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  1. 1 hour ago, yaoimazter78 said:

    Hahahaha welcome to this madness aka Addicted/Shangyin...and I do hope that you'll support it as well as give other bl worjs a chance to grow on you.

    You're so lucky to have read the novel...many of us here are enjoying the generosity of those who are helping translate or make series vs novel comparisons since we cannot read or understand Chinese:(

    But this forum is awesome so I think you'll have fun flailing over all things Shangyin:)


    Ahhh...wait, sorry. Not read...unfortunately, no. I have also (sadly) only read what has been translated. If only to be so lucky...

    But I'm still happy to be here!

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  2. 34 minutes ago, zhouboy said:

    same here. :sweatingbullets: btw, is the novel really tragic? if it is, this will be the first time I wanted a tragic story to have a happy ending. I've always liked tragic endings but idk why not with this one. hahahahuhuhu and yes, the actors were perfectly cast


    I think only the first seven or so chapters of the novel have been translated. I read them somewhere within this whole stream. So, I hope it's not tragic. I really hate tragic endings. I'm more of a light-hearted, comedy, happy ending person. And, yes. Perfectly PERFECTLY cast. 

  3. 36 minutes ago, sohocomo said:

    Nothing is confirmed, which is the problem - NOTHING is confirmed. That's why everybody keeps freaking out. <Don't join the insanity!!>

    I'm still a firm believer in "No news is good news." So until we hear something one way or another "Keep calm and carry on."

    I'm going to be a nay-sayer of the rumours then. The chemistry in their videos can't all be forgotten!

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  4. I think I have gone through every page in the last week. I had never watched BL before and...now I have signed up for this site, and joined a forum. All for this series! I can't believe it. I not only love the novel, the characters, and the series, but the real life actors, also! They are quite sweet and enjoyable in their own right. 

    I hope this series continues to grow its crowd!

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