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  1. Exactly!!!! QY and XK knows each other so well now, they have truly come along way.... I am very much amazed and warm with their progression
  2. I'm reading The King's Avatar right now.... Can't wait for this drama to air
  3. @themarchioness HAHAHAHAHA YOUR NOTE IS SO ON POINT!!!! HAHAHA... THAT IS ESSENTIALLY US AND EVERY VIEWERS WATCHING THIS EPISODE.. I must say.. QY's feeling is so obvious in her every action and words... it is impossible for XK not to notice right? LOLS... XK is falling hard even when he hasn't say anything... seriouslyy these two!!!!! what's with the shy glances and secret smile... you guys aren't fooling anyone
  4. Finally.... Disneyland!!!! ... But, before I went and gush about our cute leads.. I want to comment a bit about Li Gan... Sigh.. this guy ah..... He's so blind.... I firmly believe that the reason he's so against Ji Xiang Kong is because he's afraid of the possibility that Shu Wen and Sun Ge could get back together. And that makes him irrational and closed his eyes on Qi Yue's fault... Seriously.. what Qi Yue's doing is sabotaging his own team... and that should have been enough for Li Gan to reprimand him [He is Qi Yue's MENTOR after all !!!!] Ugh!!!! This is not what a leader and a mentor should do! XK has tries to show again and again his leadership style while studying and try to develop the team's skill, Shu Wen and the other team members are seeing an improvement. LOL.. You know.. in a roundabout way.. it is Li gan's own fault that brings VNG down and will ultimately made him loose shu wen... Like I said.. birds of the same feather flocks together... Qi Yue and Li Gan deserve to call each other Teacher and Student [sarcasm] Now, back to our lead .... so cuteeeeee! So many cute moments Sadly this didn't happen, but the part where XK cut the cake in half is so funny Every moments in Disneyland ARE KODAK MOMENT!!! My heart is so full!
  5. The rumors are everywhere right now.. we'll know for sure tonight.... 铁甲依然在~ tie jia yi ran zai! [The armor is still here!]
  6. Hahahha, OK OK I stand corrected. Zhao Yang’s is a criminal that needs to be put behind bars! Ugh... Tbh, XK and QY should have sued him and Qiao xin for slander for that vid manipulation alone... Anyway... One thing I forgot to comment on, I wonder why didn’t XK took his trophies when he leaves Team Legend... and all I can think of is that he loves the team, and the trophies are the proves of his and the teams effort to win the championship.. so he leaved them there as a memento for everyone.
  7. He needs to be put on Jail!!!!! What’s he’s doing is borderline criminal .. ugh!! Qiao Xin and her boss in Planet video are also ugh! I really feel for XK and the guys from team Legend. XK’s decision to stay is very mature and the guys understanding that despite wanting him to return are what defines brotherhood. They’re bro till the end! Even when they’re not in the same team anymore!! I’m looking forward to ep 19: Disneyland
  8. Hellooooo... how's everyone... lols... Lately I'm living on the Happy Ending side of C-drama.. 510
  9. I'm a little busy right now.. so I'm just going to make a short comment about Zhao Yang!!!!! Talk about self entitlement..... I'm rolling my eyes so hard here!!!!! DUDEEEE YOU GOT PAID FOR YOUR WORK!!!!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???? YOU'RE AN EMPLOYEE FOR GOD SAKES.... UGH!!!!! And GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!
  10. @themarchioness Thank you for the recap! And aaahhh you've started the fistbump count Yiyi and Yu Xuan, are one of the best supporting character in this drama lols.... They always make me smile hahaha... YX are so whipped.. YX narating how he met XK and joins Legend has me laughing! But at the same time, I can see why he's loyal to XK, like GF to XK, XK is the one that gave him an opportunity to be someone. I guess overtime, it became a dream for him to always play with his Kong Ge. I'm not sure why, but I keep laughing at the moment when they're drunk and YY goes searching her phone and YX took it from her hoodie its weird I know haha..... I can understand why YY had her walls up against XK tho, she just doesn't want QY to get hurt... lols but do you have to call YX all the time to scold him whenever there's something with QY and XK? It makes you wonder how often they communicate right? And the scene where YX went to YY's place HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA YX is really asking for a beating! One of the things I really like in this story is that the plot is tight, it never stop moving.. Yi xuan with Yi yi, and even Pei Xi did their own digging to understand what happen to XK's quitting Legend and QY's video's scandal, while our lead XK and QY are busy with their own issues... Back to XK and QY, hehehe.... the part where XK realized QY misunderstood about Shu Wen had me giggling... First he scold YX And then he makes an explanation to QY ,,,,, STOP SMILING YOU TWO!!!! ... lol at Summer... he's one of the most easygoing and fun bro.... and the best part he doesn't pick side.. he's very kind to everyone regardless of any issues and scandal... [I'm looking at you Li Gan] Pei Xi ahhh... your tsundere is showing again!!!!! lols... On the VNG folks, Sigh...... Random thinking: Sometimes I wonder how deep is that INSTANT HOTPOT ppl bowl... I mean it looks huge!
  11. @themarchioness @raziela @nasaan ka Alex?LOLS... the title was strange when I first read about it too hahahhahaa... for me, I interpret it as "sneakily ambushing' my heart even more so for Ji Xiang Kong. Qiu Ying's crush is fairly obvious and then deepens the more she knows him, but I think for Xiang Kong.. its a gradual process... there's a line from him in future episodes where he says he doesn't know where it [his feeling] began... Realistically speaking in a process of getting know someone.. there are millions path where it can end.. we can be friends, we can be enemies, stranger, or even lovers.. Maybe for Xiang Kong, the more he knows Qiu Ying, without even realizing it he has started to put her in the front of his mind... little by little...step by step...his action began to speaks louder than he's willing to admit to himself.... and this guy keep saying the word bro >.< I mean.... as themarchiones has dubbed :the tickle fest Brushing her hair Fistbumps (@themarchiones yayyyy!!!!!!) Haiyahhhh these two are so cute.. I enjoy their ambiguity.. but at the same time.. I want to screammm GET TOGETHER ALREADY!!! HAHAHAHA
  12. Regarding this moment in Ep 15 Xiang Kong dear.... GUYS will not... I repeat, will not be this kind to his BRO!!!!! Seriouslyyy this twoo!!! hahaha... Anyway.. awww.. Shu Wen is such a Boss Lady! So assertive! I love her!!!!!
  13. @themarchioness Its like there's so much Shu Wen and Sun Ge wants to say.. but they don't know how to say them... It took Shu Wen awhile before she can say anything.. sigh.... "Why did you leave the team? Why did you leave me?"
  14. I knoww right???? especially when their eyes lock into each other...
  15. @themarchioness Thank you for all the recaps.... and take all the time you need.... seriously.... you've been very kind with writing it for us LOL... lets add some more shalll we?????? Wang Bi... Qi Yue... Qiao xin.... ughhh!!! Xiang Kong's time in VNG is rough.. but these episodes really shows his leadership skill and also his drive to make the best team to represent China.... Qiu Ying!!!!!! Jiayou!!!!! You can do it! Argh... YX and YY are so cute.... Sigh... I've been waiting to share this pic from Ep. 15 Shu Wen's meeting with Sun Ge...
  16. Sigh..... Zhao yang is such a sleaze! Ugh!!!! Seriously.. what an annoying and evil person..... Ugh!!!!! so Ugh!!!!!!!! I want him jailed!!!!! PREFERABLY UNDER TONS OF CONCRETE UNDERGROUND!!!! Pei Xi is an interesting character right? LOL... He obviously really admire XK, but he just doesn't know how to express it... and his reputation makes is hard for XK to undertand PX lols.. luckily now they both have QY to bridge them unintentionally lol... XK if you didn't notice that free cake is totally for you hahahahahha.... @themarchioness Ep 13-15 are episodes that makes me fell alot of thing, because how they show us Xiang Kong's ups and down. Still, I really like how natural XK and QY started to get closer.... sometimes just being there is already enough.... How they progressed just makes me feel warm... There's a lot more side character I want to talk about like Sun Ge and YX, etc but maybe next time.. lol.. Anyway.... awww Head Pat #2 And Qiu Ying's dream hug So cute... but I gotta say... the real hug that happen in ep 35 is even better because of how much they’ve been through Few stills from Official weibo for ep 13-14... lols.... I'll add more tomorrow...
  17. Ahahaha.. @themarchioness I can feel your giddinesss lols.. likewise I am giggling and laughing while reading your recaps... Finally Head Pats No. 1 !!! This show have the sweetest head pats ever! Pei Xi and Qiu Ying's interaction always makes me chuckle... And LoL, Ji Xiang Kong did I detect a slight feeling of jealousy there? Lastly ugh!! Zhao Yang the creepster strikes again... Sigh! Let me share some of the stills for ep 12 1. Head Pat #1 2. Sweet training lesson that ends with roses.. awww... 3. Cute YY HAHAHHAA...
  18. Good News about Go Go Squid airing.... To be honest, Squid is not a favorite of mine out of all MBFB's book.. but I'm still excited all the same. I think the official YT will be croton based on the trailers on their YT site... lols https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPIRD4yr1hlAEovBCSNlAKg/videos Anyway.. here's new Promotional picture.. So Much Pink hahahha.... More: And a short new trailer
  19. EVA lives on I guess lol.
  20. @angelangie love that song!!!! My sis still love to play it in her phone.. @TRaNz @phikyl Red is still my fav out of all of Taylor's song.. lols
  21. Ahh yes.. thankyou for the tips @RSMasterfade My personal preference for watching a thrilling drama like these would be to binged it in one go.. because the people here is racing against time... and I want to feel that excitement too.. lols... Anyway... Has anyone heard how many episode is going to air for the first season? TIA
  22. @themarchioness @angelangie it took me awhile for me to find it.. but here it is.... Its from the cut of Ep 09 that Themarchiones is going to recap next.. Hahahaha the scene you felt unreal angie is on 4.30's minute mark... The goblinesque walk.... This is actually one of mine and themarchiones's fav scene lols Because what it says for JI Xiangkong as a character.... Oooh, btw I noticed that MangoTV youtube has aired ep 01-14 cut scene but they haven't made any playlist yet.. that's why it skipped my radar...lols Here's a link for the playlist I've made as a companion piece for Themarchione's recap..
  23. @USAFarmgirl 2 You're back..... Miss you so much! @staygold Edna Mode!!! Have a nice dayyy fellas!! 906
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