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  1. @bebebisous33 I am so looking forward on your analysis on their break up. The line that struck me the most was when he asked if she thinks he loved her only because she's the CEO of Donghwa hotel, or does she think he's only interested with her because she's a daughter of a great politician. He's trying to convince her that the fact that they come from families with different status should not be the reason for their break up. You can see CSH's eyes respond like his words hit a sensitive button in her heart. Really really great acting. That's the only part I watch when i replay that scene lol I really really really miss this drama. I want more. Hoping that a talented fan can make a fanfic.
  2. Hi guys!!! It's been almost a week since the last episode and I am missing the thrill and excitement that I felt during the past few weeks. By the way, does any one know any fanfiction on this drama? I am craving to read something about their married life and what happens next. Please please if you happen to know a link, pleaase share it with me. Thank you in advance.
  3. I’ve been rewatching episodes 15 and 16 these past few days. I’m quite happy with the ending but somehow it’s lacking. How I wish they cut short the other scenes like HI’s confession, I love it but it actually took a lot of screen time. Flash back scenes must’ve been used for bed scenes, kissing scenes and married-life scenes. I like the last part where they were walking, but still not enough. How I wish they showed us KJH actually being more touchy and naughty now that they’re dating for more than a year. It’s only realistic thay they are already doing it base by base. Of course they already did base 1, so by now they must’ve reached base 3, so it’s only reasonable to have a bed scene (maybe even showing us them waking up together cuddled). How I wish they cut short all the heavy drama sooner to reward us loyal fans with our dream ending. Though I admit, I love the last kissing scene, JH actually took the lead. I love that he fixed her head with both hands so he can kiss her the way he wants to with full force. Lol Though I love that JH decided to hold on, but a part of me wanted to see him retreat and break down for a moment to absorb all the sudden chaos. Though it’s in his character to be persistent, stubborn and forgiving- but how I wish we saw a glimpse of him giving up (temporarily). Because a part of me is wondering what will be SH’s reaction if he actually gives up on her. I wanted to know if her fears are greater than her not being able to see him again. I didn’t like the fact that it’s always a given that JH will always be there ready to wait and understand her. I wanted to see her world tremble by the fact that she lost the only man she ever loved bec she let him go. I also wanted to see her get jealous and shed off that cold exterior and calm expression. Dont get me wrong, I also want a happy ending after all these. Sorry guys, please dont get mad at me. It’s just me okay.. oh well, i’ll be rewatching this drama for a long while.
  4. @bubblechoco chingu if you look closely, the camera is hanging on his left shoulder.
  5. Hoping that the kids in the picture are actually their kids. But I assume since they are filming, they must’ve closed the area particularly the stairs where they actually film so maybe those kids aren’t just passing by. So probably those kids are KIMs?
  6. I just watched episode 15 and I find it dragging to the point that I wanted to stop watching it. How many times does SH have to explain to everyone that she’s doing it for JH. She has to explain it to everyone starting from episode 14. To Mi jin, the tea lady, to JH, driver nam, etc. I just had to go with the flow bec I already invested too much in watching this drama so I just have to watch it til the end. The actors are so good but the writer overdid it. For a minute, i wanted JH to go ahead with that resignation letter. He deserves some pride for himself. It’s his first love and he loved with all his heart to the point where he has given so much more than he can give. I want him to spare some pride and love for himself. But then of course, he has to do what he has to do. He has to be KJH, the persisitent and consistent KJH. So good luck! Really hoping for a good ending. Whooo I feel like I punished myself by watching that episode lol
  7. Go jinhyuk! Remain steadfast and prove to her that you’re there for the long haul. Remember, she loves you so much. You are the only person who can get her out of that shell. Love her even when it’s tough. Stay true to your promise that you will always be there for her. Remember, she needs you now more than ever. Love her in times of happiness, love her more in times of dispair. It takes a strong man to break through her walls, but don’t be swayed, you are also her kryptonite. Don’t let her be alone. Fight for her. Whaaaaaaaaa!!!!! So depressing
  8. Friend watch episode 13, but skip the last part. There are a lot of good scenes in epi 13.
  9. @bubblechoco you know what, a part of me wants to see KJH try to disappear from everyone. Like resigning and not leave a trace (for a while). And when SH finds out about it from Ms. Kim, she’ll worry so much that she can no longer function anymore with her work and daily life now that she realizes the effect it has on JH. I want her to go out of her way to look for him and worry. And when they see each other, JH will try to retaliate and tell her he accepts everything. Then SH will take her words back and tell him she cannot live without him. Then they kiss and make up. I am a sucker for can’t-live-without-you kind of love.
  10. That long hair from the photoshoot really suits him, unlike the one in Cuba. In Cuba his hair wasn’t that appealing nor does it help in building chemistry with our female lead. His hair in Sokcho was the best, neat and professional-looking. His other hairstyles will do but not the one in Cuba. Was really relieved that in episode 2 they already cut it short. Speaking of episode 2, that’s the episode where he looked so boyish but appealing. Maybe he had enough rest before shooting that episode. 8 hours to go til epi 15.
  11. Will it be world war 3 if they give us a sad ending? My faith in kdrama relies on this one lol! Whaaaaa counting the hours...
  12. omg she must've seen him breaking down on the street. if so, she might change her mind right way if she sees him wallowing in pain.
  13. On the scene where she’s drunk and force-feeding him the carrot. I heard something like: “uri jinhyuk shi ahhhhh (feeding him the carrot) “uri soohyun shi...” something like that.. is that a term of endearment?
  14. Shucks I’m dreading to watch tomorrow’s episode. But I can’t wait. I love CSH’s style on her second time in Cuba, where she’s wearing white top. Her no-make-up-look makes her glow even more. Her natural beauty is really something else. Especially when they were kissing and she opened her eyes, what a beauty. Her look on those scenes is so refreshing. So light that you will not think that she’s a CEO. In those times, she’s not carrying the loads of stress in Korea, she is merely KJH’s girlfriend. Happy ending please... this is my way of consoling myself. Lol
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