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  1. @rhaps The dream scenery when Ning Que finally met his Lucky chance and gain the ability to cultivate is so beautiful. I've been using this as my phone background The rest:
  2. I think SS can read.. hehe.. I'm guessing she just want to hear someone recite the note for her. *whistle whistle*
  3. Yeah, I agreed about LQ. @rhaps LoL...... the spoilers are everywhere.....
  4. Sooo..... this is a cut for ep 25, but it's not a big spoiler so I'm sharing this here..... LoL. Remember the Chicken Soup Caligraphy that NQ wrote in ep 13? Hehehe.. this time it's SS turns to hear it. Her reaction is so cute! Just turn on your cc for the translation.
  5. @UnniSarah I like Ningsang..... But, angie,,,, I don't think we need a separate thread LOL
  6. @rhaps Anyway.. has this been shared yet? By far, this is my favorite poster because of the silhouette.
  7. @penelop3 Anyway... Ever Night reach 1.1 billion viewers last night @rhaps ancient pizza is still pizza right?? I tought in ep 18 it's honestly a Chinese dessert cake.. but ep 22 changed my mind completely.. ahahahaha... this PPL is too funny. @angelangie ... NQ and SS are family.. they took care of each other.. so in turn they also understand each other well.. Even if we discount the romantic angle in the future, NQ and SS bond as seen in the drama are too tight for anyone to enter.
  8. @rhaps Was just going to post too.... I like ep 21-21.. It's very good. Anywayyy this one is to good to be put on spoiler.... You guys can imagine my surprise when in Ep 22 I spot the most modern and random Product placement in cultivation drama... PIZZZAAAAAAAAAA .... Looking back, I can finally confirm the food on the feast in Ep 18 were Pizza and chicken wings .......... I can imagine how the Producer and the actors must have been laughing because of this PPL too. God this is so funny... I like their humor... Ep 22 Ep. 18 @angelangie I was on the fence about Leon Lai's emperor too... hehe.. but I think he gets better in the latter episode.. LoL... And LOL.. NQ and SS may be young but in my eyes they act like an Old married couple... hahahaha..
  9. @UnniSarah LoL... the only site I know is the official weibo page..... I wanted more picture toooo.... but there's not a lot of it out there... Can I comment that the cinematography and views in the drama is beautiful. The dessert, the palace, even the city... it's lovely and so natural... I like it a lot.
  10. @angelangie Yes .... I haven't found an HD one... so the current resolution will have to do. She's holding a hairpin, a gift from NQ @UnniSarah Agreed... she knows him so well... I simply adore their relationship.....
  11. Ep 19-20 I think Li Huaiyun's early appearance is because the writer want's us to sympathize and understand Li Yu's struggle... Sigh... watching his action... makes me pity Li Yu even more, because this one is a troublemaker. Her sentiments of the past is too strong. She's a smart person, but I find that her sentiments weakens and cloud her judgement. In my opinion this is her fatal flaw.
  12. 368 @Lmangla I don’t think I know any calming drama hehhehe... don’t dramas always have their ups and downs? So, Can I suggest a song instead? Pinnochio by Roy Kim an OST for Pinnochio. I love this song for its soft melody and the beautiful lyrics. So it does give a calming and peacefull effect for me. @Sejabin
  13. @angelangie It's 将夜 - Jiang Ye... It has a realistic happy ending in my opinion hehe.... @rhaps No, I didn't happen in the book Anyway, Btw, Song Yi Ren as Sang Sang also cute and adorable... her acting is really fluid.... I like her a lot. She does feel like a child of 13-14 yo. @sonicwave
  14. 412 Ok,,, time out.. my lunch break is over.. see you guys later..
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