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    I agree with you in the sense that the end was unfulfilling. There was something missing, and I can't quite put my finger on it. I think it sort of fell flat since they built it up so much over last 17 episodes. After watching the finale it was impossible to miss the fact that CH lacked a solid plot. It's not even the pairing that was the problem but rather how they chose to explore several roads and then abandon every single one in favor of what they started with.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I love that song, it's so cute.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Sidenote, HEJ surprised me with her acting. I always assumed that she relied more on her cuteness than her acting skills, so I was more than surprised with her talent in episode 18. She pretty much over shadowed both lead actors. Not bad for a first-timer...not bad at all. I can't wait to see her as the lead.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Definitely! I was really impressed with EJ's acting this episode as well. Her scene with JS in the cafe was the ONE AND ONLY scene that made me tear watching this drama. It was really heart-breaking to see - I also felt like her acting even overshadowed KJH's these past two episodes.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Clock can I tell you? Axe completely called your ring post from you! ;)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    (She too was a indignant that it was the same ring... but for me, he could have slipped a coke can tab on her and I would still have swooned! Hmmm... okay, maybe that makes me a cheap date? :D )
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    BTW, Elav in some parts of Asia (and we'll have to ask if it's true for Korea) the wedding/engagement ring is worn on the right ring finger, not the left.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm not sure I see what's socially unacceptable about JS and EY. I disapprove of JS's methods in principle- violence is bad- but socially unacceptable to marry after that? Speaking of family, didn't Grandpa actively dislike JW? (And grandpa wasn't at the wedding either that I could see!)































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I live in Korea so I can tell you that everyone I know has their wedding ring on the left hand.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Maybe I'm conservative but I don't see how someone can marry their best friend's ex-husband...and vice versa for JS who married his ex-wife's best friend. Especially when that so-called "best friend" died because of him - it's not totally clear that she committed suicide but she was depressed from their divorce etc...she couldn't live without him, not it's not 100% his fault but it's still there, hanging over their heads. No way in hell would I ever do that to my best friend. And my best friend and I actually talked about this issue - she said if it was her she would've haunted me forever. LOL
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The whole situation doesn't make sense to me - their biggest barrier as a couple would have been the social pressure - the whole family background thing. No way in hell would a family as rich/successful as EY's let their only daughter marry a man who has been married before AND divorced AND her best friend's ex-husband. And the guy that ruined her other wedding - it's just a beacon for gossip and slandering. That's just the truth in Korean society...yea it can happen but there would be a hell of a lot more drama before that.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I feel like what happened was they DIDN'T get legally married - but used their publishing contract as a symbolism as their love/marriage for one another. Which is fine with me...I just wish the ending had been more fulfilling.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Without SY they would've never gotten together - and if she was the bridge - at least give her a happy ending (maybe have her book published, etc...doesn't even have to be a best seller as long as she got her book) The whole DW aspect...He wasn't good enough for her because he was poor and now he's okay because he's rich? O.o
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    ARGH I'm just upset because I spent so much of my time on this drama only to be disappointed at the end. Not only because of the end couple - it's fine that EunSoo is together but just have it make sense...not just a mush of
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    cheesiness at the end.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    EDIT:// Thought of something else. I think many fans don't really consider the ex-wife as a barrier to EunSoo's relationship because she wasn't really mentioned all that often on the show, we didn't get to know her. If they were able to maybe picture JS and the ex-wife's relationship then maybe it wouldn't be so simple for fans to just root for EY.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Thinking about JS's personality - there is no way he would've been with HeeSoo (his ex-wife) if he didn't care immensely for her. This is a man who gallivants around the world, doesn't care about people and lies all the time. Can you even imagine him getting married? They must've had something special.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm kind of disappointed at the ending...not only because of EunSoo (but I can see why it had been obvious it was going to be the two of them)...the ending was sort of bland for me. It just didn't go as well with the rest of the series. They jsut tied up all loose strings in such a....boring way.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    And they didn't even TOUCH any of the drama that would've been between JS and EY if they went back to Korea. In the end - they were just off in some tropical area but the reality is that...I don't think it would ever be socially acceptable to her family for them to get married, could be the reason why she has the ring on her right hand instead of the traditional left hand(?)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Maybe I'm looking into it too much but the whole DW thing with SY at the end was also a bit annoying - and JW with that white lady?! It's like they just threw some people at them because they didn't end up with their first choice.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Well what's over is over. I'm sad because this is the FIRST drama in years that I've actually watched from front to back. Despite me still preferring SY over EY - it was a wonderful journey.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The money aspect. My friend thought of this suddenly but I thought I'd share it. In episode 9 on the rooftop - JS asked EY - what she thinks of him as...someone who makes her money or her friend? This whole thing with the money seems to be a big theme in the drama - because JS constantly accuses her of using him for money. In their relationship I find that one of them has to be responsible (EY) and the other the irresponsible one (JS).
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    But with SY's relationship with JS they can both be on the same page. AND when he offered her 100,000 dollars for her idea I think he expected her to give in. BUT she put her respect of him OVER that obscene amount of money and that's something that EY could never do. Or he doesn't think she coudld ever do it.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Not that money is the most important thing but for JS - I think it really touched him. I just can't wait for the next episode. I think by episode 17 we should know who he will end up with...SO MUCH FRUSTRATION! >.<
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I find that SY knows JS the most.
































































































































































































































































































































    When she asked what to call him - she mentioned ajusshi - and he didn't say he disliked it but she knew automatically he didn't want her to call him that.
































































































































































































































































































































    And with the radio thing - everyone else believed that he was gone. Only she believed that he would come.
































































































































































































































































































































    She waited for him after the dinner - even though there was NO contact from him - she knew he would come....if it had been me...I would've left way before.
































































































































































































































































































































    I dunno - I really hope it's a JS/SY ending - but I don't want to be disappointed.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the promises he needed to keep was SY's image of him and the interview? That could also include EY since he said there's more than one thing he needs to do.
































































































































































































































































































































    I guess I just don't see how EY and JS would work without SY around to remind him of stuff. He seemed really stunned when she said she liked him. And he's really happy around her - I about died when he kept staring at her and screaming...lol
































































































































































































































































































































    What a perv...
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    This drama...gives me hope but deep down I have a feeling it's going to be an EunSoo ending...but I can't help but keep watching for SY and JS...AHHHHH
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I think by not trying harder with EY - he's supporting her as a friend. He respects her decision and I really think it's for the best. As for JW - he's not a bad guy...sure he's a little idiotic but if EY can deal with his past mistakes and forgive him...then it shouldn't matter anymore what he did. He's a little cheesy but he obviously loves EY and is willing to do anything for her and always wants her to be happy.
































































































































































































































































































































    Don't know why everyone is again JW haha
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I LOVED this episode! I think the drama is quite consistent with the character's personalities and the plotline is going pretty smoothly - I was so sure that it was gonna be a EunSoo ending but now I'm not so sure. I do feel bad for DW though - I don't understand his decision to become a manager again just because SY has a boyfriend...how's that going to help him get her?
































































































































































































































































































































    JinSoo is really warming up to SY and it seems like he's starting to develop feelings.
































































































































































































































































































































    I know there are a lot of EY/JS shippers but it seems to be more on international fan sites-- to me it doesn't make sense for EY to throw it all away just because JS came back. How can she break off the engagement twice? And she really seems to like JW's parents and they dote on her. It's just not logically a good idea and they both have too much pride to show each other their true feelings. SY on the other hand is the only one who can get JS to break out of his mold while STILL BEING himself.
































































































































































































































































































































    People keep wondering why the ratings are so low in Korea - that's because only dramas with serious DRAMA have high ratings. Dramas with so many twists and turns that make it seem like you're going to die of angst have high ratings or weekend family dramas that old ladies watch lol. I'm not surprised that this drama doesn't have high ratings but the large international fan base seems to be making up for that.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm sad...it looks like it's really a EY/JS ending. It's too close to the end of the series to put time into a 'he falls in love with SY while they pretend'. I have a feeling DW is coming back to find her and he just found out that she's a writer. =[ There's goes all my hope down the drain.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I loved SY's transformation - she really made it...no more waddling around or acting like a teenager anymore! I really hope JS can see her as a woman now though I'm not so sure she'll still be attracted to him. The hair, the suit, the earrings, it's just all so...gross lol
































































































































































































































































































































    And poor PSY - she looks pretty sick, hope she gets more rest.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm a SY/JS shipper all the way but I can't help but be confused at the direction the drama is going in. Maybe I've watched too many dramas - rarely do people share more than one kiss unless they're going to end up together. The entire goodbye scene was a little emotional but I just don't understand JS's actions. He told her to forget him forever - and then you go kiss her? It was a great scene though, "One minute can be greater than 10 years..." that scene sure was!!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ah I finally got to watch episode 8. It's quite different from what I imagined and I feel like I've almost lost all hope of a SY/JS pairing - not that I don't like EY...I just find their pairing so plain. They're already such good friends and so when they get together, I feel like it'll be the same thing. He'll be the same, she understands him only, She just doesn't seem like the girl to change him...
































































































































































































































































































































    Even though I didn't really understand JS's tactic for moving in so close to SY during that scene where he keeps looking over her shoulder...I feel like he's subconsciously starting to like her, or like having her around, or being close to her. Especially when he was talking to himself wondering about what attraction SY has that all the guys (DoSang & DongWook) like her. And he seemed to be curious about her date with DW and how their ice cream ordeal went.
































































































































































































































































































































    I'm rooting for JS/SY all the way!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I don't know what's wrong with me but I couldn't find the channel that it plays on? Does anyone know the korean channel number? LOL I live in Korea and went to my gym to watch it (since my TV wire is broken...)...couldn't for the life of me find it on the 80 channels they have at that TV haha >.<
































































































































































































































































































































    im really anticipating the JS/SY action in this one...it seems they always sway back and forth every episode so I feel like this one will be more about SY lol
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I really enjoyed Episode 7 -- even though I'm a JS/SY shipper and the whole show seemed to be angled towards a EY/JS pairing.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I thought DongWook was really great - I LOVED LOVED LOVED his not-so-scary glares...the way he looked so angry and tears were threatening to pour over made him look so cute and babyish...despite his attempt to scare JS. I always thought Park Jae Jung wasn't that great an actor but today made me really change my mind. It seems like this drama is making me change my mind about PSY & PJJ...i used to think that both of them were prettier than their acting skills.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Wow it seems like everyone is rooting for EunYoung and JS to end up together. Is it just me that's totally for SeungYeon? I think they're an adorable couple and KJH couldn't have done a better job with the acting. SY is just so adorable in that she works so hard for him even though everything seems so daunting ~ it seems that fate put them together hehe and she seems to be changing him to be more normal or at least more towards reality ~ esp with the whole phone incident.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    My work internet~~
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    My home internet~~ so much slower... >.<