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  1. Me too... hahahaahaha................ 540 Good Morning guys!
  2. Just want to add that while I don't think the long hair suits Mark Chao,,, but I still think the wig is amazingly beautiful.. hahahaha... I haven't seen any actors top his Pantene Commercial
  3. Not that I want to curse them or anything.. but I bet that they won't even last for 2 years 934
  4. Buahahahahaahahahaahhaahah I pick twooo.... Xu Feng and Ye Hua,,,, because... dudeeeeee... how am I suppose to choose? Xu Feng on his demon costume and high ponytail is the definition of While Ye Hua, just capture you with his long and luscious hair hahahaha... Tagging @UnniSarah and @USAFarmgirl to vote too!
  5. Talking about viki, I think there is a translator team standing by there right now, but Viki has not respond the license request yet... https://www.viki.com/tv/36409c-the-legends?locale=en Here is the viki request page in case anyone wants to make one: https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/ Not gonna lie... I make it every single day.. IMO chances are quite high for this show to be picked, but... but.. it could be after its done airing... I've seen other shows getting this treatment... such as Fighter of destiny... and even yanxi... my conspiracy theory that I made is that viki don't want conflicting viewers between the current aired show in their Chanel.. booo.... Still, I appreciate PP for her effort in subbing The Legend.. she's always been an angel. Anyway... just want to add my 2 cents... Its fine if we have different taste...to be honest.. I don't have issues with GMP haha.... the comments in weibo are super cute by saying that "while GMP, breaks their heart, Zhao Yao became their balm for their wound" These two Li boys continue to have my heart... Li cheng yin and Xiao Feng's doomed romance makes me hurt... while Li Chen lan and Zhao Yao's new found love makes my heart full with happiness. @DontEatMyKimchi Thanks
  6. @pad-hari lols.... I can see why you're confused... I used the translated book as my point of reference for the names of 4th Fan Yue and 5th Song Qian. But the show could/might change them, as wiki also had different names. IIRC, the show changed Ye Su into Ye Qing in the drama. I think the post doesn't mean 8th brother's name... the pinyin of his IG post are this: "kuài liǎng niánle zhōngyú yòu yīqǐ gōngzuòle [liúlèi] jiànguò wǒ bā shīxiōng [bàoquán]" IMO he's writing a boaquan /clasped hand emoji, as a greeting for meeting the 8th bro. Maybe the actors have worked together in the span of 2 years?
  7. lynne22

    women in dramaland

    Happy International Woman's day... eventho its a day late.. but here's my cheers for everyone Thanks for tagging me @Lmangla @kokodus @angelangie I have to agree with - Lmangla's Mishil, because she is an amazing antagonist! - Kokodus's Byun Hye Young, because She is an amazing woman to lookup to! - Angelangie's Sang Sang, because it is very rare right now in drama's to present a role like Sang Sang. She is a special woman... Sang Sang for me, gave meaning for the idioms "Behind a great man, there's a great woman". My contributions on this thread is Song Mi-jin a supporting character from On The Way To The Airport (2016) OTWTTA is a scandalous drama about 2 married individuals who, because of different personal circumstances, fall for each other. By the time they meet, they already have settled down for the wrong people. The drama is about true and fated love, but in its core it talks about putting yourself, your needs first and choosing your own happiness over everything and everyone else. My personal favorite from OTWTTA is Song Mi Jin, played by Choi Yeo Jin, I love her character and the friendship she had with the female lead, she was strong and intelligent yet also flawed. In the end, she cares more for her friendship with the female lead than her past affections with FL's current husband.
  8. @pad-hari sorry for the late reply.. i was sick these past few days.. lol.. @epinklyn has helped to check them... so here's my list to sum up everything and adding few that I know.. Master : Fu Zi 1-st Brother - Li Manman, good in Everything 2-nd Brother - Jun Mo, master in Sword 3-rd Sister - Yu Lian, Devil Sect Sovereign 4-th Brother - Fan Yue, Talisman (Fu) Master 5-th Brother - Song Qian, Chess Master 6-th Brother - Tie Jiang, Blacksmith 7-th Sister - Mu You, Array Master 8-th Brother - unknown... , Chess Master 9-th Brother - Beigong Weiyoung, Tonality Master 10th Brother - Ximen Buhuo, Tonality Master 11th Bother - Wang Chi, Specialize in medicine, plants and philosophy 12th Brother - Chen Pipi, a Genius that loves to eat ... 13th Brother - Ning Que 2nd Generation: Tang XiaoTang (Teached by Yu Lian) Zhang Nianzu (Teached by Jun Mo, and later Chao Xiaoshu) Li Guangdi (Teached by Jun Mo, and later Chao Xiaoshu) The actors for 9 and 10th brother are twins in case you didn't notice lols. Hope this helps.
  9. @DontEatMyKimchi Her expression is so hilarious Lets imagine her expression is when she sees this scene Hahahahahahah... I remember Her argument in the book was that he didn't put a lot of fight... why am I the one getting blamed? But she has to realized Mo Qing gives in only after she says his name.. lols... meaning that she didn't mistaken him with anyone else. I think someone was talking about the aftermath.. in this picture it looks like they didn't do anything after kissing Anyway... I think I was fooled for awhile lols because this picture is on plain daylight hahaha.. they must have darken them for night scene. @frostflower14 Thank you for the recaps
  10. @epinklyn Hunan always had issues with how they cut their episodes and the more popular the show the more they are going to strecth the episodes to milk them... sigh...
  11. @phikyl @kokodus Gueess who already bought ticket to watch Captain Marvel tomorrow?? Higher, Further, Faster baby!!!!! 678
  12. So... Off topic... but Happy birthday to Xu Kai... Bai Lu posted a picture of them and congratulating Xu Kai... They're cute.. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4346468507226194
  13. 676 “你战我便是剑 你退我便是盾” "If you fight, I will be your sword. If you withdrew, I will be your shield"
  14. I'm actually oK with last nights episode lols... I'm enjoying the nuances between Seventeen and Qin Qianxian.. and also Gu Shuguang, the doctor and Shen Qianjin I know they're fillers.. but I think its Ok.. Lin suruo continuous to be more and more annoying One thing appreciate from the show.. even with changes and fillers here and there .. they kept the character in tact.. Anyway.. here's additional gifs for episodes we most look forward too.. Mo Qing rescuing Zhao Yao..
  15. Agreed @caranita It really shows on CFY's conduct! @epinklyn Thanks for all the updates..
  16. Ahahahaahhaa... Oke lahhhh... I'll hand him to you... most of the tsundere leader that I like are not on this present time... they're all on the ancient time... lols...
  17. @stroppyse hahaha.. I already vote last night... and My sentiments and answers are the same with @angelangie
  18. 676 Half an our till lunch
  19. Watching Goodbye My princess, reminds me of the lyrics of this song.... 好心分手, released in 2002, this song has left in mark on my memory.. talking about two people at the end of a relationship. The woman ask him to let her go... while the male keep asking her to forgive him.... regardless what their ending... what this song represent is the hopelessness that the woman felt during the relationship... for her rather than turning their story into a toxic relationship.. she ask him to let her go...
  20. Hi @lemonade11 Language can be a simple thing and also complex. I grew up with two native tongue, one national language.. and I need to add English to the mix too because it is part of the school curriculum. Growing up, no, I never ask my parents to speak with me in another language.. I kinda find it cool to be able to speak other languages tbh haha.. and also like Angie, I find that having another language can be a good thing when you want to speak privately amidst a crowd Now, I'm sure you are an independent person... So of course it is fine if you want to speak your national language everywhere... that's your right! But please pardon me to say this... Your mother is also her own person.. so personally I think you should be more relaxed and respect her personal preference to speak her native language with you.... You have say it yourself that she express herself better in your native language... isn't that her way of showing how much she cares? Friendship comes and goes.. bur parents are forever..
  21. Stopping by to leave this gif before my internet died on me again.... I have this gif of her kissing him for the longest time.. but I always forget to upload it.. lols.. I wonder whether they will keep Zhao Yao's line about Wanjun sword is not as obedient as Mo Qing haha....
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