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  1. Lee Min Ho Has Been Discharged From The Military. His Fans From All Over The World Travelling To Korea Just To See Him. Even Lee Min Ho become a Trending Topic in various countries. And All Korean News reported about his discharge. Sweep all korean news >> https://leeminhophotosgallery.blogspot.com/2019/05/news-2019-lee-min-ho-has-been.html
  2. thanx for your reply...i will make article about this in my facebook page and i will be paying to boost my post/my article on my fb page
  3. 900 milion won in dollar please?? i want to make article about this news in my page btw i dont understand about this received 1.4 billion won in chair advertising...pls detail..do you mean chair advertising pays lee min ho 1.4 billion??? pls details...sorry my poor english
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