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  1. Heard info on twitter that this drama will air this May 27. Here's the character Poster I've seen Joe Cheng as Yin Chen Zhang Ming En as Qi Ling Maggie Huang as Shen Yin Xiong Nai Jin as Lian Quan And the rest of the supporting role... sadly I only know Shane xiao yan, so I'm sorry If I can help much about them lols.. I'm sure once everyone watch the drama, we'll have everyone figured out by then From this site :http://www.chinesedrama.info/2019/05/drama-lord-critical-world.html, I gather that the drama is only 30 episode.. with air Time from Sunday-Thursday, but the entire series will available for VIP member... (so jealous T_T) Synopsis and Plot Summary
  2. The plot sounds familiar.. but I don't remember the title too... 536
  3. @Lmangla letme know if you found the titles.... 536
  4. @angelangie https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2019/05/song-yi-ren-and-dylan-kuo-reunite-in-a-record-of-a-mortals-journey-to-immortality.html 642 This will never gets old!
  5. @CamelKnight how are you doing? What do you think about GOT S08? @sushilicious hahaha i know right? Its sad tbh... @Sejabin There’s actually this one modern C-drama that is right up your alley, Well Intended love, but sadly, there’s no reliable subs right now. We’ll have to wait till Netfilx finally airs it with subs. 536
  6. @sushilicious Ahh yes,,, I heard about Sonic’s design issues *facepalm* Is that even sonic??? But still, I think the issues have something to do with the higher ups instead of the character designers. I mean, as an artist, I’m sure the designers want the fans to be satisfied, but ultimately the decisions are not in their hand. Here’s a pic of sonic and pikachu switching their face. Lols -2
  7. @sushilicious Pikachu has officially become my spirit animal The movie (story) itself is mediocre but all the attention to details on the Pokemons are amazingly well done! Love love the pokemons 532 usafarmgirl
  8. Kokodus just told me about @usafarmgirl deleting her account. Dear, wherever you are I hope you know that we all love you and wish you well. 534
  9. I know that I'm late.. but goshhh... Chen feiyu's look on MBS's press con is great...... Especially his hair!
  10. 820 Watch me watching Dancing Pikachu for 1hour 40 minutes Wat
  11. Ok... I need someone to spoil me about something... lols....does this story have a sad ending? I mean I'm fine with sad ending as long as the story is worth it.. hehe.. I'm just curious about it...
  12. @triplem @phikyl @kokodus Endgame is a tearjerker for sure.... but for me the ending is really fitting to the character's journey.... 698
  13. hahahahahahahaah... @sushilicious and @triplem knows me so well.... @cenching I've watch endgame 3 times lols... this one had great re-watch value.. tbh.. I haven't had time to watch new drama. My work is time consuming lately.. the only one I'm watching is Le coup de foudre a warm hearted C drama.. but I'm still on ep 2... sigh.... @kokodus once you're back to slack.... get ready for me to push you to watch this with me.. Anyway.. Goodluck on your exam! Break a leg! 934
  14. Hello.... just passing by to let you guys know that I'm still alive Super busy at work even during holiday last wed.. I'm too lazy to open my laptop... Can't wait to be free from work tomorrow.... TGIF!!!! 922
  15. I had time to catch up ep 1-2 yesterday... and I have to say.. Ep 2 especially the latter end had me end up in tears.... especially parts about "Idiot had his/her pride too" and also about how we "Misread people" during our youth. All of this thing really feel relatable for me. I enjoy what I watch so far.. and will take everything slowly to savor this warmhearted drama..
  16. @kokodus AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA * **** *** ****x 562 Sorryyy ... I've been busy with work lately so I haven't log on as much as I used too... Have a nice dayyyyy boys and girls....
  17. I'm so happy @themarchioness Official Poster New stills for this drama
  18. 870 Hi guysss I'm sorry to jump in.. but I'm still in awe with this picture Happy AVENGER'S ENDGAME WEEK! I've got my tickets ready for Apr 24 @triplem Yeahhh I saw it too..
  19. Huace Global twitter handle just announce that this drama will air on April 29 Here's the link for the trailer https://v.qq.com/x/cover/rjvr8psrvic4567/g0030mdmeqh.html Finally Mr. F and Joey's drama will start........ @themarchioness
  20. Oh Arthur..,, why are you so cute.... “what” written just like a boy to his mom/friend
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