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  1. On a separate post... I want to send a Happy Birthday for both Wang Yibo [August 05] and Wang Zixuan [August 06]... @themarchioness tells me that their birthday are only a day apart
  2. @themarchioness I agree we have to thank Qi Yue, Qiao Xin, and Li Gan for the recent development!!! Looks like Qi Yue deserve his MVP title after all Sad as it is... I'm glad XK is not in VNG anymore.. and... Glad XK and QY finally... finally...... get together..... We've been waiting for hundreds of years hahaha... The Next step of their JOURNEY IS IN THE HORIZON... TEAM PHOENIX!!!!!!!!! 浴火不灭, 涅槃重生, I must say... the creation of the team and how everyone get together is one of my favorite part of the drama.. ----- Following the end of Ep. 26, we have QY went to XK. Eventho we found out later QY was tricked, this is still of my fav part... how XK was surprised and happy seeing QY, how soft he caress her hair, how desperate he was... makes me melt And I must say... the drama don't have enough kisses hahaha... Here's few more picture when QY picks up XK from VNG and then they finally went for a Real date this time
  3. @themarchioness Phew!!!! So many things happen in a span of one episode... It really shows that the drama has a tight plot! Ep 24-25 continues to deliver!! There's so much to be said,,, but where to begin.. lols QY is right you know.. in standing her right.. because Miya shouldn't have drag her into her issue... eventho yes.. QY could have given XK a chance to explain... but I can understand why she's she doesn't right now [Ep 24-25].. She's hurt and need time to process. I do believe even if there's no issue of ep 26 coming up.... in time QY and XK would have patch things up! [we still have our fav cheerleader YX and mother hen YY that would always want QY's happiness] This is my fav part of Ep. 25... how XK sincerely sends her "jiayou" will always make me go awww.. and a little bit sour.. I noticed at the end of their convo.. they are beginning to go back on the right track [If only there's no Miya in the competition sigh...] One thing I always forget to comment, how fame is a double edge sword... the more famous or infamous you are... the more you will be in public spotlight.. and it can be a very toxic thing. Sigh.......... XK time in VNG is ticking... despite having Shu Wen's support... Li Gan and Qi Yue continues to be a problem.. You know, I don't think they realized what they're doing will cost VNG.. but that's how it is with selfish people right???? They don't care about what problem they will cause.. what only matters to them are their personal gain...
  4. New Poster from Happy and Blue Rain Hahahahaha.. Huang Shaotian is so funny!!
  5. @themarchioness Yes!!!!! hahahahaha... Just admit it already.... And sigh... I really feel sorry for baby Xia Lin... he's caught in a hard place... one part he's dealing with depression because of his injury.. and another he also doesn't want to burden QY. Few stills from Official weibo for this episode XK trying to calm QY QY's winning the competition, lols look at that happy face! And lastly... lols
  6. Exactly... this is why his story is so touching...
  7. @themarchioness Ji xiang kong's subtle jelousy makes me giddy Ok??? hahahaha.... He's subtlety... prodding QY about PX to see her reaction.... I cannot... I cannottt watch this scene without smilinggggggg arghhhh.....
  8. Is Song Yiren the cutest??? Yes she is!!!
  9. @angelangie That song... wrecked me... huhuhu.. aside from the sad story of a rebellious misunderstood child.. for me as a grown up.. Nacha also reminds me of all the mistake I made when I as young... sigh.. things I could have done better and words I should and shouldn't have said... He and his story are so relatable!
  10. I've watched Ep. 09-10 on we tv last night, so iMO Ep. 11-12 will also airs tonight, making it 12 ep in total this week.
  11. @angelangie for Song Yiren and also because I also like this kind of youth theme.. but subs... huhuhu... where are you??? What do you think so far of the story?
  12. Few Gaming sequence teaser I've found @phikyl More under spoiler
  13. Here's a collection of The King's Avatar's Live action trailer, some of them are already subbed by Tencent. Featurette/BTS 17-07-2019 @themarchioness you will love this one Featurette/BTS17-07-2019 26-05-2019 (Subbed) The Latest, 24-07-2019 (Not subbed Yet) There should be more videos from last year... I'll try to find it and share them here later..
  14. @Lmangla NSFW is what @sushilicious's saying... hahahahhaa.... I had to check if anyone is behind me when I saw the thread hahaha... Not that I'm complaining much About BELLARKE Sigh.... They still TOTALLY BROKE MY HEART... THE POTENTIAL.... AAARRRGGGGHHHH... They gave us this scene where Bellamy totally tries to do everything to save Clarke... I'm not gonna lie.. I felt something there... but my cynical mind says that on the next episode they are totally not gonna address it again.. And they're still calling them platonic..... *salty mode on* Well, at least Beliza (the ship name for the Bob and Eliza) is together.. and they look so happy 742
  15. ahahahhaa.. this thread is def NSFW -2
  16. Dramapotatoe shared that The King's avatar is confirmed to air tonight! Here's some new cool poster from the official weibo https://m.weibo.cn/status/4397525521739181?sudaref=t.co&display=0&retcode=6102 @angelangie I like the trailer for the movie too.. it has good concept and animation.. @nasaan ka Alex? Hopefully they will show the twin.. from drama wiki character listing, I saw that they also have child actor playing little Ye Xiu. Anyway after watching the trailer... from the get go.. they are already referencing the departed best friend Su Muqiu Now, @themarchioness let me gush a bit on the lovely shot they are making...
  17. @themarchioness Sorryyyyyy I haven't been active these two days.. huhu.. work keeps on calling me... Anyway... The king's avatar's going to premiere today.. so excited! Looking forward to your next recap About this part, sigh.... I can't imagine how painful it was for XK and young Miya 5 years ago... Sometimes there's not much we can say.. its life you know... its life...
  18. @angelangie lols... Seriously I am so jelly at the fans being able to watch it before everyone else hahaha.... I'm Hyped for sure.. Anyway... New Poster
  19. Sorry Guys.. I think we still have to wait awhile for more subs....The place I’m watching only have 2 episode subs @themarchioness Yay!!! First Victory for VNG, but seriously it is so annoying that Qi Yue is named as MVP... and Li Gan, tsktsk.... this is why Shu Wen slowly became disappointed with you... you never give the credit where its due! LOLs Summer and YX are so cuteeeeeee. About Miya Now, let me share this song again, because it is so fitting with ep 20
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  21. Exactly!!!! QY and XK knows each other so well now, they have truly come along way.... I am very much amazed and warm with their progression
  22. I'm reading The King's Avatar right now.... Can't wait for this drama to air
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