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  1. 946 I'm looking forward to a new zombie movie.. the dead don't die hahahah.... I hope this one will be more like 2009 zombieland... a movie that is just fun and don't take themself seriously......
  2. @Lmangla Yeup... haha... so much baiting in the writing... lols...... So much wasted potential..... You do not write this kind of line.. only for the duo to labeled as "Platonic soulmate" *facepalm* 870 @sushilicious Sometimes I wonder what went will went in your head whenever you read my tweet... lols.. my twitter are my garbage can hahahahhaa...
  3. @Lmangla *grin* I may have been treating twitter as my garbage can for my love for Beliza . I don't believe the Producer will give the fans bellarke.. but Beliza is a balm to my heartbreak... My honest rant about T100 850
  4. @themarchioness *sniff sniff* Thank you for the fics.... it really capture the dynamic and tone of the drama...
  5. First day of work... sigh... I need a pick me up! 838
  6. lynne22


    Happy birthday to all June Babies, and Happy eid mubarak to all my soompi friends
  7. I heard about the unconfirmed date, but until the opening credit starts to roll (sorry to be a little dramatic here) I will still be cautious lols
  8. @sushilicious that's simple.... 2017 Prison Playbook Personally I have not watch this yet, but this one is on my list.. and my friends can't stop recommending this one. 686
  9. Sigh... to be fair I think everyone was caught of guard... who would have thought this could happen right? Mere hour before broadcast...
  10. Arggghhhh I am so smad (sad mad) right now The drama has been postponed guys...... 1 hour before broadcast!!! (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻ Arghhhhhh!!!!! I’m sure NEF will air someday.. but at what cost? More scenes ended in cutting room floor? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  11. Here’s an English sub of Director’s commentary before the drama airs today. I love his line where he says “we want everyone to see how a normal person can become a hero, the journey.. the sacrifice” I hope there will be news about sub soon. It seems like viki’s request page is down today
  12. ahhaa.. omg @RPM from the things I saw on twitter I tought this was a movie ,,,,, anyway... no worries... I might watch this once there's a sub available.
  13. Sighhhh............. this gif is sooo cool!!!! I wish I'm on a thriller kick.. but I haven't been invested in it for awhile..... will keep this in my notes for future reference.. 694 Have a nice day guys Its holiday season.. and I've been snacking nonstop
  14. @epinklyn I really love the epic vibe from the song.... Here's the subbed video... full credit to https://twitter.com/eagleflag_intl The twitter account explained that the song takes its title from a Chinese saying, 砺戈秣马, literally meaning 'to sharpen the weapons and feed the horses'. In other words, prepare for battle.
  15. This twitter account is covering the drama... https://twitter.com/eagleflag_intl you guys can check it out and see some of the coverage they did... This is one of my fav line from the Female lead And also this one..
  16. @themarchioness ehm... ehm... did I just spy someone planning a fanfic already? *GRINNING*
  17. @Lawyerh The story is just so so.. nothing really special..... the highlight of the movie is definitely the Pokemons, especially Our Meitantei Pikachu... @sushilicious Loveeeeeeeee Pikachuuuu... he is so memeable 766
  18. Rachael Yamagata's compilation @usafarmgirl Miss you so much.... I used to be able to tag you when I'm listening to this kind of song...
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