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  1. 2 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    i think i am going bipolar... just now you brought the first laughter to my face... after a long intense numb whole day, racing to do the drama contest thingy..
    now you brought the first tear to my face... hasnt flow down, but that hotness swell my eyes,... make me hard to breathe.
    wookie, how long have we wait for a little bread crumbs... just to fill our thirst and hunger.. don't serve us bread crumbs also fine... serve her enough to last the 2 yrs of drought and parched land.

    it received lots of love, so did you from someone.... wookie, it is sweet romance, it is like first love that never fade right...

    Another one for you @maryofbethanya fan asked him what he was going to do after that day. He said 'I am going to meet with person I haven't met in a while and have a beer' Lot of discussion on twitter about whether he said 'my' or not. Does it matter? Our girl posted IG pic while he was doing the VLive and we know she had a day off too. Whether my person or person, I am happy for the hints. 

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  2. 16 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    in case you gals do not know there is a drama contest ongoing, i am in the W-2worlds Team.

    i am supposed to lobby for W-2 worlds drama, respecting this is changmin thread i will keep everything in spoiler>

      Reveal hidden contents

     I am currently supporting the W-Two-Worlds Team. if you have watched it and hope you were blessed by this drama.
    No obligation if you are already fan of the other dramas, do kindly vote for your favourite drama of 2016, be it any of the 4 dramas.  God bless your choice of drama, which ever it shall be.

    2nd Round 2016 K-DRAMAS CONTEST ON SOOMPI!



    VOTING PERIOD: July 27 ( 12 AM GMT+1) - August 1 ( 12 AM GMT +1).

    I hope W wins!!  Fighting!!!

    (God bless to you!)

    i have changed my profile pic coz need to identify with the team when PM people who follows the drama back then. sorry., i didnt dump changmin.


    @youngatheart what did JCW said at that heart shape sign-post? sorry for the mornign ranting, these few months, i was utterly drained, saddened, wasting away......

    I believe they said one of the signs said 'sweetheart don't cheat on me'. I read those on IG and twitter because it was not interpreted on the screen. Everything else was though.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, insamgoguma said:

    Hi guys, just rose from my temporary death. I just watched YouTube clips and there r few scenes that struck me so hard I almost died again. 

    1. The teary talk CK had with Yung, said how she misses her family.

    Yung: you must miss your parents alot.

    CK: That's not it

    Yung: Then I don't want to hear about it (obviously thinking it must be Yeok)

    CK then goes on the tell the story about the young Yung - the family she's missing so bad, the family that the King killed. PMY's acting was of the charts, but LDG's silent performance just brought tears to my eyes. We realize how far from good Yung has gone, cursing his own destiny like someone said earlier. Then there's this scene:

    2. The conversation Yung had before being dragged away, that he finally had his revenge. Making Yeok king was his revenge, he said, that he just couldn't accept it when Yeok gave up everything to go live far away with CK, and they could be happy. Now that Yeok would be king, he would slowly become like Yung, cuz Yung shaped Yeok that way.

    Yung is just so twisted and miserable that it still breaks my heart. Just when I thought Yung is far beyond deserving sympathy, the writer, the producer and LDG made me cry for him again. Yeokyung's story was sad, but Yung-ie's is just so much more miserable. He gets false comfort by forcing CK staying beside him, by visiting her everyday just to face the dead heart. What a sad human being he was, to not realizing his self destructing mind, dying with hatred heart feeling betrayed while he orchestrated his own misery.

    LDG really outshone everyone in episode 17-18 to me (even uri OTP had to step a step behind letting him be the star). Hats down to the great actor! *bows*

    That's it, my tribute to Yung's twisted life and LDG outstanding performance.

    Side note: I kept asking "WHY THE FUDGE IS THERE NO PSYCHIATRIST IN THE WHOLE FREAKING PALACE?" This poor patient needs special treatment and yet everyone keeps spoiling him! Not really fun being a King I guess...

    My thoughts exactly about the king being psychotic in front of them all and no one has any sympathy for his wellbeing enough to offer treatment. When I take care of mentally challenged, you can see in their eyes how they crave for someone to understand them and offer help. Everyone just chuck it up to royal tyranny, the guy clearly needed some serious medicine to knock him off of his paranoia. What a shame he suffered and made everyone around him suffer also.

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  4. 23 minutes ago, shimshimae said:

    Sorry guys, I received some personal tragic news in-midst of the recap. (I was supposed to clear one of the rounds of the civil service examinations of my country, have been at it for a few years. this is the first time, I got disqualified at the preliminary stage)

    the episode was equally shocking. I don't even feel sad anymore. I have become numb like CK. 

    I am sorry to hear that about you, take heart. You know how it is they said it doesn't matter how many times you fell, getting up and standing is always the best. Good luck next time, winner never quit. 

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  5. 33 minutes ago, yujien said:

    Thank you for the live recaps chingu @shimshimae 

    this episode was intense my hands are sweating while reading your recaps and while refreshing the page 

    omg I can't detect what's the ending we still have 2 more episode to come.... 

    Writernim please don't show us the history of yeok and mh pleaseeeeee... I can't take it.... 

    Exactly @yujien I don't want to see MH and Yeok together, the story is about 7DQ so it has to end when she get deposed, period!

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  6. Thanks chigus that shared the twitter account, I was able to follow while driving to work. Thankfully I was not driving on the highway and made it here in my office before my office hours. Just from just glancing at the tweet every few minutes I can say that this episode is another epic episode. I am going to go back read all the recaps and also maybe watch the episodes tonight. For some reason episode 17 was not subbed quickly like before, it was still at 52% last night at 10p. Thanks everyone for your selfless work.

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  7. 34 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    the part they took the sharp knife and want to cut Yeok ankle, gaged Yeok, and Yeok screamed while gag him,, you really cringed hard unbearable to watch... again, this part will send all of you scolding Yeonsangun.

    Agreed @maryofbethany even without watching but just these videos are enough to see how hard it's gonna be for me to watch tonight. The thing is though. I am still looking forward to watch. This drama is sure one of a kind! Perfect in every way for me.

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  8. 29 minutes ago, gerrytan8063 said:

    Episode 17

    Yeonsangun wants to Shin Chae Gyeong as his chattel

    Term & condition by Yeonsangun to save Grand Prince Jinseong's life as Shin Chae Gyeong kneel down to beg to spare her husband's life

    "Be my Person (Saram,사람)....My Life (Sarm,삶)"

    I like to explain the word use "Sarm" (삶) which is a native Korean word for the concept of life or living

    The Korean thoughts are said to epitomise into three concepts which is Han (한 rancor or grief), Mut (멋 Mind or mindset) & Sarm (삶 life or living)

    Wow! What a very wicked king! Your own brother?! Never have I wish anyone gone like this, we need the end of this tyrant king ASAP! 

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  9. @maryofbethanyJCW kitchen just posted it. Check it out, the interview is kinda short. He was asking about parts of his body he likes. He his eyes and shoulders, the host said his shoulders give her flutters. He was also asked who is the first person to want to visit him he said NJH and he told her no because he has His pride. Oppa will be fine. 

    I am not getting all these hupla about visitation in the MS, would there be a need to be asked if his significant other would visit? He gets to come out for vacations too so he can visit with people who he cares about. If he is mentioning someone it's only in platonic friendship. I am sure his friends will come too, I hope they put questions about visiting in MS to rest.

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  10. 3 hours ago, MillyR said:

    Doubt it with Chaegyeong there looking after MH.  hahaha

    MH really looked like her little sister, really timid.

    Ah just realized Minyoung no longer afraid of insects/flying insects. When she was younger in SKKS bts, she was freaking out because of an insect. hahaha


    Ah talking about MH when she visited Seono in the jail - she was making it obvious that her goal was not about helping people at all when she said why should we care about those people. We don't even know them. The writer is making MH's character too malicious. She was part of the snail brides but she disregarded  those people's lives  whom she helped as worthless. Seonoh was too nice for even trying to understand her  and her motives even in his last breath. Even trying to ease the burden in her heart by not hating her. But by doing that actually is more cruel to MH.

    You forgot that her goal has nothing to do with the citizens, she made it clear. She wants to be queen so that she can bring honor back to her family. Didn't her (MH) father was exiled or someone? I think she found the opportunity when he found the injured prince, ran to QD for help and penetrated his friends to find out the plan of the prince or maybe encouraged him to usurp power and become king. She even said she and uncle will be the one to have the last laugh when the king ordered the prince and CK to get married.

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  11. Thanks @ReemKanabtaAlways Healer and IWPY, we love it too. Looking back and thinking about JCW and this past FM. I am happy for him that he finally did a drama that puts his mind at rest for going into the MS. I remembered he was not satisfied with K2 and wanted a drama that will have people remember him by, this has nothing to do with any costars, but his career. The anxiety and anticipation he must have had. As an actor you want to be remembered and be able to return to your job seamlessly at the end of his MS service. Going into the army and leaving his mom when it had been just two the of them must be concerning for him too, not to talk of what to expect as an army officer. I kinda know a little bit of sending someone to the army myself, someone close to me did ROTC and get commissioned to the army, served till he became a captain in the USA army. It was not easy and a lot of anxiety is involved. I will pray for him and his mom while he is away. Serve your country well JCW, come back and your spot is safe to come back to. We know too that you want to protect your love, PMY, don't worry she is safe. We trust that she will wait for you. You already said 'if I am in love with someone now, I will continue to love her even till I return from MS' (paraphrased)! We love you and we  say goodbye for now. I may still write another goodbye message before you go, but I think it's just started to hit me that you are going into an active military service (like I said I am an ajuma). 

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  12. Hi chingus, as predicted early today and I also read comments in the life recap by @maryofbethanythis episode is really a heart breaking episode for me. I wept so much towards the end that I was hardly able to read the subs.

    For my short analysis, I will start with MH, she kinda showed some redeemable qualities. First when Yeok asked her  to redeem herself from all the bad things she had done so far. She helped with the spreading of evidence into other homes and this was the main reason minister Shin, CK dad was not killed after being caught in the pawn shop. It was also endearing to see SN and her share heart to heart talk when he came to see her before turning himself in as the leader of snail brides. Another side of her humanity was captured when she went to visit SN in prison. We all can agree that the feelings between them was communicated to each other and the viewers.

     I love all the scenes  of our OTP, confessing to each other, taking care of one another, and holding hands like newlyweds.

    The scene where SN was executed was really hard to watch, though I have seen clips of it here and there and also was on the forum for life recap. I cried my eyes out, how SN relieved all their moments together from their childhood to present time, playing in the lake, that just killed me.

    The last scene scared me because if the king is not dead only God knows what he is going to do next week. I love this drama, no dull moment.

    1 minute ago, 2handsintertwined said:

    Finished episode 15 and 16.

    I am going to backread everyone's comments. I just want to say that I am very sad about Seo Noh. I feel sad about the king getting stabbed, but at the same time, I feel like he deserved it because he is so cruel and he executed innocent people.

    The king was not stabbed, but stabbed him self with the prince sword in order to implicate him as committing treason.

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