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  1. I just can't believe that CEO, she's not deserve to be anyone mother that sly fox, i want to slap her to the moon and back Did they just got engaged by themselves... good job Tae Joo I love Mi Ri stand up against her selfish bastard that tried to claim as her mother, can't wait to see next episode, love you to the moon and back TJ, fight for your love, MR need a man like him
  2. He's also very athletic and very good at action scenes, why no director cast him in an action drama yet :'( :'( btw, it'sd good to have you back @ktcjdrama
  3. the subbed one is out, just watched it on ....and I quite like it, but maybe because I also love the manga and having Hong Jong Hyun in it as an extra bonus
  4. I'm so happy when her hubby slap her in the face that since now she taking money from their son & dil, now she's their employer, no weekend break
  5. somehow I got the feeling that there might be more reason behind why IS abandon MR and it might have something to do with the HAN family, something like revenge, maybe her husband death have something to do with the HAN?? :p :p
  6. He looks good in any / without outfit I love that now he's taking a different characters and personality, he's a great actors and this will surely help him develop to next level
  7. I hate IS to the max, she's manipulative, heartless social climber that have a nerve to call MR a social climber, I want to slap her in the face. That kiss tho, MR hit TJ after they out of the lift, after she let him kiss her from 8th to 18th floors, don't u think that's kinda late girl?? and now we have to wait a long week for next episode
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