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  1. Happy CNY! I started my youtube viewing today with this special vid.. I really miss them... sigh... CFY was really cute and adorbs in teasing SYR. I rembember @angelangie translating the subs in the earlier pages.. lols.. this video really brings back memories huh angie.. lols
  2. @epinklyn xyh/yxh (I can’t remember which is the correct acronym) is what we would call rumor/gossip accounts on weibo.. they’re like accounts paid by a company or etc to promote/blowing up certain issues... oh and yeah.. I just saw someone commenting on wyb/cfy issues on twitter and i’m like omg... this is so silly and sigh ... like @caranita says its pretty annoying... time to block some people in twitter I guess Oh yes @mei2018 I’m sure it won’t be a straight BL.. my concern is more on the story lols but oh well... its no use to think too much at this point... lets just hope it went well for Feiyu...
  3. @epinklyn About the CGI, the concept art looks pretty good tho.. so maybe there'll be an improvement on the CGI. And mayhaps Chen Kaige will lend a hand on the production... so we can still hope the finished product might be good. Oh.. this is such a strange rumor.. haiyahh... tbh WYB always get hate.. and do you guys remember when the rumor of EN2's ML was rumored to be changed there's a few xyh account that always spread false rumor about CFY too.. ugh.. I pity these kids.. seriously.. their career be ruined by this kind of thing.... I try to be neutral now about EN2 lols eventho it still made me sad .. lols.. but yeah... EN2's reception seems to be 50:50 huh? lols... altho personally I think its because of the watered down story... Anyway.. lols glad I muted "EN2" in twitter timeline so I never see any news or comment about it
  4. lol.. that's why I love Gank Your heart.. its one of that modern drama that did brotherhood relationship very very well... Me too... LOL the strong point of AOL was the story.... the CGI was just OK...
  5. Don't get me wrong angie some of the story under BL category can be interesting... such as Priest's Modu (Silent Reading).. a detective novel.. or even MXTX's novel.. its just that the author's preference is BL, but their story is solid. I've heard and read a bit about 2ha few months ago and while I think it has an interesting story (with a weird ending).. I just don't think this 2ha can be adapted well without changing almost 60-70% of the story.. sigh... and... I am very pessimistic it won't be another messy story.. We can only hope for the best at this point.. a controversial tought...lols...
  6. @angelangie Biggg.. big sigh... I want to be an optimist.. but still.... sigh.......... only time will tell if 2HA is a good option for him or not.. I'm just going to wish him all the best... sigh....
  7. @kokodus Congratulations dear! Hope everything will went well with your further studies 676
  8. @themarchioness aaahhhhhhh Xiang Kong or I would say Yibo with his bike... lols.. Miss him!!! And totes agree with you both @themarchioness and @skibbies ...
  9. @USAFarmgirl Happy new Year!! I am just a click away.... PM me whenever you want to talk (๑>ᴗ<๑)
  10. @themarchioness ahahahaha a slip when I typed... meant to say Ye xiu hahahahah... Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng is my dream team and ahh yeah... haha.. there's not much to be say about TKA for me lols.. personally I think the anime / donghua is better in making me feel emotional. Huang Shiaotian is a delight in both Live Action and Anime tho.. haha.. he is so much fun to watch.. @angelangie Hmmm.. Lin Long.... *scrambles to google the drama* looks interesting... lets see how it goes later when it airs... I know... I know I sound like a pessimist haha.. but its C-drama you know... sometimes being cautious is better Anyway.. lunch break is over.. gotta run......
  11. @themarchioness love love love Luo Tian's story.. and like I've told you in private.. I really like Zi Lan.. she's a very likable character.. and her heart is in a good place.. The ending tho... is so smooth! Luo Tian... How are you so smooth!!! Omg! awww this is so sweet! And on TKA.. tbh.. the story treatment felt like an anime for kids/young adults... pretty good introduction for a C-drama.. but it might not be everyone's cup of tea.. haha.. My fav part is def when Ye Xiu appears and his bond with Su Mucheng and Su Muqiu. Personally how TKA is scripted makes me feel a bit cautious about Chen Feiyu's new drama Legend of the awakening [both are from the same author] but oh well.... we'll just have to wait and see...
  12. @raziela @skibbies @themarchioness @owlstar@angelangie Happy New Yearr!!! Hope we'll get a fun filled drama like GYH again someday! Lets remember Our Fav Couple who had the unbreakable brotherhood! And also our baddass Shu wen jiejie... who with Sun Ge were given a chance to get back together again... I really love these shot of them.. And lastly.. Congratulations @themarchioness @skibbies aahahh I'm so happy you like Die Now... finally... lols... this drama is a sleeper hit for me..
  13. @triplem hahaha.. so true!!! nice and cold is the perfect weather after the humid weather in SEA... I'm good hahaha.. Anyway.. hope everyone's having a good time.. <3 -2
  14. @triplem Helloo.. hope you have a lovely time in Chengdu.... awwwwww..... how's the weather there? 804
  15. 804 Haaaapppppppyyyyy New Yearrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! @Sushimi Anyone watched Knives Out yet??? This murder mystery movie is really good!!! 100% recommend!
  16. @raziela lols that's OK... we're the only one on this thread anyway.. haha.. besides we all have our own preference... I finished TKA, it was ok I guess... I love the friendships and how everyone came together, but there were times I find myself feeling a bit bored lols... I'll have to say my fav gaming drama right now would have to be GYH and Die Now. Die Now anyway.. good morning for anyone on my side of the world haha.. I woke up today with this song playing in my head
  17. @themarchioness aww what a heartwarming fic! Miya deserve a chance to move on with her life and Summer Ge... PLEASE charm her with your kindness As I said before about Summer, IMO he has a really nice personally AND he was never a judgmental person.. not to Li gan, nor xiang kong.. I really love how your fic ends.. with a promise of a future... @raziela HAHAA... Not all of them are my words... I just compiled them from various web I found
  18. Hellooooooooo guysss... Let me share some of the pics again.. haha... And our lovely side pairing Shu Wen jiejie and Sun Ge.... Have a nice dayyyy <3
  19. @cenching not interested in drama for me lately hahaha... but I've been hearing some nice comments about this drama in twitter.
  20. @angelangie I'm looking forward to this drama... hope it will be good.. lols
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