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  1. the clause on the borrowed money agreement between Suk Hee and the milk witch.... wasn't it said that she can take majority shares anytime... will that turn the table for Han and favor Suk Hee, because its obvious that the lady adore Suk Hee.
  2. aahh... that's explain..... so its his imagination.... thank you
  3. chinggu-deul.... I really need explanation about the ending.... it got me confused since I read too many here and there.... so I only will take the one that share in this room. its the most fitting ending... I agree because no matter what mr. Kim, ms. Choi and Hyun Joong are ghosts who waiting for their time to go to the afterlife... and they go.. with all their unfinished business done beautifully. and Man Weol she is a ghost too and she also already go to the afterlife then promise Chan Seong that they will reunite again once their reincarnation. but in the end, it not told me that the time is many years after or what.. so I assume it only past few years after the separation. we see mr kim jogging, ms.choi play with her cute dog, and Joon Hyung play basketball with his friends and he is in school uniform. then later on Man Weol arrive sitting next to CS and it looks so natural for them... no hugging after long separation no whatsoever excitement to finally see each other again.... just lay her head in CS shoulder then they reunite again saying about their promises.... my question is... do they really reincarnated???? but how come its so fast.... Ji Eun Tak need 35 years for her to reincarnated and reunite with Kim Shin.... so are they ghost?????? some people said they are ghost since CS still able to see ghost because he gave the medicine to Yuna... how come they become ghost again and not stay in the afterlife???? it really confused me... please please someone explain to me....
  4. wow so happy to see familiar name in this thread.... I was not putting much expectation to this drama... but when I saw the article that the rating is high for the second round episodes I was tempted to watch it... and Suk Hee steal my heart... her chaebol arrogant show... her pure and warm heart... I love her in instant.. I really not get the father... he always put angry face on him... the cheater step mom... the cold and greedy second brother... the clumsy easy going yet funny yet having secret eldest son son... the cute maknae.... so the grandfather is tricked everyone... and I thought ms. Jung is the step mom minion... but she sure keep a big secret for her master so well... even the lawyer know nothing about it. so the eldest son mom is different from Suk Hee... i'm still confuse with their "mom" and how come its Suk Hee that got exile not the eldest brother... since if its from the same mom the heir should be Wan Soo ... but I remember it said the heiress is Suk Hee. and on the last scene the grandfather confirm it by giving out everything to her. Im So Hyang is sooooooooooooooo good in this drama.... I love Suk Hee already
  5. i hope Man Weol can also have mukbang show with Kim Joon Hyun in last episode
  6. me too... I hope they will end the drama with happy ending for all hotel del luna employees... Chan Sung and Man Weol.. Sanchez and Mi Ra.... I hope : 1. the deity will forgive MW for her dedication running hotel del luna.. and give her a second chance in life to be together with CS as human and they both will run a normal guest house by selling the painting (I know CS still have this), the cars (MW only need 1), the diamonds... and MW will endure drinking makgoelli from now on instead of champagne everyday..and the rich Ma Go eonnie will come on their opening day make sure shake both hand and make the guest house success so MW will buy another cars...diamonds....and make CS crazy about her. 2. ms. choi, mr. Kim and Hyun Joong will be able to go to heaven and reincarnate. 3. Yoona soul will be happy. 4. Sanchez will find another love and be happy again 5. Mi Ra and detective will marry 6. Whatever happen I want Kim So Hyun will be the next owner.... those are my selfish wishes for the ending..
  7. Kim So Hyun will star as cameo in last episoee Hotel De Luna.... is he the new owner?????
  8. What the hell I were when this drama airing.... I was there but decided to skip this... silly me. I just done watching the drama yesterday and I feel so stupid for passing this before... this drama is so good... I laughed a lot during the time... I can't believe that prison life would be so human as that... negative image are cleared right away... true there is bad people, corrupt officers but everything told in a very human and meaningful.... I love it... Reply PD series really is a genius. can't wait to see another work of him, and this time I won't hesitate again...
  9. So here's the truth.... I always rooting on Rain.... Full House is where I first met him. But then She So Lovely ruin it. Since then I always give up watching his drama after 1 or 2 episode. I was not expect too much in this too.... but then the moment Si On drag him after the court and just hit him here and there I laughed a lot. This is interesting, and I love how the writer portray the masculine Rain become someone who is not good in fight and can passed out if he see blood... I love this drama. I still not get it why Jae Sang still stuck in the parrarel world as the evil madam already in jail, is it another bigger enemy that he was released in his real world? and what is the meaning of Si On dream in previous episode?
  10. Me too.... last week episode surely did give me vibe that the tailor is the VIP.... he with his wrong perception of ideology... run from North Korea and using psychology tactic to recruits the elites by creating fiction character... but then I thought again where did he get the money to create such a mess like the bomb attack... no matter how prestigious his shop there's no way it can afford a big casualties like that. I'm so enjoying the show... the writer succeed on giving the viewers (who previously already watched the US version) different vibes from the original version. Me too I don't think I can handle to see my president living a tough life dealing with dirty political tricks in season 2. It will be best if they wrap up this drama as it already marks as one of best drama in my list. The cast are perfect, the story line is well adapted, and I remember there was a criticism to Ha Na Gyeong, it was said she was not portray a real NIS agent but in my opinion she did well, her role is an analyst, a very capable analyst. So she is unlike a field agent who will ambush into enemy place, or doing a lot of gun shot scenes, or even kill and fight enemy... she did her part by her analysis, solving the puzzle, looking for clues... so she did well in take.
  11. Even the tree now blooming so pretty.... now I just need chang song kiss man weol .... please
  12. I don't know if its related or even have correlation at all, but reading everyone interpretation and comments somehow I remember the Lee Seung Gi drama "The king 2 Hearts" the bad guy described himself as a VIP, untouchable... yet he has hands on everything including ruling the current government. In King 2 Hearts it was the president secretary who turns out to be the mole of every caused happen to the imperial family. So in DS there must be someone act as a mole too and he/she is very close to PMJ. So in this Designated Survivor... I can't help but suspect everyone... the VIP and the tailor .... who are they? how come a tailor very fluent in politics... he looks like a king maker not a tailor.
  13. This drama is so amazing.... I really can't tell for sure who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. This one seems so supportive but then he found out to be one of people who caused something. This seems attacking the president but in the end the president ask her for help... This one seems calm but then he is the tool that used by powerful man.. in the end in my eye everyone is suspicious... I'm wondering if our president have something too....
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