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  1. Go Ahead have lots of lovely OST...
  2. @cheekychipmunk_stv Yeah, I agree, he treats jianjian not as a sister... more of a special someone..
  3. @H0ney @everyone have a nice dayyyy 472
  4. 464 Have a nice sunday everyone
  5. hahahah.... why feiyu or arthur would have been better imo..
  6. Thanks @mirmz I like yours too... lols... 154
  7. LOL... yeah... very true.... -2
  8. @mirmz lol.. no worries dear... How are you btw? When are you going back to school? @kokodus WOULD KILL ME if I leave HAHAHHAHAAHA @staygold How are you? My drama rec for you... Go Ahead And this is my fav ost... this song is trully a parents love letter for their children... 614
  9. 622 @mirmz Don't worry... I definitely will stick around Its just I've been a litlle busy at work.. haha.. Have a nice weekend everyone...
  10. @sugarplum892 LOL.. isn't william in the midst of shooting that novoland drama with Yang Mi?
  11. Leigh.. searching the native title in wikipedia or wiki d-addicts might help. The info there is pretty good.
  12. So true! lol Next person, is waiting for cooler season.... PS. Its so hot and humid in South east asia....
  13. @tothestars LOL..... even if its longer at least we can be hopeful of a good quality drama...
  14. LOL True, Next person can't ride a bicycle......
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