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  1. @Lawyerh I know... Whiter shade of pale was a good song.. but somehow... No more I love you is the one I associate with Annie the most... 600
  2. 600 (Is this true??? feel free to correct me If I'm wrong...) Good Morning lovelies!!!! Its monday again... Sigh.. @kokodus And also there's the Loki's series.... I heard the episode counts are around 6 episode.... imagine the mayhem he will cause!!!
  3. @phikyl Just curious.. have you ever watch this? I saw someone posted about this in twitter and I got curious.. lols... Luckily this one is fully subbed in viki. 982
  4. @kokodus How MARVEL Destroyed THOR | Growth Through Regression 952
  5. @kokodus Trust me!!!! Thor 4 is guaranteed going to happen.... How Taika Waititi and the Russos Destroyed Thor & Rebuild him. 954
  6. 946 I'm looking forward to a new zombie movie.. the dead don't die hahahah.... I hope this one will be more like 2009 zombieland... a movie that is just fun and don't take themself seriously......
  7. @Lmangla Yeup... haha... so much baiting in the writing... lols...... So much wasted potential..... You do not write this kind of line.. only for the duo to labeled as "Platonic soulmate" *facepalm* 870 @sushilicious Sometimes I wonder what went will went in your head whenever you read my tweet... lols.. my twitter are my garbage can hahahahhaa...
  8. @Lmangla *grin* I may have been treating twitter as my garbage can for my love for Beliza . I don't believe the Producer will give the fans bellarke.. but Beliza is a balm to my heartbreak... My honest rant about T100 850
  9. @themarchioness *sniff sniff* Thank you for the fics.... it really capture the dynamic and tone of the drama...
  10. First day of work... sigh... I need a pick me up! 838
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