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  1. @maryofbethanyYes and your are right our girl is elegant, pretty, and a decent girl. She is unpretentious about who she is. I love her in white, it suits her. She is always put together whenever she attends events or represents herself. That quality is of someone who have self worth and positive self esteem. I really love her. I read the translation of her letter to her fans and I connected it the caption of JCW last IG that says, the weather is really hot and everyone should keep safe (paraphrased). Like you said in 10 days JCW should be in the army and hopefully our girl will be on a long overdue vacation. She said in her letter that she will not keep us waiting long this time and will HEAL us with a better work too. Agreed with @ReemKanabtano one feels you abandon this ship. Have fun in whichever forum you choose because life is short. I am still trying to get over the heart break of 7DQ, though it is a bittersweet ending, I learned a lot from how deep one can love. I am learning a lot even at my age because if your love is so easy that doesn't mean others whose love are not are not truly in love. 7DQ is EPIC for me and it's a drama I will watch over and over again. I salute our girl, PMY, you're awesome.

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  2. Hello chingus, It looks like everyone is all waiting to watch the last two episodes of PMY 7DQ. The cast kinda of already said their goodbyes before the wrap up party. Here is what our girl said. I know a lot people want to ship her with her costar, it's okay because it's their perogative. But you all remember her answer when she was asked the difference between her and the other young girl in the other period drama. She said I have been in love and I will demonstrate my acting through my facial expressions. Chemistry and facial acting are really big in period drama. This is just paraphrasing what she said. I am so proud of her with this new work 7DQ!


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  3. 2 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    i think i am going bipolar... just now you brought the first laughter to my face... after a long intense numb whole day, racing to do the drama contest thingy..
    now you brought the first tear to my face... hasnt flow down, but that hotness swell my eyes,... make me hard to breathe.
    wookie, how long have we wait for a little bread crumbs... just to fill our thirst and hunger.. don't serve us bread crumbs also fine... serve her enough to last the 2 yrs of drought and parched land.

    it received lots of love, so did you from someone.... wookie, it is sweet romance, it is like first love that never fade right...

    Another one for you @maryofbethanya fan asked him what he was going to do after that day. He said 'I am going to meet with person I haven't met in a while and have a beer' Lot of discussion on twitter about whether he said 'my' or not. Does it matter? Our girl posted IG pic while he was doing the VLive and we know she had a day off too. Whether my person or person, I am happy for the hints. 

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  4. 16 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    in case you gals do not know there is a drama contest ongoing, i am in the W-2worlds Team.

    i am supposed to lobby for W-2 worlds drama, respecting this is changmin thread i will keep everything in spoiler>

      Reveal hidden contents

     I am currently supporting the W-Two-Worlds Team. if you have watched it and hope you were blessed by this drama.
    No obligation if you are already fan of the other dramas, do kindly vote for your favourite drama of 2016, be it any of the 4 dramas.  God bless your choice of drama, which ever it shall be.

    2nd Round 2016 K-DRAMAS CONTEST ON SOOMPI!



    VOTING PERIOD: July 27 ( 12 AM GMT+1) - August 1 ( 12 AM GMT +1).

    I hope W wins!!  Fighting!!!

    (God bless to you!)

    i have changed my profile pic coz need to identify with the team when PM people who follows the drama back then. sorry., i didnt dump changmin.


    @youngatheart what did JCW said at that heart shape sign-post? sorry for the mornign ranting, these few months, i was utterly drained, saddened, wasting away......

    I believe they said one of the signs said 'sweetheart don't cheat on me'. I read those on IG and twitter because it was not interpreted on the screen. Everything else was though.

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  5. @maryofbethanyJCW kitchen just posted it. Check it out, the interview is kinda short. He was asking about parts of his body he likes. He his eyes and shoulders, the host said his shoulders give her flutters. He was also asked who is the first person to want to visit him he said NJH and he told her no because he has His pride. Oppa will be fine. 

    I am not getting all these hupla about visitation in the MS, would there be a need to be asked if his significant other would visit? He gets to come out for vacations too so he can visit with people who he cares about. If he is mentioning someone it's only in platonic friendship. I am sure his friends will come too, I hope they put questions about visiting in MS to rest.

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  6. Thanks @ReemKanabtaAlways Healer and IWPY, we love it too. Looking back and thinking about JCW and this past FM. I am happy for him that he finally did a drama that puts his mind at rest for going into the MS. I remembered he was not satisfied with K2 and wanted a drama that will have people remember him by, this has nothing to do with any costars, but his career. The anxiety and anticipation he must have had. As an actor you want to be remembered and be able to return to your job seamlessly at the end of his MS service. Going into the army and leaving his mom when it had been just two the of them must be concerning for him too, not to talk of what to expect as an army officer. I kinda know a little bit of sending someone to the army myself, someone close to me did ROTC and get commissioned to the army, served till he became a captain in the USA army. It was not easy and a lot of anxiety is involved. I will pray for him and his mom while he is away. Serve your country well JCW, come back and your spot is safe to come back to. We know too that you want to protect your love, PMY, don't worry she is safe. We trust that she will wait for you. You already said 'if I am in love with someone now, I will continue to love her even till I return from MS' (paraphrased)! We love you and we  say goodbye for now. I may still write another goodbye message before you go, but I think it's just started to hit me that you are going into an active military service (like I said I am an ajuma). 

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  7. Hi chingus, our OTP have been busy especially our girl. I hope she has a time off this weekend to spend with our guy. He mentioned it's ended and I agree with him that part of his life has just been completed. He also post his legs, meaning moving on. I am waiting to see what happens in the next 30 days. Looking forward to his fan meeting to see if we get hints either way from him and our girl. I like what a chingu said in 7DQ forum said about two people in love not communicating even though they understand each other, it leads to delusion. We are in love with our couple, we needs hints for reassurance so that we are not termed as being delusional. Two years is long, we can only hold on if there is a chance.

    I am been reading all comments from forum of 7DQ, but waiting to watch the last two episodes. I have read also about SP ending, I am not bothered at all. I will watch them after I complete watching east of eden. I always watch this drama when I am down and I have been for couple of days couple with fact that I love PHJ. Happy weekend everyone!

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