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  1. Hellooooooooo guysss... Let me share some of the pics again.. haha... And our lovely side pairing Shu Wen jiejie and Sun Ge.... Have a nice dayyyy <3
  2. @cenching not interested in drama for me lately hahaha... but I've been hearing some nice comments about this drama in twitter.
  3. @angelangie I'm looking forward to this drama... hope it will be good.. lols
  4. @themarchioness I’m not gonna read it until tomorrow... I’m gonna miss them.
  5. @themarchioness One more episode to recap.. sobs... T_T Thank you so much for all the recaps..... and the fanfic ... Anyway.. love all of your chat guys.. ٩(๑> ₃ <)۶♥ Here's my fav gif from previous episodes... lols...... I wish they gave us the closeup on the cheek kiss... BTS Picture: @angelangie haha.. yeah.. after I tried it... I was concerned where I should throw away the heat pack and also lots of plastick lols... but from what I gather its a standard thing that have been used in the military for their MRE... I dunno... lols.. Still, its an interesting novelty to try... @owlstar Gahhhhh Yibooooo is so adorbs.. haha...
  6. @caranita so jelly!!!! I don't think My People, My Country will play in Indonesia's theater.. and Yes... I do agree that this movie is a propaganda movie.. lols..
  7. @themarchioness Thanks for the recap on the Special Episode What a great ending for everyone right????? It ended with a bright note giving us clear visions of their future.. together and happy... even if they will face more hardship later on.. (My complaint are excatly that last shot grrrrrrr I stand by my word.. he was totally leaning for a kiss T_T) I'll share the gif of this scene later... lols Anyway.... few gifs from the special episode Hahahaha OMG!!!!! I totally get why QY complain at him.. Special Mention
  8. hahaha... I saw the name change and suddenly want to stop by this thread again.. lols.. This gif is so cute!! Cutiepie Song Yiren ٩(๑> ₃ <)۶♥ @raziela I'm only guessing here, but I think the first title was a fun playword of the Female lead's name He Buzhui [Drink but can't get drunk] while the new title Flavors It's Yours is more in line with the story... Ps : I like the first one better because it was cuter and more hillarious hahahaha.. 与其微醺何不醉 - Yǔ qí wéi xūn hé bù zuì ~ Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk
  9. hahaha.. should I share this instead??? Xiang Kong is asking you why haven't you gone to bed right now???
  10. 720 stopping by to say hi! <3
  11. I've watched the trailer... And I think I might enjoy this drama... Looking forward to it for sure!
  12. @themarchioness <3 You're welcome!!!! That fic ARE SO IN CHARACTER... HAHAHAHA.... LOVE IT!!! One more episode to go.................................... so I think this gif is pretty appropriate don't you think? [AHH... EXCUSES.. EXCUSES...] @owlstar Welcome! @raziela I think so too!
  13. @skibbies do you mean netflix is fixing their english subs? If so then Yay!!!!! ,,, TKA is still not a VIP anymore on their app.. but I haven't check if they have upload the episodes on the official YT Chanel or not...
  14. Totally agreed with you @skibbies. I really like how the drama took the best part of the book and then expand it further. Esp the addition of Pioneer team and Qiu Ying's family. Her family situation in the book breaks my heart, the emotional abuse she had from her family was sad, even with knowing that she had a supportive cute cousin, it still breaks my heart. I'm glad the drama took a different route and gave her a different backstory, but still able to maintain the overall theme of brotherhood, family and friendship within e-sport community... Anyway.. thank you for the summary of Pei Xi's book.. it sounds a bit harder to read.. hmm.. GYH's book left me feeling very melancholic due to the Leads struggles to get to where they are today.. so I think I can sense where PX's book are heading.. Diverging abit from GYH.... have you read this novel? https://www.novelupdates.com/series/youre-beautiful-when-you-smile/ I really enjoy the first 120-130 chapter... the latter chapters feels a bit dry but it ended well. it talks about female gamer joining a professional team, and her struggles. This one is quite light hearted and fun.. The reason I'm recommending this one is because the gaming technique in this novel actually helps me understand GYH better lols. I notice you like gaming so..mayhaps you'll enjoy this novel.
  15. @themarchioness I remember our talk about XK's bike collection.. lols.. look what I found when browsing the official weibo's album. Big baby Blue And Blackie
  16. Huhuhuhu.... 1.5 episode till the end.... @themarchioness thank you <3 so much!!!! We're finally at the last chapter on Phenix journey... which is Championship!!! I truly love and enjoy how everyone from the team support each other.. How everyone have a chance to shine... Pei xi's changes, Xia Lin's healing.. and also XK believing on Xia Lin when everyone else doubted Xia Lin.. I'm truly glad that they made it to the finals.. even tho QY weren't there as their manager anymore but She's always with them in spirit and in the end as their eternal supporter. Miya's blindness for me is a plot device to push QY back as commentator.. so I actually try not to think too much about it LOLS.. because yeah.. it is a bit frustrating to watch esp because this happen at the last minute.. lols.. like do we really need it to be so dramatic screen writer? *rollseyes.jpg* And also Luo Tian's infatuation with QY, it is not something I'm a fan off for different reason. One of the theme that I love from GYH is mentor-ship. We can see how Pioneers team.. one after another mentors their juniors [mostly XK], how XK mentors his friends at Legends, at VNG... that's why I always love Luo Tian's role as Qiu Ying's mentor... and personally I would prefer that Luo Tian shows concerns to Qiu Ying because he appreciate her hard work..[as we all can see on the drama] and likes her character not as a love interest. But yes @raziela you do make a good point about Luo Tian's growth in the drama and what he forced XK to say the things he needed to say from the start.. IDK.. I feel like for everyone.. XK, QY, Miya and also Luo Tian and everyone else actually.. everything will always came down to choice.. and are you willing to move forward or not.... XK in the the novel has straightforwardly says that he has move on from Miya... he wishes Miya happiness.. but he never wavers.... Drama makes it harder for him with the sense of responsibility he has because of Miya' injury.. Qiu Ying understand that... but still... it is never easy for everyone...and realistically speaking there'll always be a chance that everything can go awry... ~ Miya had a choice to let him go.. but she see this as a chance to win him back ~ QY choose to leave because she doesn't want to burden him to think about her while he's caught in the competition and Miya's injury... [While I think she wish XK tries to be more communicative with her, the considerate her.. never says anything too... ] ~ XK didn't want QY go.. but when QY left... [while he did say he understand why] he didn't went after her immediately... because of guilt... AND his inability to put her first.. [XK you're a good guy.. but you have to realized you can't do everything by yourself... pleasee share your burden] NOTHING IS EVER COMPLICATED UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE IT SO. And eventho I know how the story ends.. I was left with a question if Miya never regains her sight.. what will XK do? Will he not go after QY after the competition? Will Miya woke up and finally let XK go? I think XK despite caring for Miya, has clearly move on from her, he would eventually put his foot down and go after QY... his would always care for Miya, because she's part of his past.. the sad and the beautiful memories is part that made him who he is today.. and eventually Miya would understand.. she's currently in an emotional state.. but She was not an unreasonable person. She would eventually move forward too.. blind or not.. she will.. And now.. this leaves us to Qiu Ying... from how her story progress, she had issues with her father, thinking he never puts her and her mother as a priority when he remarried immediately after her mother passed away. And then with her career going nowhere, her life were a constant ups and downs.. It is with Yiyi and then XK that she finally got herself on a stabler path... Eventho eventually she choose to leave, She's not the kind of person that is easy to move on.. because she feel things deeply and she grieves so much [ex : for her mother]. Eventually I think XK and QY would find themselves back together.. because of the respect and understanding they had for each other... So does the separation necessary? Perhaps YES... This will be a lesson for them I guess.. I mean, they already have that understanding and respect between them.. but I think Miya situation will be a lesson for them that eventho they understand each other perfectly.. they still need to be more open and not shy away from sensitive issues.. In the eps before.. during the Team Phenix's creation.. XK and QY are already acting like an old married couple.. they talk their issues regarding Xia Lin,, the competition etc perfectly.. so why did they stumble because of Miya??? My only answer is that Good relationship needs hard work.. on both side.. and they need to realize they're both are flawed... compromises and sacrifices should only be done reasonably.. simply put, when they stop communicating.. that's when trouble starts. Let it be a lesson for them to communicate actively in the future.
  17. @themarchioness I’m swamped with work so I haven't visit soompi as much. But I have tooo, have to, spam ep 31’s gif that i constantly stare in my phone.... I’m going to check if I have a longer one later.... AAAAAAaAaaAAaaarghhhhhh Hahaha.. Will try to give a more coherent comment later! *byeeee*
  18. @lclarakl @angelangie I was referring to Viki loosing the license for TKA. WeTv’s sub can sometimes be said as passable but boy does they need a heavy Quality Control lols. So yeah.... With Netflix using WeTV’s subs it just makes me feel abit sad there’s no other option... but please don’t let my comment distract you from enjoying TKA...
  19. Regarding the novel, IIRC, the lead of the author's next book is Pei Xi.... lols.. I like him in the book, and I love him even more in the drama.. Personally I don't have hope for a second season nor do I think it is necessary. This arc for the lead already feels complete in the drama. But, Of course I wouldn't have minded if there's more epilogue of the OTP and Team Phenix because they are really fun to watch! Each and every member of the team [Including Qiu Ying, and the old member of Pioneer] finally realized their dreams! , The second victory! And finally reaching out to the top of the world!
  20. Found this thread by clicking on links shared by Lmangla lols... @Berou Omg! Hurem Sultan!!! Yes!!! I finish this 100+ episode in a matter of 2 weeks.. I kid you not this show is intense... lols.... with all its ups and down... My fav character is Hurem for sure! She's the dragon that breathes fire to the show..... she was good and bad at the same time. The show made me read all those long article about Sultana of Woman.. women, princess, concubines that rules the country from behind the walls of the harem. Yes I would definitely join you to recommend it
  21. @skibbies So happy to see your comment on Gank Your Heart! This one is a hidden gem for me.. lols.. this drama had limited exposure because its not aired on the big 3 (Youku, Tencent or IQIYI) but with the english subs getting completed now.. I'm happy more and more people are giving this drama a chance.. I agree... and overall, I love all the supporting character in this drama too.. they're unique in their own way...
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