rumours about her new co-star PBG who is far younger and i bet the words to her will be more harsh. But how I'm wrong about this because even now Kyo is married, haters still try to find another stupid thing to throw at her and now they even attacks Jong Ki's family. I'm really speechless, sad and angry and have no words to say. I only hope Kyo and all her families stay strong. I knows she is a strong woman. Just really don't know how long she have to deal with this. I hope Kyo's company filed a lawsuit to those haters. Its the only way to stop them
  4. Smiling with them. From this pic can see a happy ending for our Jinsoo. All this men will come together to protect uri SH from evil ex MIL and greedy mother. Oppa WS will protect SH I think. Lol JH will totally jealous with that oppa thing
  5. Haha look at how excited we are because of this 2 new still. This is what longing and yearning can do to you
  6. I bet we will get those lovey dovey scene in this coming episode. Maybe ep10 . Once they are in Cuba they will be more free and relax since no paparazzi will follow them. Time for love
  7. For me at first CSH not really attracted to KJH as feeling of love and that is why she didn't feel jealous or anything when JH told her he talked to a woman he like on the phone. I do believe SH just feel she can be herself everytime she is with JH. She feels safe and she trust him to the point she can ask him to accompany her to eat ramyeon together just like in Cuba. In ep1 SH knew JH wont take money for the broken camera just after saw him dancing with a girl. In ep2 when they met at the playground JH try to explain to her to not misunderstand that he help her in Cuba because he knows she is a CEO of Donghwa, SH reply she knows JH is not that type of person. So i think it just based on her unconscious feeling that JH is trustworthy. JH also said he feels weird when he is with her after the 12.42pm question. From the start they are just 'click in many ways' like how JH said in ep3 . They are meant for each other. Ahh I miss Jinsoo
  8. The other things that caught my attention in ep2 and 3 we can see CSH is in stress stage because of ramyeon scandal then MIL and her mother came to threat her followed by Artist Jang retreated, she prefuently take those sleeping pill. I hope in this upcoming intense episode she will not do that again. She is not alone anymore. You can depends on KJH and Mr. Nam SH ya. Fight together. Hope for Sec. Jang, HI, Dae Chan, PR team and JH's family to join the force and support them. And also WS (don't know why but I have soft spot for him. Hope he wont betray SH )
  9. Topic who declare first is subjective for me. IMO they both showed interest as soon as they saw each other. Ep1 - CSH, when she saw KJH dance with the girl, and KJH when he saw her walked in the red dress. SH start want to spend time and night at Cuba with JH, then JH ask her to have breakfast together next morning. Ep2 - SH curious about JH and go to the playground, they met and JH want to talked more with SH and asked her to try to take a look the pic of her at Cuba. And so on. Through all this scene you can see they are nervous from the start with small gesture of their hand and body movement when they were together. In other word their feeling is vice versa and this magic of encounter and enchanted keep following them.
  10. Really @dahae2006?? Thats even more interesting. So all those photos posted is PBG old personal photo? When was that? TvN is trying to tortured us I guess. All this curiosity until next week is going to kill me
  11. Wow this drama is really unpredictable. It will only gets better as it progress. Can't wait for ep9 On the other note, how many time KJH change his hairstyle. As far as I counts he got 5
  12. After scrolls and play around I suddenly remember this pic of SHK leaked before
  13. It will be a looong week for us. Lets keep this thread active and enjoyable guys. I'm ok they decided to give time for the crew to work. Quality of the drama and our beloved cast health is more important. I hope greedy JH will strike again. More kisses scene in ep9 please since you make us longing for 2 weeks PD nim...
  14. Omg so cute Jinsoo . I wonder is that PBGxSHK or KJHxCSH in character
  15. I agree with most of everyone points regarding JH. The more i look at it I think JH is actually the type of person who will not share his burden. He will not tell anyone his pain and his sorrows. He is very carefree and bubbly type of man who always looks happy and buried all his worries inside. Remember he said 'our relationship has become truly special now' after he shared with SH his secrets. In the other words he just not the type who will tell anyone even to his family and friends about his life. Even leader Mrs Kim frustratingly angry at him because JH didn't tell her about the Sokcho transfer. He didn't even tell SH . Luckily HI told SH or else I think SH will furious if she found out about it after coming back from busines trip. I think this could be one of conflict can happen between JH and SH in future. I hope JH can be more open with SH if anything bad happen to him again. Remember when SH feel relieved how JH didn't lie to her in Ep 2 about his neighbourhood elderly barefoot climb the mount. There are other situation too which I can see that JH honesty and sincerity are the things that make SH attracted to him but I can't recall it. Ya actually I do feel bad when he lied to his mother. He is such a sweetheart and try to protect everybody but at the end he will hurt himself more if this continues.
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