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  1. 870 Hi guysss I'm sorry to jump in.. but I'm still in awe with this picture Happy AVENGER'S ENDGAME WEEK! I've got my tickets ready for Apr 24 @triplem Yeahhh I saw it too..
  2. Huace Global twitter handle just announce that this drama will air on April 29 Here's the link for the trailer https://v.qq.com/x/cover/rjvr8psrvic4567/g0030mdmeqh.html Finally Mr. F and Joey's drama will start........ @themarchioness
  3. Oh Arthur..,, why are you so cute.... “what” written just like a boy to his mom/friend
  4. @Don Yu Yeah... I agree.. the fighting scene are too short.. sigh.....
  5. @sushilicious awwwwwwww so cuteeeeeeeeeee! 984 @Sejabin
  6. @Sejabin Yes...love Legend of the condor heroes..... Huang Rong is my fav character.. Smart and feisty! But to be clear... I'm only watching HSDS 2019 for the side character... this adaptation weaken the Female lead too much that I just can't connect with her 852
  7. 852 @packmule3 I think the drama you were asking is OH My General! https://mydramalist.com/20114-oh-my-general I haven't watch this one, so I can't say anything about it lols. @sushilicious NEW DP! MY CURRENT OBSESSION Yang Xiao and Ji xiaofu from 2019 HSDS @angelangie I soooo want to tempt you to watch this with me.. hahahahhaa just for this couple alone... You can see from my post in twitter how in love I am with them.. haha.. ] @Sejabin Baru disub sampai 12 beib di YT.
  8. This two are still my most regretful as "the ship that didn't happen" Sighh.... 2013... how time flies.... Sighh.....
  9. Count me in to join the celebration guys... Happy Birthdayyy... to this darling boy!!!
  10. There's no air date yet, but from recent interview, ZRY mentions the possibility of Joy of life to air this year....
  11. @frostflower14 @Alila Nguyen Sigh...... It seems like with the proper sequence, the ending despite being an open ending one seems to be very touching.... Sigh......... And correct me if I'm wrong, I think we can also say that ending is HE right?..... Haiyaaah..... such a pity...
  12. @packmule3 the new Heaven Sword Dragon Saber that's airing right now... He's actually a side character... but a serious Scene stealer!! ... arrogant and flawed... lols.... tbh.. considering my age... I find his romance.. short as it is... ( viewers only got like 1.5 episode) is very well made... and mature. His other half is dead now.. but I can still feel him carrying her in his every action.. And...he loves his daughter to pieces.... So, in this gif.. his daughter tells him that she's is pregnant... he's surprised.. happy and I guess a little bit sour too... But seriously.. I think he would rather forget he had a son in law hahahahahahahahahhaha... especially because the said son in law was once a rival 840
  13. ALL I COULD SAY ABOUT THE ENDING IS " HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA" OMG... THE EDITING TEAM SURE ARE CREATIVE ................................................ Still, I would give slow clap to the lead, the supporting actors... and also the PD.. they work hard... it's a bit of a shame that the end result is unsatisfactory.. but oh well... its done right???? there's nothing they can do.... Lets hope next time, they'll have a better project.....
  14. Next week..... Promise! I've been busy with this guy... -2 ( sorry can't help with the counting gotta go now )
  15. Sigh... so the story was supposed to be 28=>40=>50=>55 episodes no wonder the writers are stress up and the story has gotten so bad https://www.jaynestars.com/news/fans-upset-with-the-rewritten-ending-for-the-legends/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+JayneStars+(JayneStars.com)
  16. Hi.... I heard some rumors that HSDS will air in HK with 54 episodes ..... I can't remember where exactly I read this tho lols.
  17. I wonder if the movie will have historical theme or not... judging from the view.. it seems like it doesn't it...
  18. AWWWW... @triplem and @angelangie MVP's Medal is cuteeee..... 930
  19. Hearing this makes it even more sad..... sigh..... On one side I feel for them.. I get it that stress can impact someone's creativity.. But on the other side.. I also think that if something is not that good to be viewed why push it? its not fair for the writers them self, the actors.. and it can even decreased the value of the production that everyone have put a lot of energy into... Anyway.. that's just my 2 cents.. . I'm not trying to make an argument or anything ... besides, the story is basically done.. so like it or not.. the ending they gave us is the only ending we'll get. That being said, the re-watch value of this story.. is still quite good IMO... @angelangie I would still recommend everyone to watch 1-41 (the wedding) and then stop... Xu Kai and Bai Lu are great on their role as Mo Qing and Zhao Yao lols.... I'll let you know how it ends later... And uh.. just to cheer up everyone..... we still have this scene to look up to you know.... I used to think it will happen in the middle of the drama.. but looking at Mo Qing's teasing and happy smile.... maybee.. just maybe mind you.. that the drama could still be HE... lols.. I'm not trying to build everyone's hope... this is just me sending happy thoughts...
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