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  1. 19 hours ago, Reyko said:

    will somebody explain this picture to me before i go craycray

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    Is this sma and ljh??


    cr dc



    Mina Is brand ambasador for canon.




    Cr.on pic



    But I dont know about JeHoon.

    Maybe Someone would like to ask about the picture that @Reyko  Posted To their management?

    LJH management official instagram

    SMA management official instagram

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  2. Next ep is march 25 2019. So Marin will wait for sojoon to see firework as they promise before.waiting him on the side road

    if sojoon not coming on time,marin will  get hit by car.and what will happen to future sojoon (now, present sojoon) will he be there too?or there will be no sojoon?only marin in that accident.because sojoon disappear???

    Cant believe that tomorrow is final episode...ottokhee?? :bawling:

    EDIT: what if writer-nim make SJ can time travel to the past,in 1 condition: he will not be able to time travel again,ever.so he back to 25 march 2009.on the subway.he did meet with MR as we see in early episode.but now he bring his mom and dad to get off from subway too.so they survive from that accident.SJ cant time travel so he will not became my reitz's CEO. My reitz doesnt exist so he will not meet with KYJ.

    Sooooo they can life happily ever after :kiss_wink:

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  3. MR being kidnapped case is similar to SY's father.he is still die with different place. MR too,she still kidnapped.not on the way after receiving the dash cam,but near her house.the memory card should be with MR in ETA 1.but the memory card now with SJ in ETA 2.

    So what does it means?nothing change.just going with different way.SJ will still disappear????

    Does it means that fatefull day still will happen??

    Iam nervous already :bawling:

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  4. Ep 13 is all sweet..but ep 14 is frutrating me. DS has telling SJ that he will disappear on the train and related to KYJ.so why in the next ep he meet with KYJ at TRAIN???

    Scene between MR and DS is making me cry. I can feell how desperate he is in order to saving MR and SJ.

    At the end of preview for ep 15 when MR and SJ together i think that is just memorial from MR. :bawling: 

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  5. Ep 12

    Me personaly can understand why SoJoon (feells) this cold toward marin. He loves marin and wish can live a long time happily with her,that is what he said to ahjussi by phone.and he cried while saying that.knowing he will disappear and seeing marin still waiting for him even a day before they suppose to die.future marin ask him to leave her.it make him stress and frustating. But iam happy that in the end of this episode he realize that present time is most important.

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