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  1. I have been busy with  RL, which is wonderful! I am about to leave for another continent before the end of the week. I have been wanting to post this, now I have a little time. Here’s one the reason I am not moved by all kinds of claims that our girl is with person or that person! Lol


    And this edit is wonderful! 


  2. In Korea! Have been busy having so much fun in our couple’s country! I have visited the Buddhist temple, palace and museums, visited 2. I have been posting my pictures on my IG and FB accounts. Love their country, it’s safe and it’s Mecca of cosmetics, bought few masks and planning to buy more for my girls and I. Was on guided tour today  and we saw neighborhoods, markets, and the blue house too! I am watching Fabricated city, our actor’s first movie on OCN in my hotel room as I write now. 



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