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  1. omg how am i gonna sleep after laughing so hard liek this... literally non-stop laughed for the first 10 mins....
  2. phew finally... still sad after the ending but this time because i realise there's ony 1 week left for this drama XD wonder what the kissing is for, i would've thought he'll get jelous with her acting partner
  3. let's cry together lol as if the ending of the ep 12 wasn't heartbreaking enough, now we got the more raw sad emotion i never expected the stoic KJR can break down like that
  4. i think he probably drag her to avoid the media. Very curious to see the translation of the heart shape notes too!! but i think she said she misses him?? lol my korean is super bad dont quote me on this >.<
  5. you're right the ending is so beautifully sad ~!! seriously didnt expect that screen to be there i kept wondering why the bus stop?? so he misses him that much omg JR i feel your pain that last scene really got me. hmmm it looks like their reconciliation won't happen this week but at least there's some progression. How amazing is JS to endlessly support him, you go girl get your man back!
  6. Its sad i have weak heart i did cry again when i rewatch it but i likeee their acting in the last scene. Then i rewatch ep 7 the confession episode to mend my broken shipper heart and i feel giddy again. Its been ages since i was last drawn emotionally by a kdrama
  7. just want to comment on TYH's popularity abroad. I hope those who are involved in making the drama will get some sort of award. It'll be hard to get a korean based award but i really hope they get what they deserve. I know some of you mentioned that you dont care about rating etc, i personally dont care for my personal viewing, but I really want LDW/YIN to get recognised for their hardwork, i think they did well in acting department. Rewatching ep 12 numerous times while waiting for ep 13
  8. Marriage and kids ending will be nice lol and bed scene will make me squeal hardest :D Im sure by the end of the drama Yeon Seo will receive an acting award? The drama title is Love Hurts so surely she can act better, after experiencing the real heartbreak of a relationship Typical separation my weak heart is sad but cant wait for reconciliation!! Although it may take by the end of ep 14 hmm we’ll be left with 2 lovey dovey eps. This time please more skinship i want them to be comfortable with each other and not feel shy / awkward anymore. Like hold hands etc!! I started to feel flat/not satisfied at their awkwardness even after that many dates... come quicker next week pleaseee
  9. Sorry for the spam lol. So it looks like JR will hit rock bottom next week? Looks like he is blamed for some case... It should be JS’ turn to be there when he needs the most and cheer him up... hope she’ll take the courage to be by his side, just like he was by her side when she needs most
  10. watching with sub will make me more sad i know he just wants the best for JS to be accepted by public on her return. im still crying dont think i can sleep lol that's how attached i am to this drama -.- edit: what will happento JR? Looks like he’ll get into some sort of trouble?
  11. I literally cried a lot... just watching him suffer like that although I dont understand what he's saying i know what he means and it pains him a lot... the background music multiplies my sadness T_T I feel like JR love is much more than JS', although she was the one who liked him first. My shipper heart cant take it, and to see the preview it'll be more painful next week... sob sob....
  12. ohhh im glad it looks like the stalker thing won't last long.... i dont understand korean but from the preview why does it look like the only possible separation will come from JR protecting JS's carreer? a.k.a since it wont be good for rising celeb to date anyone? thats the vibe i got from the manager talking to JR... need to wait for eng sub T_T
  13. yes i think that's whats gonna happen too but i think it'll be ep 12 not 11 yes agree on that antagonist look, the make up helps lol
  14. oh from the lyric i take it as one party wants to hold on tight to the other party, so maybe JR firmly wants to protect her when she's afraid and tried to go away?
  15. im so late in watching this week >.> Watching ep 9 & 10 is full of emotion. As always, each episode makes my heart flutters and also brings lots of laughter for its comedic scenes. It was the first time I cried in watching this series (i actually shed a tear in the secretary/mother and daughter scene). I feel bad for SW when he was asked to drop the case. I feel like he'll be in danger... Oh anyways im glad we finally we see more of him, otherwise it feels almost like lawyer Dan & Choi is the 2nd couple in this series instead of SW and YR lol Wow JR is such a perfect boyfriend. From the way he always tries to make JS happy, and how he is so understanding that he would not worry whether there is a secret that JS keeps, to the way he's proudly presented his gf to his father..... Kyaaa i think JR deserves the award of the best boyfriend ~!! Agree? And how intense is that final scene.... probably my fave scene when JR is covering her from being in his sight. Boyfriend is so ready to protect his gf lol Im a bit scared of what the chaebol will do i think the next few eps we'll see that people around JS (incl. the law firm) will get hurt as well because of the chaebol T_T Oh nooo hang in there guys PS. I like the kiss!. Like some people has mentioned, l also want Jin Shim to initiate the kiss next time
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