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  1. Hello chingus that are still reading the posts on this ship! We are not able to link IG posts of other people on Soompi forums! Just that people should know though, all of my IG posts have been approved by the owners. I usually ask them since they are chingus on IGs. Now onto our guy’s JCW new drama, ‘Backstreet Rookie’ what is this that I am reading on IG that some knetz are asking for cancellations! They must be kidding right?! We all know the details of the drama from the ads and all the information put out before the broadcast, so now what’s the point of going against it. The romance doesn’t begin till the ‘fictionary’ girl is an adult! I believe that they are just threatened by our guy and the drama that it might be better than their bias!
  2. Our girls fan on IG has reached 7M! It calls for celebration! Happy for you girl! I am sure you are celebrating too with your beau!
  3. Wonderful weekend! This time next week, we’ll be watching ‘backstreet rookie’ episode 2! Our couple both busy working hard and promoting their drama and magazines respectively! Kudos guys! If you’re being you should proof your worth you both are worth the money! https://www.instagram.com/p/CBYKrg2jcti/?igshid=1qwffv10wc6hm https://www.instagram.com/p/CBYbL_XnwxT/?igshid=b6im44rflojh
  4. Finally able to post these! Proud of our couple! Can’t wait for ‘backstreet rookie’ and busted 3!
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBNWiqTpDpl/?igshid=15ihedo49n3wv https://www.instagram.com/p/CBOAqDuJENX/?igshid=18c1j2tbotass our couple is busy hitting the iron while it’s hot! Both of them just just opened a new channel! One in China and the other on YouTube! It’s like it’s their season! I am happy for them as they continue to establish themselves in their careers! They are both enjoying their increasing popularity! I am sure they are not ready to settle down, as in getting married anytime soon! They may decide they are not even going to get married, and it will still be okay because the decision it’s completely theirs. We fans support your decisions either way! PMY and JCW! Waiting for both Busted 3 and Backstreet rookie! Fighting!
  6. Why do we continue to ship this couple? It’s because we love and admire them so much, what we saw in Healer and after! No one can presume to know actors and believe everything written about them. Having watched these two for about five years, we know what we know about them. Some things are better left unsaid and left alone! As an experienced shipper whose personal life is stable, one is able to wait patiently for these two! Waiting for their upcoming projects too! Support for them is given!
  7. WOW it’s been virtual graduation weeks and I am one of the blessed parents! I have been doing what a parent should be doing, rejoicing and visiting with the wonderful daughter who had made us proud, but I couldn’t ignore all the postings on IG and some requests for another drama or movie between our dearest couple. I am rooting and wishing for the opportunity to see them again together in a project! If the above happens, it will be the fulfillment of ‘Sabu’ Wish in Healer drama and we would all love that and this one, wow! Baby got back! Seduction uhm!
  8. It’s Saturday May 9th here in the USA, but I woke to see all IG post on parents day in Korea and our couple as usual are wonderful children who honor their parents!
  9. Welcome to the month of May! I am still here with all the other changminers and Healerites on instagram and Twitter! Love our ship because we believe our love for this ship and our Love of our individual OTP is steady and strong! There’s no need to sweat small things. We believe and trust them enough to wait and just enjoy all of their activities. Now let’s have Some shippers fun with these IG posts from chingus! Well it won’t load, I will try later.
  10. Welcome back! Wonderful when I see old chingus back to this ship! We are a steady ship! We know what and who we believe. Our OTP are busy with their work and I try not make comments about their individual work, but to encourage them as we should. We understand what it takes to be in their industry, you have to be relatable and believable. People that are just knowing the two of them always think they must not be in a relationship to act in this manner with their particular biases. We’ll leave that alone for now, let everyone have their fun shipping! One of these days we’ll hear about the truth! We were given a renewed hope with this outing in November last year after 5 years following healer! They both know there are ships about each of them out there, but chose to renewed the hope of this one!
  11. Why is our guys sleepless? Last year June in Bangkok? We are just happy to see that he posted after a long time! His CF for Calvin Klein! Love! Love! If I wasn’t a fan of CK before, I would be one now for my actor! Good taste and class!
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