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  1. @sushilicious lols... I dunno if these two can be said as pranks because there were done in a heartwarming and funny way to lift up his/her spirit... but lets give it a shot shall we... From Weightlifting fairy Kimbookjoo... 1. Frog Prank 2 Drowning Prank 950
  2. Hmmmmm....... Usually drama script is already done beforehand... your info indicates that what's happening now, could have been because there's too much changes were done from the original script that they don't know how to end the story.... As I said before,,, I think the script writing style in this drama is that they present the story in a roundabout way.. we will get to the point somewhere in the latter episode.. but we have to move pass endless filler first.... Sigh.... I dunno what to say anymore.... I mean there's nothing we can do about it... the story basically done.... I just hope that they will give justice to ZY and MQ's ending... One thing I would say is that the script writer's team must have drunk too many gallons of water from River of forgetfulness that they forgot and don't understand the viewers would protest seeing the Male lead and Female lead's weakened like this. Don't get me wrong.. I understand Mo qing's feeling completely... but how the writing made Jiang wu all powerful to the point of bullying the male lead like that just leave a bad taste in my mouth!
  3. I know what you mean... Sigh... I just hope the plot will move faster, and MQ and ZY will have a happy ending they deserve! And for Jiang Wu, when he dies... I will be one of the people that shout "GOOD RIDDANCE!!" Anyway... I saw this cute clip about Lu Shi Qi... right now.. rather than focusing on my disappointment.. I think its better to watch cute scenes instead.... @miyaism don't forget to share the fanfic with us......
  4. 896 @sushilicious As long as the movie will interest you, why not? *typingafterbeinghypnotisedforfull10minutesby@kimnamgil's~hairflipping*
  5. I was like "what happen to the cool bidam???" Seriously tho, it is so funny and cute... and how he moves his wig.. OMG.. HAHA.... Kim nam gil must have aced his role in the fiery priest huh? 840
  6. @caranita Proudly too.. lols. Yang Xiao - Ji xiaofu's storyline makes me very impressed..... mostly I think its a combination of a good script for the character and the actors ability to pull it off..... Lin yu shen's Yang xiao makes me laugh when he first uttered his "yo!" and then the "rotten nun" comment is hilarious... hahaha... I admit tho I'm biased on YX so I don't think I can give a good judgement on the current story.. lols.. what can I say... the guy's a scene stealer Anyway.. this YT account made cut scenes of YX-JXF from ep 4 to 27.... not gonna lie, watching ep 11-12 in one go makes me sad again... lols.
  7. I don't know @Lmangla I just happen to see someone shared the pics on twitter... they sure are cute... and it brings backs fond memory of the movie. yeah.. I heard about this.. but the thing is... how long will it hold? lols.. rumor has it .. its only during March to june period.... Just like my talk with @themarchioness there is no way the regulation will hold out for long.. all those Production house and investors will scream... historicals are expensive.. Another rumor from the gravepine... the recent regulation is because of National celebration(?) I'm not really clear on this so the drama that the gov advised the TV/Online site to air is Republican drama as a patriotic thing.. lols.. who knows... china with their regulations always baffles me... Shoutout to @sushilicious lolsss your DP always makes me laugh... 840
  8. 824 Saw these set of picture of Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman this morning..
  9. I try to held back on commenting after watching the wedding and JW fiasco.... sigh... From the start, the script writer for this drama always use a roundabout way to present the story.. like we know it will get there.. but we have to go through endless fillers... To be honest.. before the wedding.. I'm mostly OK with the fillers.... I like GHG.. I like QZY and also Lu Shi Qi, but fillers with JW in the forefront is annoying....... especially with him constantly trying to put down Mo Qing like that! Seriously tho... what were the scriptwriter thinking ???? I'm not complaining because I read the book.. no.. I'm not... because there can never be a perfect adaptation.. but I'm sorry to say.....this last Demon Arc is not an enjoyable watch for me.. sigh..
  10. @UnniSarah HEHE... I haven't pick this up yet.... lols..
  11. AHHH.. @sushilicious's DP is so cute! The song of the day for me... 726
  12. @Sobayaki about 1993 version I don't know what the new drama have in store for all the character lols.. but I hope the story will have a good flow and pace.
  13. I like Bai shu chen and Xu xian just like everyone else... but I understand you.... because for me it was always Xiao Qing's sad story that lingers firstly in my mind whenever I recall the 1993 version...
  14. Yeah.... well I guess Tumblr got misused by the porn bloggers, and because no one stops them it kept on growing... until Tumblr finally take action.. lols.. the problem that I see by few people is that there were fanarts that's not porn but got deleted too.. but hey.. personally IMHO in the face of bigger things.. we shouldn't complain too much right? @kokodus lols... My problems exactly!!! Currently I'm stuck on twitterland and weibo to read stuff about my C-drama and marvel stuff Instagram to watch clips for K/c dramas... dudeee.. IG is more effective than YT in this regards.. lols... Tumblr is for when I want to rant about my US drama... 952
  15. I'm not too clear... but I think its because of porn.... ... and recently tumblr did a big cleaning up on porn in their website... maybe that's one of the factor how tumblr got un-banned lols... Sorry.... I'm confused with the number so... I'll just -2 Ok..?
  16. 956 Color me surprised! Tumblr is not blocked anymore in my country Anyway... good morning! Hope you guys have a nice drama watching day!! lols
  17. @cpy95 Me and my friends @kokodus and @mouse007 would love to read any fics that you can share... But of course, no pressure Just curious.. is there any fic of their time in the mortal world? I wouldn't mind reading them with google translate lols... Their time as healer and Yi wang is one of my favorite part of the story...
  18. 此生惟你 - In this life, there is only you catch me crying all weekend for this doomed couple...
  19. Ahhh.. Thanks @epinklyn for all the stills.... I gotta say... xiao fei yu needs a better stylist ... lols... And yesss.. I love his voice..
  20. Here's the new MV, sing by Ju Jingyi of the iconic OST 千年等一回 from 1992 White Snake Legend I know they are playing on the nostalgia.. but I hope this drama will be a good one. I like the casts.
  21. @epinklyn I hope that rumor is true... hehehe.. August seems like a good time, hopefully after Novoland
  22. 662 Good Morning... lols.... I'm on #AvengersEndgame high... hahaha.... I've been talking to my friends to have a meet up and watch it together "Whatever It takes" There was a mishap in the marketing.. where they forgot to put Danai's name in the poster.. and then people as usualll went ranting about it... I think this is not intentional... its just a mistake...eitherway..I'm glad they fix it. Anyway... here's a little humor from twitter that I saw today... "Good, you finally shaved your beard" "This phone can't use internet, and only have one game in it" Tagging @kokodus @phikyl lols... Btw @phikyl so have you watch C.Marvel yet?
  23. This is a gorgeous banner I'm just passing by to share the famous KISS BTS gifs... lols.... I haven't find the video yet.. lets hope we'll find it soon... Seriously tho...... I was a little upset with the editing of this scene.... because they should have let it be a long continuous scene instead they move towards 17 and QQX's scene... lols.. Now, let me step back and re-look the gifs another million times... @angelangie @staygold
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