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  1. Hi all, our couple is up for nomonation for most popular artist for Baeksang Arts Awards. Please download tiktok app and follow baeksangawards, click on the link in their profile and vote for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin if you want too them in the awards event. Please show your support for our couple
  2. Guysss please vote for our Couple!! They are up for nomination for most popular artist and can only win if we vote. please download tiktok, follow baeksangawards, click on the link in the profile, and bote for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Please show your support
  3. Son Ye Jin deserves to win Daesang for her acting!! It is so believeanle especially when she cries omg noone can cry as good as her. it is so hard for me watching other drama when i set my bar as high as son ye jin for acting capabilities. cross finger they will get some awards!!
  4. yess its my favorite scene in the drama (other than the last goodbye). I like it when he look nervous When he put her head on his shoulder, i can see him acknowledging his heart is pounding and for first time doesnt mind her leaning in. Omggg