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  1. Hey guys! I'm a new user here. I become a big fan of so dam after I watched her in the recently wrapped drama CN4K. Although I watched many K-dramas since last year, there aren't many actresses who I love and stan. I had been searching about her in the Internet, and found that she is mainly a movie actress. Since I usually don't watch korean movies, but for her sake, I will try some. Would you mind recommending me of some great movies of so dam??

    Anyway,  I enjoyed CN4K so much and hoped that she could win Best New Actress in APAN award, but so sad that it didn't happen.  She is so pretty in that lovely pink dress on red carpet. 

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  2. Hey guys! I am new in this page. I recently found this drama in the news. I'm always a huge fan of HHJ since Brilliant Legacy. I'm waiting her small screen comeback for ages. I also like LJS, he is the best actor in around his age. I'm so excited for W.

    Do you guys have any news about who will be second leads? And LJS isn't in Korea now? As a big fan of both of leads, I am so worried for W since it hasn't even started yet and it also has to compete with pre-produced Uncontrollably Fond.

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